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Boeken Boeken 11 - 20 van ongeveer 47 die betrekking hebben op Hans Richter: Activism, Modernism, and the Avant-garde.    

Crisis and the Arts: Dada, the coordinates of cultural politics

Stephen C. Foster - 1996 - 354 pagina’s
During World War I, an international group of young artists and writers fled to Zurich, in neutral Switzerland. In reaction to the horror of the war and the onslaught of new ...
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Crisis and the Arts: Dada and the press

Stephen C. Foster - 2004 - 499 pagina’s
Any understanding of Dada requires a serious consideration of its reception, most discernable through the press. To the degree that Dada entered and engaged the dominant ...
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Encounters from Dada till Today

Hans Richter - 2013
In English for the first time: The pioneering Dadaist’s insights and remembrances of a lifetime working side-by-side with the leading modern artists of the twentieth century ...
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Dada: Art and Anti-art

Hans Richter - 1965 - 246 pagina’s
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Hans Richter

Hans Richter - 1965 - 131 pagina’s
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Hans Richter

Hans Richter, Cleve Gray - 1971 - 191 pagina’s
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