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Up in the Old Hotel, and Other Stories

Joseph Mitchell - 1993 - Fiction - Limited preview
A collection of literary portraits looks at waterfront workers, people on the Bowery, Mohawk Indians working on high structural steel, gypsies, itinerant preachers, and others

Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality

Max Tegmark - 2014 - Mathematics - Limited preview
Max Tegmark leads us on an astonishing journey through past, present and future, and through the physics, astronomy and mathematics that are the foundation of his work, most particularly his hypothesis that our physical reality is a mathematical ...

Three scientists and their gods: looking for meaning in an age of information

Robert Wright - 1988 - Science - Snippet view
Examines the concepts of information, meaning, and purpose, describes the function of information at various levels of organization, and discusses the theories of Edward Fredkin, Edward O. Wilson, and Kenneth Blouding

High output management

Andrew S. Grove - 1995 - Business & Economics - Snippet view
The president of Silicon Valley's Intel Corporation sets forth the three basic ideas of his management philosophy and details numerous specific techniques to increase productivity in the manager's work and that of his colleagues and subordinates

All the King's Men

Robert Penn Warren - 1996 - Fiction - Limited preview
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Robert Penn Warren’s tale of ambition and power set in the Depression–era South is widely considered the finest novel ever written about American politics. All the King’s Men traces the rise and fall of demagogue ...

Rationalism in Politics: And Other Essays

Michael Oakeshott - 1991 - Law - No preview available
Rationalism in Politics, first published in 1962, has established the late Michael Oakeshott as the leading conservative political theorist in modern Britain. This expanded collection of essays astutely points out the limits of "reason" in ...

A Collection of Essays

George Orwell - 1970 - Literary Criticism - Limited preview
In this bestselling compilation of essays, written in the clear-eyed, uncompromising language for which he is famous, Orwell discusses with vigor such diverse subjects as his boyhood schooling, the Spanish Civil War, Henry Miller, British ...

Persiana: Recipes from the Middle East & beyond

Sabrina Ghayour - 2014 - Cooking - Limited preview
Persiana: the new must have cookbook. Sabrina Ghayour's debut cookbook Persiana is an instant classic.... The Golden Girl - Observer Food Monthly A celebration of the food and flavours from the regions near the Southern and Eastern shores of the ...

In the Light of What We Know: A Novel

Zia Haider Rahman - 2014 - Fiction - Limited preview
A debut tale set during the war and economic recession at the beginning of the 21st century follows a reconnection between two college friends including a London investment banker with crumbling prospects and a mathematics prodigy who has ...

Good Book: The Bizarre, Hilarious, Disturbing, Marvelous, and Inspiring ...

David Plotz - 2009 - Religion - Limited preview
Like many Jews and Christians, David Plotz long assumed he knew what was in the Bible. He read parts of it as a child in Hebrew school, then at-tended a Christian high school where he studied the Old and New Testaments. Many of the highlights ...