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There has been a lot of confusion around what we're doing with our project to digitize the world's books in order to make them easier for people to find and buy. We've said a lot on our Google Books website and in various opinion pieces and blog posts by our CEO and other members of the team. Now we'd like to let other people speak for us.

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What are people saying?   Thoughts from authors

"Not only will scholarship in these fields be enhanced as a result of digitization, but it will become more relevant as well ...The more that is scanned and made searchable, the more humanity as a whole will benefit..."
- Tom, student

"I run a nonprofit computer lab. We have a large amount of unprivileged children in the lab. Just thought you would like to know that they discovered Google Books and loved it."
- Patrick, Educational Director

"The fact that the book retains the pagination of the original but is fully searchable is a dream come true for scholarly research. This is an extraordinary service to the public. advancement of historic significance..."
- Bob, PhD Candidate

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"Lack of exposure is the primary reason that a book like mine would fail in the marketplace. Your search engine is the primary way that people find their way to my website, and subsequently, my book."
- Meghann, Author

"I have seen authors with great books struggle to get *anyone's* attention. To me, Google Books is another way for them to get noticed in a noisy world."
- Penny, Book Publicist

"When The Gulf War Chronicles first appeared in Google Books, [Richard] saw his sales ranking on the Barnes & Noble index jump "considerably" – by 85 percent – and it stayed there."
- Richard S. Lowry, Author

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Thoughts from partners   What is the press saying?

"A search engine for books will be revolutionary in its benefits. Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors than copyright infringement, or even outright piracy..."
- Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media

"Based on our own experience over the last seven years, I can predict with confidence that online-search capabilities will boost book sales."
- Michael Jensen, National Academies Press

"It's hard to see how authors or publishers can lose. Millions of obscure(d) books get a second life, while publishers retain the ability to make money..."
- Cameron Stracher, New York Law School Law Review

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Leggo my Ego
"In the end, it is just a search, not a replacement product. We readers need help finding what exists, and we authors also need help being found."
Tim Wu
, Slate – October 17, 2005

Authors' Second Chance
The important thing isn't what's stored but what's shown -- and what Google's showing shouldn't worry anyone..."
Jason Fry, The Wall Street Journal – October 10, 2005

Don't Stop Google
"Google [Book Search] is clearly a transformative use... Its value is not derived from the creativity of book authors, but from the innovation of its engineers."
Cato Institute – July 23, 2005

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Three ways books are displayed

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View a few sentences and information about the book

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View a limited number of pages of the book

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View the entire book

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