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Iterative Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Equations

C. T. Kelley - 1995 - 166 strani
Linear and nonlinear systems of equations are the basis for many, if not most, of the models of phenomena in science and engineering, and their efficient numerical solution is ...
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Implicit Filtering

C. T. Kelley - 2011 - 172 strani
Implicit filtering is a way to solve bound-constrained optimization problems for which derivative information is not available. Unlike methods that use interpolation to ...
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Solving Nonlinear Equations with Newton's Method

C. T. Kelley - 2003 - 104 strani
This book on Newton's method is a user-oriented guide to algorithms and implementation. In just over 100 pages, it shows, via algorithms in pseudocode, in MATLAB, and with ...
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Nonlinear Equations and Optimisation

L.T. Watson, J.A. Ford, M. Bartholomew-Biggs - 2001 - 384 strani
/homepage/sac/cam/na2000/index.html7-Volume Set now available at special set price ! In one of the papers in this collection, the remark that "nothing at all takes place in the ...
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Linear and Nonlinear Programming

Stephen G. Nash - 1996 - 692 strani
A complete and unified introduction to applications, theory and algorithms which contains modelling examples, computer based exercises and material on interior point methods ...
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Newton-Type Methods for Optimization and Variational Problems

Alexey F. Izmailov, Mikhail V Solodov - 2014 - 573 strani
This book presents comprehensive state-of-the-art theoretical analysis of the fundamental Newtonian and Newtonian-related approaches to solving optimization and variational ...
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System Modeling and Optimization XX

E.W. Sachs, R. Tichatschke - 2003 - 331 strani
System Modeling and Optimization XX deals with new developments in the areas of optimization, optimal control and system modeling. The themes range across various areas of ...
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