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In Defense of Dolphins: The New Moral Frontier

Thomas White - 2007 - Nature - Limited preview
Have humans been sharing the planet with other intelligent life for millions of years without realizing it? In Defense of Dolphins combines accessible science and philosophy, surveying the latest research on dolphin intelligence and social ...
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Evolving Brains

John Allman - 2000 - Medical - No preview available
How did the human brain with all its manifold capacities evolve from basic functions in simple organisms that lived nearly a billion years ago? John Allman addresses this question in Evolving Brains, a provocative study of brain evolution that ...
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Innovation in Cultural Systems: Contributions from Evolutionary Anthropology

Michael John O'Brien, Stephen Shennan - 2010 - Social Science - Limited preview
Leading scholars offer a range of perspectives on the roles played by innovation in the evolution of human culture.
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Figments of Reality: The Evolution of the Curious Mind

Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen - 1999 - Psychology - Limited preview
Addressing the nature of free will and humanity itself, the authors argue that the mind, consciousness, and culture have evolved interdependently to create the human species and show how the mind is constantly adjusting to its environment. UP.
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Principles of Brain Evolution

Georg F. Striedter - 2005 - Science - No preview available
Brain Evolution is a complex weave of species similarities and differences, bound by diverse rules or principles. This book is a detailed examination of these principles, using data from a wide array of vertebrates but minimizing technical ...
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Evolutionary Neuroscience

Jon H. Kaas - 2009 - Medical - Limited preview
Evolutionary Neuroscience is a collection of articles in brain evolution selected from the recent comprehensive reference, Evolution of Nervous Systems (Elsevier, Academic Press, 2007). The selected chapters cover a broad range of topics from ...
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The Great Sperm Whale: A Natural History of the Ocean's Most Magnificent and ...

Richard Ellis - 2011 - Nature - No preview available
Covers all aspects of sperm whales, including migrations, ecology, evolution, and breeding.
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In the Company of Crows and Ravens

John M. Marzluff, Tony Angell - 2007 - Nature - Limited preview
Explores the interactions between crows, ravens, and humans, focusing on the influence humans have had on the birds and the way crows have altered human lives.
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The Hidden Life of Deer

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas - 2009 - Nature - Limited preview
The animal kingdom operates by ancient rules, and the deer in our woods and backyards can teach us many of themóbut only if we take the time to notice. In the fall of 2007 in southern New Hampshire, the acorn crop failed and the animals who ...
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Kea, Bird of Paradox: The Evolution and Behavior of a New Zealand Parrot

Judy Diamond, Alan B. Bond - 1998 - Pets - Limited preview
The kea, a crow-sized parrot that lives in the rugged mountains of New Zealand, is considered by some a playful comic and by others a vicious killer. Its true character is a mystery that biologists have debated for more than a century. Judy ...
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