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Plows, Plagues, and Petroleum: How Humans Took Control of Climate

William F. Ruddiman - 2007 - Science - No preview available
The impact on climate from 200 years of industrial development is an everyday fact of life, but did humankind's active involvement in climate change really begin with the industrial revolution, as commonly believed? William Ruddiman's provocative ...
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The Ethos of Rhetoric

Michael J. Hyde - 2004 - Language Arts & Disciplines - Limited preview
Together the contributors define ethical discourse and describe what its practice looks like in particular communities." "Among the phenomena these contributors examine are the rhetoric of a Black Arts movement leader, the 2000 presidential ...
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White Heat

Carroll W. Pursell - 1994 - Science - Limited preview
"A Coca-Cola bottle, a Samurai sword, a Rolls-Royce, and a prehistoric stone tool are linked not only because they are projects of technology, but also because each is a symbol invested with meaning," writes historian Carroll Pursell. His ...
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Democratic Theory and Technological Society

Richard B. Day, Ronald Beiner, Joseph Masciulli - 1988 - Political Science - No preview available
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The Machine in America: A Social History of Technology

Carroll Pursell - 2007 - History - Limited preview
From the medieval farm implements used by the first colonists to the invisible links of the Internet, the history of technology in America is a history of society as well. Arguing that "the tools and processes we use are a part of our lives, not ...
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Meaning in Technology

Arnold Pacey - 2001 - Science - Limited preview
Arnold Pacey explores how an individual's sense of purpose and meaning in life can affect the shape and use of technology.
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Technology in World Civilization: A Thousand-year History

Arnold Pacey - 1991 - Science - Limited preview
Most general histories of technology are Eurocentrist, focusing on a main line of Western technology that stretches from the Greeks is through the computer. In this very different book, Arnold Pacey takes a global view, placing the development of ...
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The Maze of Ingenuity: Ideas and Idealism in the Development of Technology

Arnold Pacey - 1992 - Science - Limited preview
From cathedrals to star wars, Arnold Pacey looks at the interaction of technologies and society over the last thousand years and uses that survey to argue for a more humane form of future technological development. The second edition of The Maze ...
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The Culture of Technology

Arnold Pacey - 1983 - Social Science - Limited preview
The Culture of Technology examines our often conflicting attitudes toward nuclear weapons, biological technologies, pollution, Third World development, automation, social medicine, and industrial decline. It disputes the common idea that ...
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Engineering in History

Richard Shelton Kirby - 1990 - Science - Limited preview
Broad, nontechnical survey of history's major technological advances: birth of Greek science, Industrial Revolution, electricity and applied science, 20th-century automation, much more. 181 illustrations. "Excellent." ? Isis.
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