The genius of the common law (Google eBook)

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Columbia University Press, 1912 - Law - 141 pages
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Page 34 - But the science *of special pleading having been frequently perverted to the purposes of chicane and delay, the courts have of late in some instances, and the legislature in many more...
Page 144 - Price, $1.50 net. THE PRINCIPLES OF POLITICS FROM THE VIEWPOINT OF THE AMERICAN CITIZEN. By JEREMIAH W. JENKS, LL.D., Professor of Political Economy and Politics in Cornell University.
Page 124 - If there is any virtue in the Common Law," says Sir Frederick Pollock, "whereby she stands for more than intellectual excellence in a special kind of learning, it is that Freedom is her sister, and in the spirit of Freedom her greatest work has ever been done. By that spirit our lady has emboldened her servants to speak the truth before kings, to restrain the tyranny of usurping license, and to carry her ideal of equal justice and ordered right into every quarter of the world.
Page 122 - He has not been throwing himself away : he has only been bringing a great intellect laboriously down to the comprehension of a mean subject, and in his fierce grasp of that, resolutely excluding from his mind all higher thoughts, all better things, all the wisdom of philosophers and historians, all the thoughts of poets ; all wit, fancy, reflection, art, love, truth altogether — so that he may master that enormous legend of the law...
Page 33 - First, When de injuria may clearly be replied. Secondly, When it clearly cannot be replied. Thirdly, When it is probable that it may be replied. Fourthly, When it is probable it cannot be replied. And, Fifthly, When it is altogether doubtful whether it can or cannot be replied.
Page 144 - CARPENTIER LECTURES THE NATURE AND SOURCES OF THE LAW. BY JOHN CHIPMAN GRAY, LL.D., Royall Professor of Law in Harvard University. 12mo, cloth, pp, xii + 332.
Page 144 - Price, §1.50 net. WORLD ORGANIZATION AS AFFECTED BY THE NATURE OF THE MODERN STATE. By HON. DAVID JAYNE HILL, sometime American Ambassador to Germany.
Page 29 - I pleaded that special pleading was a wise and useful system, and that I had helped to remedy all its defects by the new rules. This plea was perhaps bad in form as an argumentative general issue; but I was willing to run the risk of a special demurrer, for the chance of entrapping my opponent into a denial of only one branch of my plea, and so of impliedly admitting either that special pleading was a wise and useful system, or that I had helped to remedy all its defects; in either of which cases...
Page 29 - ... special demurrer for the chance of entrapping my opponent into a denial of only one branch of my plea, and so of impliedly admitting either that special pleading was a wise and useful system, or that I had helped to remedy all its defects ; in either of which cases I should have stood well for judgment. But he replied by asserting that special pleading was an abominable system, and that I had made it much worse by the New Rules. To the replication I demurred specially on the ground of duplicity;...

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