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Comparative Climatology of Terrestrial Planets

Stephen J. Mackwell, Amy A. Simon-Miller, Jerald W. Harder, Mark A. Bullock - 2014 - Nature - Limited preview
"Through the contributions of more than sixty leading experts in the field, Comparative Climatology of Terrestrial Planets sets forth the foundations for this emerging new science and brings the reader to the forefront of our current ...
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How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life

Scott Adams - 2013 - Biography & Autobiography - No preview available
Dilbert creator Scott Adams offers his most personal book ever -- a funny memoir of his many failures and what they eventually taught him about success. How do you go from hapless office worker to world-famous cartoonist and bestselling author in ...
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The Antidote: Inside the World of New Pharma

Barry Werth - 2014 - Business & Economics - Limited preview
IN THE ANTIDOTE, Barry Werth draws upon unprecedented inside reporting spanning more than two decades to provide a groundbreaking closeup of the upstart pharmaceutical company Vertex and the ferocious but indispensable world of Big Pharma that it ...
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Finding the Next Steve Jobs: How to Find, Keep, and Nurture Talent

Nolan Bushnell - 2013 - Biography & Autobiography - Limited preview
Reprint. Originally published: NetMinds, 2013.
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Promoting the Planck Club: How Defiant Youth, Irreverent Researchers and ...

Donald W. Braben - 2014 - Science - Limited preview
Promoting the Planck Club presents rich mini histories of selected scientists whose work led to radical and transformational discoveries, their background, the prevailing scientific environment, and the conditions that allowed for their success ...
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The Art of Drug Synthesis

Douglas S. Johnson, Jie Jack Li - 2013 - Science - Limited preview
The Art of Drug Synthesis illustrates how chemistry, biology, pharmacokinetics, and a host of other disciplines come together to produce successful medicines. The authors have compiled a collection of 21 representative categories of drugs, from ...
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Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good: The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the ...

Sarah Lacy - 2008 - Business & Economics - Limited preview
The captivating story of the mavericks who emerged from the dot-com rubble to found the multibillion-dollar companies taking the Web into the twenty-first century Once You?re Lucky, Twice You?re Good is the story of the entrepreneurs who learned ...
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Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky: How the Top 1% of Entrepreneurs Profit from Global ...

Sarah Lacy - 2011 - Business & Economics - Limited preview
An unforgettable portrait of the emerging world's entrepreneurial dynamos Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky is the story about that top 1% of people who do more to change their worlds through greed and ambition than politicians, NGOs and nonprofits ever ...
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Lead Wars: The Politics of Science and the Fate of America's Children

Gerald Markowitz, David Rosner - 2013 - Medical - Limited preview
In this incisive examination of lead poisoning during the past half century, Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner focus on one of the most contentious and bitter battles in the history of public health. Lead Wars details how the nature of the ...
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Mindwise: How We Understand What Others Think, Believe, Feel, and Want

Nicholas Epley - 2014 - Psychology - Limited preview
You are a mind reader, born with an extraordinary ability to understand what others think, feel, believe, want, and know. Itís a sixth sense you use every day, in every personal and professional relationship you have. At its best, this ability ...
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