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Fit to Kill

James Heneghan - 2011 - Fiction - Limited preview
A brutal serial killer is murdering women in Vancouver's West End. On a seemingly insane rampage, he leaves their headless bodies to be found and writes taunting letters to the police. It soon becomes apparent that all his victims are members of ...
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Contingency Plan

Lou Allin - 2012 - Fiction - Limited preview
Sandra Sinclair agrees to marry wealthy lawyer Joe Gillette, but after moving in together Joe becomes controlling and abusive, causing Sandra and her daughter to flee into the wilderness with the hope that Joe won't find them.
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A Girl Named Digit

Annabel Monaghan - 2012 - Juvenile Fiction - Limited preview
After identifying a terrorist plot, a brilliant seventeen-year-old girl from Santa Monica, California, gets involved with the young FBI agent who is trying to ensure her safety.
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The Clockwork Scarab: A Stoker & Holmes Novel

Colleen Gleason - 2013 - Juvenile Fiction - No preview available
Evaline Stoker and Mina Holmes never meant to get into the family business. But when you're the sister of Bram and the niece of Sherlock, vampire hunting and mystery solving are in your blood. And when two society girls go missing, there's no one ...
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Four Secrets

Margaret Willey - 2012 - Juvenile Fiction - No preview available
Katie, Nate, and Renata were at the bottom of the social ladder. When they hit bottom, they found each other and vowed to change things. But even the best of plans can go horribly wrong.
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Chasing Shadows

Swati Avasthi - 2013 - Juvenile Fiction - No preview available
Acting out superhero fantasies on the streets and rooftops of Chicago, best friends Corey, Holly and Savitri are shattered by a murderous act of violence that leaves two of them disillusioned and unable to move on, in a tale complemented by comic ...
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Amy Christine Parker - 2013 - Juvenile Fiction - No preview available
Seventeen-year-old Lyla feels ambivalent when the charismatic leader of her isolated suburban community is told that the end of the world is near and when it arrives they must all be ready to defend themselves against the unchosen.
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Sweet Deceit

Kate Brian - 2010 - Juvenile Fiction - No preview available
After faking her own death, Ariana Osgood assumes another girl's identity at a private school, but has to deal with an old enemy who is a rival for a coveted spot in the school's exclusive secret society.
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Lush Life: A Novel

Richard Price - 2009 - Fiction - Limited preview
Still living on the Lower East Side and waiting tables, thirty-five-year-old Eric Cash has every reason to be jealous of Ike Marcus, an ambitious young man on the way to the top, until he is supposedly gunned down by street thugs while walking ...
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Night School, Book 1

C. J. Daugherty - 2013 - Juvenile Fiction - No preview available
Night School, the first book in a series of darkly romantic YA thrillers set in a British boarding school, is generating excitement around the world. When Allie Sheridan gets arrested—again—her parents have had enough. They send Allie to the ...
19 Reviews - Write review