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Knjige Knjige 110 od približno 45, ki so sorodne Iterative Methods for Optimization.    

Iterative Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Equations

C. T. Kelley - 1995 - 166 strani
Mathematics of Computing -- Numerical Analysis.
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Implicit Filtering

C. T. Kelley - 2011 - 190 strani
A description of the implicit filtering algorithm, its convergence theory and a new MATLAB® implementation.
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Solving Nonlinear Equations with Newton's Method

C. T. Kelley - 2003 - 104 strani
Contains trouble-shooting guides to the major algorithms for Newton's method, their common failure modes, and the likely causes of failure.
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Numerical Methods for Unconstrained Optimization and Nonlinear Equations

J. E. Dennis, Jr., Robert B. Schnabel - 1996 - 378 strani
A complete, state-of-the-art description of the methods for unconstrained optimization and systems of nonlinear equations.
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Linear and Nonlinear Programming

Stephen G. Nash - 1996 - 692 strani
A complete and unified introduction to applications, theory and algorithms which contains modelling examples, computer based exercises and material on interior point methods ...
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The Newton-Cauchy Framework: A Unified Approach to Unconstrained Nonlinear ...

John L. Nazareth - 1994 - 101 strani
Computational unconstrained nonlinear optimization comes to life from a study of the interplay between the metric-based (Cauchy) and model-based (Newton) points of view. The ...
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Nonlinear Equations and Optimisation

L.T. Watson, J.A. Ford, M. Bartholomew-Biggs - 2001 - 384 strani
/homepage/sac/cam/na2000/index.html7-Volume Set now available at special set price ! In one of the papers in this collection, the remark that "nothing at all takes place in the ...
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Applied iterative methods

Charles L. Byrne - 2008 - 376 strani
Applied Iterative Methods is a self-contained treatise suitable as both a reference and a graduate-level textbook in the area of iterative algorithms. It is the first book to ...
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