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Teokset Teokset 21 - 30 / 48 liittyen teokseen On Global Order:Power, Values, and the Constitution of International Society ....    

Idea of Global Civil Society: Ethics and Politics in a Globalizing Era

Randall Germain, Michael Kenny - 2004 - 248 sivua
This book evaluates the claim that in order to explore the changing social foundations of global power relations today, we need to include in our analysis an understanding of ...
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International Relations Theory for the Twenty-First Century: An Introduction

Martin Griffiths - 2007 - 200 sivua
International relations theory has been the site of intense debate in recent years. A decade ago it was still possible to divide the field between three main perspectives ...
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Re-imagining Political Community: Studies in Cosmopolitan Democracy

Daniele Archibugi, David Held, Martin Köhler - 1998 - 352 sivua
Understanding world politics today means acknowledging that the state is no longer the only actor in international relations. The interstate system is increasingly challenged ...
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Coping and Conformity in World Politics

Hugh C. Dyer - 2009 - 178 sivua
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Power in Global Governance

Michael Barnett, Raymond Duvall - 2004
This edited volume examines power in its different dimensions in global governance. Scholars tend to underestimate the importance of power in international relations because of ...
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Multilateralism and Security Institutions in an Era of Globalization

Dimitris Bourantonis, Kostas Ifantis, Panayotis Tsakonas - 2007 - 384 sivua
Featuring an outstanding international line-up of contributors, this edited volume offers a timely examination of two of the most crucial and controversial issues in ...
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International Order and the Future of World Politics

T. V. Paul, John A. Hall - 1999 - 421 sivua
Distinguished scholars assess the emerging international order, examining leading theories, the major powers, and potential problems.
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