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Boeken Boeken 1 - 10 van ongeveer 45 die betrekking hebben op Art and Politics in the Weimar Period: The New Sobriety, 1917-1933.    

Art in a city

John Willet - 1967 - 287 pagina’s
"This classic text, originally published in 1967, is here reissued to coincide with the 800th anniversary of the City of Liverpool. Art in a City was a milestone in the ...
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The Weimar Years: A Culture Cut Short

John Willett - 1984 - 160 pagina’s
Evokes the culture of the Weimar Republic through a cinematic montage of photographs, paintings, drawings, collages, and film stills
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Weimar: A Cultural History

2011 - 308 pagina’s
Originally published: New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1974.
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Berlin in the Twenties: Art and Culture, 1918-1933

Rainer Metzger - 2007 - 400 pagina’s
Berlin in the 1920s was home to some of the most extraordinary minds of modern times, and was a vigorous melting pot of radical new ideas and concepts in every field ...
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Art for the Workers: Ideology and the Visual Arts in Weimar Germany

W. L. Guttsman - 1997 - 226 pagina’s
"The study covers the period from the beginning of the German Labour Movement in the middle of the nineteenth century to the Nazi takeover of power in 1933. With in this longer ...
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The Weimar Republic Sourcebook

Anton Kaes, Martin Jay, Edward Dimendberg - 1994 - 806 pagina’s
Reproduces (translated into English) contemporary documents or writings with an introduction to each section.
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Kurt Weill: composer in a divided world

Ronald Taylor - 1991 - 342 pagina’s
Just when Laura Logan finally finds happiness, a name from the family's shameful past plunges her into a silent, terrible ago
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