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Libros 1 - 10 libros de aproximadamente 143 en los que se cita Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center. 

Understanding Everyday Racism: An Interdisciplinary Theory

Philomena Essed - 1991 - 322 páginas
This book compares contemporary racism in the US and the Netherlands through in-depth interviews with fifty-five black women. As an interdisciplinary analysis of gendered ...
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Perspectives on Philosophy of Science in Nursing: An Historical and ...

E. Carol Polifroni, Marylouise Welch - 1999 - 538 páginas
This book helps you provide a well-rounded doctoral curriculum. The philosophy of science is essential to the core of doctoral study in nursing. This text presents historical ...
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The Boundaries of Citizenship: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality in the ...

Jeff Spinner - 1995 - 272 páginas
Liberalism has traditionally been equated with protecting the rights of the individual. But how does this protection affect the cultural identity of these individuals? In The ...
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Disability and the City: International Perspectives

Professor Rob F Imrie, Rob Imrie Robert Imrie - 1996 - 208 páginas
People with disabilities are one of the poorest groups in Western societies. In particular, they lack power, education and opportunities. For most disabled people, their daily ...
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L'ethnicité et ses frontières

Danielle Juteau, Danielle Juteau Lee - 1999 - 226 páginas
Une analyse sociologique des rapports inégaux que fondent l'ethnicité et les groupes ethniques. Un regard particulier sur la situation canadienne.
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Coming to terms: feminism, theory, politics

Elizabeth Weed - 1989 - 294 páginas
In this stimulating collection of essays, some of the most prominent critical thinkers in feminist studies address feminism's relationship to theory and politics at the level ...
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