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Linear and Nonlinear Functional Analysis with Applications

Philippe G. Ciarlet - 2013 - 832 pagina’s
This single-volume textbook covers the fundamentals of linear and nonlinear functional analysis, illustrating most of the basic theorems with numerous applications to linear ...
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Analytical and Computational Methods in Electromagnetics

Ramesh Garg - 2008 - 528 pagina’s
Achieve optimal microwave system performance by mastering the principles and methods underlying today's powerful computational tools and commercial software in electromagnetics ...
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Generalized moment methods in electromagnetics: formulation and computer ...

Johnson Jenn-Hwa Wang - 1991 - 553 pagina’s
Now available for the first time in print are the new concepts and insights developed over the last three decades in the broad class of computational techniques called the ...
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Scientific Computing with Ordinary Differential Equations

Peter Deuflhard, Folkmar Bornemann - 2002 - 485 pagina’s
Provides an introduction to the mathematical and numerical aspects of discretization methods for solving initial value problems in ordinary differential equations. This work is ...
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Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering: Proceedings of SCEE2002

Wilhelmus H. Schilders, Stephen H. M. J. Houben, E. Jan W. Ter Maten - 2004 - 417 pagina’s
This book presents the proceedings of the 4th International Workshop "Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering", held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, from June 23-28, 2002 ...
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The State of the Art in Numerical Analysis

Iain S. Duff, G. A. Watson - 1997 - 562 pagina’s
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