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Teokset Teokset 21 - 30 / 48 liittyen teokseen On Global Order:Power, Values, and the Constitution of International Society ....    

The Ethics of Global Governance

Antonio Franceschet - 2009 - 205 sivua
Ethics is treated in this book not as a set of rules, nor as a topic for philosophical discussion, but as a necessary aspect of political life. The authors analyse ethical ...

Debating Governance : Authority, Steering, and Democracy: Authority ...

Jon Pierre - 2000 - 266 sivua
Leading scholars in the field of governance examine the effectiveness of the different non-institutional strategies at the disposal of modern governments in tackling issues of ...
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The Interregnum: Controversies in World Politics 1989-1999, Nide 25,Numero 1999

Michael Cox, Ken Booth, Tim Dunne - 1999 - 303 sivua
The Interregnum: Controversies in World Politics 1989–1999 is a series of critical reflections on the major controversies in and about world politics in the 1990s. We are ...
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Global Justice

Thomas W. Pogge - 2002 - 280 sivua
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World governance: do we need it, is it possible, what could it (all) mean?

Jovan Babić, Petar Bojanić - 2010 - 360 sivua
In the age of globalization and with increased interdependence in the world today, there is a question we may have to raise: Do we need, and could we attain, a world government ...

International Relations Theory and Regional Transformation

T. V. Paul - 2012 - 308 sivua
Regional transformation has emerged as a major topic of research during the past few decades, much of it seeking to understand how a region changes into a zone of conflict or ...
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