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Knjige Knjige 3140 od približno 47, ki so sorodne The Basics of Practical Optimization.    

Matrix computation

Alan Jennings, J. J. McKeown - 1992 - 427 strani
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Multivariable Control Theory

John Marius Layton - 1976 - 236 strani
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Stochastic queue location problems

Shu-Chung Chang - 1991 - 147 strani
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Shape Optimization under Uncertainty from a Stochastic Programming Point of View

Harald Held - 2010 - 148 strani
Optimization problems are relevant in many areas of technical, industrial, and economic applications. At the same time, they pose challenging mathematical research problems in ...
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Laboratories in Mathematical Experimentation: A Bridge to Higher Mathematics

Mount Holyoke College - 1997 - 278 strani
In the spirit of new pedagogical methods developed for undergraduate mathematics teaching, the text employs a hands-on, experimental approach to the development of mathematical ...
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H-Infinity Optimal Control and Related Minimax Design Problems: A Dynamic ...

Tamer Başar, Pierre Bernhard - 2008 - 412 strani
This book is devoted to one of the fastest developing fields in modern control theory - the so-called H-infinity optimal control theory. Based mostly on recent work by the ...
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