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O. tabamfera (Willd.) ; labello bigibboso ovato acuto tripartito villoso : lobis lateralibus deflexis acutis intermedio ovato, petalis ciliatis acutis.--Lindl. Gen. §* Sp. Orch. p. 375. with its synonyms of O. picta, pulla, hiulca, aestnfera, distoma, bombylj/tora.

2. Ophrys ferrum equinum. O. fen-um equinum (Desf.); labello oblongo subquadrato apicolato violaceo

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The two species of Ophrys here represented were collected by our lamented correspondent the Dean of Manchester, were figured a day before his death, and were to have been illustrated by himself.

His brief and imperfect memorandum tells us that O. tabanifera was found by his collector Vrioni, near Clarentia, a low and swampy place, “whence the Dukes of Clarence took their title, it is said, why I know not.” O. ferrum eguinum, so called because of a horse-shol: mark on the lip, is from Corfu, where it was gathered by himself on the summit of the Garouna Pass.

In many respects these species resemble each other ; but tabamfera has a three-lobed lip, ferrum eguinum an entire one ; in tabani era the petals are reflexed, and pale greenish chocolate, in errum equinum patent, and rosy purple. Both

have a downy column and hairy petals. The anther lobes of tabaniflzra are scarlet, of ferrum eguinum yellow ; and at the base of the column in tabanifcra is a pair of teeth, which are missing in ferrum equinum.


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