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Knjige Knjige 2130 od približno 48, ki so sorodne The Basics of Practical Optimization.    

Integer and nonlinear programming

J. Abadie, Philip Wolfe, North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Scientific Affairs Division - 1970 - 544 strani
A NATO Summer School held in Bandol, France, sponsored by the Scientific Affairs Division of NATO.
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Mathematical Programming for Economics and Business

Roger C. Pfaffenberger, David A. Walker - 1976 - 462 strani
Characteristics and types of models; Linear programming; Nonlinear programming; Nonlinear programming algorithms; Quadratic programming; Integer programming; Dynmic programming ...
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Optimization: Foundations and Applications

Ronald E. Miller - 2000 - 653 strani
A thorough and highly accessible resource for analysts in a broad range of social sciences. Optimization: Foundations and Applications presents a series of approaches to the ...
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An Introduction to Optimization

Edwin K. P. Chong, Stanislaw H. Zak - 2014 - 640 strani
Praise for the Third Edition ". . . guides and leads the reader through the learning path . . . [e]xamples are stated very clearly and the results are presented with attention ...
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Linear Programming: Methods and Applications

Saul I. Gass - 2003 - 532 strani
Comprehensive, well-organized volume, suitable for undergraduates, covers theoretical, computational, and applied areas in linear programming. Expanded, updated edition; useful ...
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Foundations of Mathematical Programming

Matrix algebra; Optimization with calculus; Systems of linear equations; Introduction to linear programming; The simplex algorithm; Special forms of linear programming problems ...
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