A "peculiarly Fitting" Institute: The Origins of Marie Martin's Medical Missionaries of Mary by Deirdre M. Bryan - 2007 - 321 pages
A "periferia" do capital by Selma Baçal - 2007 - 230 pages
A "pure Excess of Complexity": Tropical Surfeit, the Observing Subject, and the Text, 1773--1871 by Jason Howard Lindquist - 2007 - 394 pages
A 10-year Content Analysis to Assess Research Theme Areas in Agricultural Education: Gap Analysis of Future Research Priorities in the Discipline by Leslie Dawn Jenkins Edgar - 2007 - 343 pages
A 12-week Swimming Intervention on Specific Respiratory Elements of Speech Production in Adolescents with Down Syndrome by Amanda Faith Casey - 2007 - 137 pages
A 1200-year Record of Forest Fire History from Macroscopic Charcoal Preserved in Lake Sediment, South-central Yukon Territory by Richard V. O. Marcantonio - 2007 - 98 pages
A 13-year retrospective study on listeriosis in Los Angeles County 1992-2004 by Ramon Emmanuel Guevara - 2007 - 268 pages
A 13-year Retrospective Study on Listeriosis in Los Angeles County, 1992--2004 by Ramon Emmanuel Guevara - 2007 - 134 pages
A 15 años de los acuerdos de paz en El Salvador-- de la esperanza a la desesperanza by Araceli C. Zamora Rivas - 2007 - 111 pages
A 15-year Evaluation of the Mississippi and Alabama Coastline Barrier Islands, Using Landsat Satellite Imagery by Ryan T. Theel - 2007 - 166 pages
A 20. század rövid története by Ignác Romsics - 2007 - 464 pages
A 2006. október 23-i budapesti erőszakos cselekmények kivizsgálására létrejött Civil Jogász Bizottság jelentése a 2006. szeptemberi-októberi emberi jogi jogsértésekről by Krisztina Morvai - 2007 - 289 pages
A 24GHz Fully Differential Transmit PLL in a 0.13mum Process by Hao Shang - 2007 - 113 pages
A 2D multiscale procedure for fatigue crack nucleation by Jeffrey Edward Bozek - 2007 - 352 pages
A 3-dimensional Modeling System Inspired by the Cognitive Process of Sketching by Matthew Thomas Cook - 2007 - 487 pages
A 4-dimensional Atlas of the Developing Mouse Using Magnetic Resonance Microscopy by Alexandra Petiet - 2007 - 161 pages
A 49 Base-pair Region of the IRE Enhancer Directs Fast Skeletal Muscle Fiber-type-specific Expression of the Troponin I (fast) Gene by Lamia Awad - 2007 - 78 pages
A 5-HT Locomotor System: Identification, Actions Through 5-HT(2A/7) Receptor Subtypes, and Effects on the Control of Locomotion by Jun Liu - 2007 - 175 pages
A 900 MHz Short-distance Ranging System by Lei Meng - 2007 - 117 pages
A : akcent - 2007
A agenda Sul-Americana by Maria Regina Soares de Lima, Marcelo Vasconcelos Coutinho, Observatório Político Sul-Americano, Fundação Alexandre de Gusmão - 2007 - 374 pages
A alma trocada by Rosa Lobato de Faria - 2007 - 187 pages
A América Hispânica no imaginário literário brasileiro by João Sedycias - 2007 - 255 pages
A arca de Pessoa - 2007 - 369 pages
A arte da narrativa bíblica by Robert Alter, Vera Pereira - 2007 - 285 pages
A Arte de Semear Estrelas by Betto, Betto (Frei) - 2007 - 183 pages
A arte de viver by Dalva Maria de Oliveira Silva - 2007 - 264 pages
A Baba Bibliography - 2007 - 320 pages
A Baboon Pinched My Potty by Paul Reason - 2007 - 211 pages
A Balancing Act: An Exploration of how a Public Flagship Institution Responds to Pressures for Racial Equity and Institutional Excellence by Cassandra Carol Lewis - 2007 - 294 pages
A balkamra morfologiai es funkcionalis edzettsegi jelei kulonbozo koru es szinvonalu sportoloknal by Zsuzsanna Kneffel - 2007 - 95 pages
A Balkán és Magyarország by Ferenc Glatz - 2007 - 430 pages
A Bandpass Sampling Retrodirective Antenna Array for Time Division Duplex Communications by Ji Sun - 2007 - 72 pages
A barbárie legitimada by Daniela Maria Cunha de Hollanda - 2007 - 115 pages
A Barrier-free Paradigm for Interdependent Living by Aaron Tyler Kreinbrook - 2007 - 148 pages
A Baseband Processor for Software Defined Radio Terminals by Hyunseok Lee - 2007
A Baseband Processor for Software Defined Radio Terminals by Hyunseok Lee - 2007 - 154 pages
A Baseline Study of Sediment and Nitrogen Flux in a Pre-urbanized Watershed, Parker County, Texas by Teresa Jo Moss - 2007 - 148 pages
A Basic Course on Probablity Theory by R. Rabindra Nath Bhattacharya, Edward C. Waymire - 2007 - 210 pages
A Batalin-Vilkovisky Algebra Structure on the Hochschild Cohomology of Truncated Polynomials by Yang Tian - 2007 - 77 pages
A Battle of a Different Nature: Civilians who Were on Wake Island and Their Fight for Compensation After World War II. by Denise Best - 2007 - 119 pages
A Bayesian adaptive design for 2-drug combination phase I clinical trials with ordinal toxicity outcomes by Lu-May Chiang, University of California, Los Angeles - 2007 - 136 pages
A Bayesian Analysis of Complex DNA Substitution Models by Ligia Monica Mateiu - 2007 - 135 pages
A Bayesian Approach for Soft Sensor Development by Shima Khtibisepehr - 2007 - 118 pages
A Bayesian Approach to False Discovery Rate for Large Scale Simultaneous Inference by Bing Han - 2007 - 125 pages
A Bayesian Approach to Multiagent Reinforcement Learning and Coalition Formation Under Uncertainty by Georgios Chalkiadakis - 2007 - 245 pages
A Bayesian Belief Network Computational Model of Social Capital in Virtual Communities by Ben Kei Daniel Motidyang - 2007 - 182 pages
A Bayesian Framework for Saliency and a Probabilistic Model for Visual Search by Lingyun Zhang - 2007 - 107 pages
A Bayesian Method for Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network Analysis by Khalil A. Ammar - 2007 - 127 pages
A Bayesian Mixture Model for Zeros and Negatives in Stochastic Reserving by Chaoxiong Xia - 2007 - 131 pages
A bayesian network model of knowledge-based authentication by Ye Chen - 2007 - 149 pages
A Bayesian Paradigm for Method Comparison Studies by Kunshan Yin - 2007 - 107 pages
A Beginner&'s Guide to Charting Financial Markets: A practical introduction to technical analysis for investors by Michael N. Kahn - 2007 - 78 pages
A Beginner's Guide to Molecular Structures by Sandra Porter - 2007 - 184 pages
A Behavior Genetic Study of Associations Between Negative Emotionality and Childhood Psychiatric Disorders by Amber L. Singh - 2007 - 151 pages
A Behavioral Theory of Planning by Donald R. Chance - 2007 - 215 pages
A Behaviorally Based Teacher Driven Meeting System: Survival by Constance Tieghi - 2007 - 170 pages
A bela, a fera e a santa sem a saia by Deneval Siqueira de Azevedo Filho - 2007 - 147 pages
A Bench-scale Evaluation of the Removal of Selected Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products by UV and UV/hydrogen Peroxide in Drinking Water Treatment by Quinn Kathleen Crosina - 2007 - 158 pages
A Better Mousetrap: the business of invention by Graham Barker - 2007
A Better Mousetrap: the business of invention by Graham Barker - 2007
A Better Mousetrap: the business of invention by Graham Barker - 2007
A Biblical Vision for Africa's Development? by McGlory T. Speckman - 2007 - 316 pages
A Bibliography of Islamic Art by Khursheed Kamal Aziz - 2007 - 437 pages
A Bibliography of the English Language from the Invention of Printing to the Year 1800 - 2007
A Biholomorphism from the Bell Representative Domain Onto an Annulus and Kernel Functions by Mustafa Ersin Deger - 2007 - 48 pages
A Bike Lane Runs Through It: Assessing Bikeway Accessibility Around Middle Schools in Washoe County, Nevada by Daniel K. Inouye - 2007 - 67 pages
A Bilayered Implant of Chitosan-hydroxyapatite for the Tissue Engineering of Articular Cartilage by Stephen Nicholas Shapka - 2007 - 155 pages
A Billion Bootstraps by Smith - 2007
A Bio-Assembly, Mosaic Building, and Informatics System for Cell Biology by April Deirdre Blaylock - 2007 - 196 pages
A Bioarchaeological Study of Health in the Prehistoric Population from CA-Ala-329 by Irina Nechayev - 2007 - 199 pages
A Biocultural Study of Human Skeletal Remains from Southwestern Colorado by Tandi Michelle Smith - 2007 - 226 pages
A Bioeconomic Model of Recirculating Shrimp Production Systems by Xia Vivian Zhou - 2007 - 90 pages
A Biography of Kamĩri Wa Waitherero by Martin Kamĩri - 2007 - 58 pages
A Bioinformatic Exploration of Poxviruses by Melissa Elizabeth Da Silva - 2007 - 177 pages
A Bioinorganic Approach to the Study of the Interactions of Nitrogen Oxides with Manganese Porphyrins and Manganese- and Cobalt-reconstituted Myoglobin by Zaki Nabeih Ahmed Zahran - 2007 - 163 pages
A Biologically Inspired Optical Flow System for Motion Detection and Object Identification by Vishal Rijhwani - 2007 - 121 pages
A Biomechanical Comparison of the Rotational Shot Put Technique Used by Males and Females by Carolyn Taylor - 2007 - 232 pages
A Biomechanical Examination of Calculating Spinal Compression: Towards a New Polynomial Approach by Inger Christina Calder - 2007 - 110 pages
A Biomolecular Engineering Approach to Develop: I. Galactose Oxidase Mimetic Proteins and II. Aptamer-based Quantum Dot Biosensors by Marla D. Swain - 2007 - 249 pages
A bird's eye view by Sálim Ali - 2007
A bis Z der Interventionen in der Paar- und Familientherapie by Hartwig Hansen - 2007 - 239 pages
A Black Classroom Culture: Student Code-switching in an Inner City Secondary School by Edward Warner - 2007 - 99 pages
A Blast from the Past by Paul Smith - 2007 - 29 pages
A Blended Online Instructional Approach to Physical Education Instruction: A Combination to Enhance Student Cognitive and Physical Ability by Robert Taylor - 2007 - 93 pages
A Block Model for Submarine Slides Involving Hydroplaning by Hongrui Hu - 2007 - 225 pages
A boca no mundo by Fernando Bonassi - 2007 - 318 pages
A Bone Tissue Engineering Approach Based on the Combination of Biomimetic Scaffolds and Flow Perfusion Culture by Jose F. Alvarez-Barreto - 2007 - 233 pages
A Boneca de Quilengues by Arnaldo Santos - 2007 - 121 pages
A boneca platinada by Alvaro Cardoso Gomes - 2007 - 412 pages
A Book of Complaints. A Written Accompaniment to the Thesis Exhibition, A Long Story by Jennifer Stead - 2007 - 121 pages
A boroscopic quantitative imaging technique for sheet flow measurements by Russell David Dudley - 2007 - 164 pages
A Bound on the Complexity of the JSJ Decomposition of 3-Manifolds with Boundary by Eric J. Zupunski - 2007
A Bound on the Complexity of the JSJ Decomposition of 3-Manifolds with Boundary by Eric J. Zupunski - 2007 - 65 pages
A Bovine Model to Study Reproductive Aging by Pritpal Singh Malhi - 2007 - 138 pages
A Branch and Cut Algorithm for the Halfspace Depth Problem by Dan Chen - 2007 - 112 pages
A Branch-and-cut Algorithm Based on Semidefinite Programming for the Minimum K-partition Problem by Bissan Ghaddar - 2007 - 99 pages
A Branch-and-price Approach for Solving the Share-of-choice Product Line Design Problem by Xinfang (Jocelyn). Wang - 2007 - 119 pages
A Breakdown in Boundaries: As Explored Through Abjection and the Language of Abstract Art by Mary Pat Hanley - 2007 - 23 pages
A bride for my son by Ifeanyichuku Anoke - 2007 - 80 pages
A Bride's Eye View: Creating a New Department and Editorial Content for "Modern Bride" Magazine by Melissa L. Byrd - 2007 - 120 pages
A Bridge of Birds by Antoine Audouard, Jr. - 2007 - 350 pages
A Brief Abstinence Test for College Student Smokers: Testing the Utility of a Novel Choice Task by Jessica G. Irons - 2007 - 103 pages
A brief history of the Crimean War by Alexis S. Troubetzkoy - 2007 - 334 pages
A brief history of the Etulo by Sam ʻTabe - 2007 - 241 pages
A brief profile of America's private schools by National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences (U.S.) - 2007
A brief profile of America's public schools by National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences (U.S.) - 2007
A Brighter Shade of Pink: Magnus Hirschfeld, the Third Sex and the Sexual Freedom Movement in Germany by Elena Mancini - 2007 - 197 pages
A Browser-side Solution for Detection and Prevention of Cross-site Request Forgery Attacks by Mary C. Henthorn - 2007 - 52 pages
A bruxa by Miguel Solís Santos - 2007 - 59 pages
A budapesti Duna-hidak története by Gábor Páll - 2007 - 176 pages
A Building Block Approach Towards Novel Nonlinear Optical Materials by Ajit Bhaskar - 2007 - 261 pages
A Buoyancy-propelled Airship by Ravi Yeshwant Purandare - 2007 - 232 pages
A Bússola de Ouro by Philip Pullman - 2007 - 368 pages
A bükkábrányi 8 millió éves mocsárerdő by János Veres, Tamás Pusztai, László Veres - 2007 - 48 pages
A cabra urbana by Joana Cabral - 2007 - 209 pages
A cabra vadia by Nelson Rodrigues - 2007 - 469 pages
A CAD Tool for Design Space Exploration of Embedded CPU Cores for FPGAs by Ian D. L. Anderson - 2007 - 146 pages
A Cadela Sem Logos by Ricardo Domeneck - 2007 - 131 pages
A cage of transparent words by Alberto Blanco - 2007 - 143 pages
A CAI Field Test: Rounding by Cheryl Tabellion - 2007 - 58 pages
A calendar set by Judith Lang Zaimont - 2007 - 56 pages
A Calibration and Validation Process (CAVP) for Complex Adaptive System Simulation by Wayne Piney Stilwell - 2007 - 282 pages
A CAM-based, High-performance Classifier-scheduler for a Video Network Processor by Srivamsi Tarigopula - 2007 - 92 pages
A cambio de monedas o palabras by Franklin Ordóñez Luna - 2007 - 37 pages
A caminhada da vida by Manuel Nicolau Bastos Covas - 2007 - 245 pages
A canção do mago by Hérica Marmo - 2007 - 239 pages
A Cap Of Chai And Other Stories by Meenakshi Varma - 2007 - 271 pages
A Capella by J. Schoorl - 2007 - 47 pages
A Cara Da Mae by Livia Garcia-Roza - 2007 - 105 pages
A Cara Da Mae by Livia Garcia-Roza - 2007 - 105 pages
A cara da mãe by Livia Garcia-Roza - 2007 - 105 pages
A Career as a Chef - 2007 - 19 pages
A Career as a College Teacher, Professor by John Prescott - 2007 - 19 pages
A Career as a Supermarket Manager - 2007 - 19 pages
A Career in Massage Therapy by John Prescott - 2007 - 20 pages
A Career in Your Hands: A Phenomenological Study of the Student Teaching Placement Decision in a Large, Urban School District by Maribeth Parot-Juraska - 2007 - 359 pages
A Cargo of Women by Babette Smith - 2007 - 321 pages
A Cartuxa de Lisboa by Jesué Pinharanda Gomes, Juan Mayo Escudero - 2007 - 159 pages
A casa de Vila Real e a conspiração de 1641 contra D. João IV by Mafalda de Noronha Wagner - 2007 - 513 pages
A Case for a Right to Education for Equal Citizenship by Anne Rebecca Newman - 2007 - 462 pages
A Case for Classifying the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow (Hybognathus Amarus) as an Omnivore by Hugo A. Magaña - 2007 - 109 pages
A Case for High-density Living, a Study of Adaptable Prefabricated Construction for High-rise Residential Buildings in Hong Kong by Michael Kin Kai Lam - 2007 - 164 pages
A Case of Scientific Fraud? A Statistical Approach by Nora Bohossian - 2007 - 120 pages
A Case Study Exploration of Developmental Networks Used by Successful Air Force Officers by Ken Callahan - 2007 - 390 pages
A Case Study Exploring the "new Literacies" During a Fifth-grade Electronic Reading Workshop by Eva Lotta Cecilia Larson - 2007 - 280 pages
A Case Study for Efficacy: Investigating the Interactions and Perceptions of an Online Mentoring Project Established for National Board Certified Teachers and Entry-year Teachers of English by Linda Green Raughton - 2007 - 253 pages
A Case Study in the Perspectives and Practice of Multicultural Course Transformation in African American Professors' Classrooms by Natasha Flowers - 2007 - 221 pages
A Case Study Investigating Rule Based Design in an Industrial Setting by Siva Rama Krishna Chavali - 2007 - 117 pages
A Case Study of a District's Use of Professional Learning Communities and the Illinois Teacher Recertification Process by Amy E. Fritson Coffman - 2007 - 182 pages
A Case Study of a Former Special Education Teacher: The Teaching Experiences that Influenced the Decision to Leave the Classroom by Peter Philip Pellerin - 2007 - 167 pages
A Case Study of a Gender-reconstructed Catholic University: The Professional Lives of Four Women Faculty Members by Judith Lynne Mucheck - 2007 - 116 pages
A Case Study of a Minority Student Mentoring Program by Ma. Alejandra Morales - 2007 - 208 pages
A Case Study of a Positive Psychology Approach in an Affective Education Elementary School Course by Chin-Chiang Wang - 2007 - 255 pages
A Case Study of an Effective Elementary School: How the Cultural Aspects of Leadership, Vision, Shared Decision-making, Collaboration, and Caring and Respect Affect Student Achievement by Mary Tucker Kellner - 2007 - 268 pages
A Case Study of an Inter-organization Corporate Mitigation Within a Business Strategic Alliance by M. Sean Augustine - 2007 - 173 pages
A Case Study of Career Paths for Women of Color Athletic Administrators: The Intersection of Race and Gender by Sharon Ann Yee - 2007 - 199 pages
A Case Study of Disproportionality in Special Education: Inquiry in an Urban School District by Charlotte D. Ivey - 2007 - 125 pages
A Case Study of Effective Elementary School Principals' Practice and Prioritization of Administrator Standards by Cindy L. Roberts - 2007 - 150 pages
A Case Study of ESL High School Students' Perceptions of Their Experiences: Identifying Language Minority Students' Support Needs in a Diverse Classroom by Joanne Kruczek - 2007 - 136 pages
A Case Study of Five Small Learning Communities Functioning Within Comprehensive High Schools in the East Bay of San Francisco by Guy A. Zakrevsky - 2007 - 107 pages
A Case Study of Governance of Higher Education in Belize: Implications for Finance and Curricula in Higher Education by Olda R. Hoare - 2007 - 210 pages
A Case Study of Hispanic Farmers in Four Southwestern Michigan Counties by Bernardo Lopez Ariza - 2007 - 362 pages
A Case Study of Korean Girls' Constructions of Girlhood in a Kindergarten Class by Jaehui Yoon - 2007 - 350 pages
A Case Study of Marginalized African-American Males' Participation and Nonparticipation in an Adult Education Program by Sonia E. Wyatt - 2007 - 161 pages
A Case Study of NASA's Columbia Tragedy: An Organizational Learning and Sensemaking Approach to Organizational Crisis by Eric Preston James - 2007 - 95 pages
A Case Study of One-to-one Computing: The Effects on Teaching and Learning by Richard C. Meyer - 2007 - 127 pages
A Case Study of Organizational Learning and Transitions in Higher Education: Ricks College Becomes Brigham Young University-Idaho by LaNae Hammon Poulter - 2007 - 198 pages
A Case Study of School-related Parenting Practices, Parental Styles and Achievement in an Urban Elementary School by Ira Gerald - 2007 - 192 pages
A Case Study of Second-career Alternatively Certified Science Teachers: What Research and Educational Experiences and Understanding of Nature of Science Do They Bring to Classroom Practices? by Judith Richards McDonald - 2007 - 265 pages
A Case Study of Servant Leadership in the Coptic Orphans Support Association by Birbitwa Fiby Gaid - 2007 - 272 pages
A Case Study of Sister Mary Margaret "Peg" Albert, OP, Ph.D.: Her First Year as President of Siena Heights University (2006--2007). by Carrie D. Jeffers - 2007 - 141 pages
A Case Study of Six Special Educators who Relocated to Hawai'i by Rachelle Reed - 2007 - 179 pages
A Case Study of Student Engagement in a High-performing Urban Continuation High School by Jolie Renee Pickett - 2007 - 170 pages
A Case Study of Texas Regional Education Service Center Multicultural/Diversity Trainers' Perception of Teacher Resistance and Structural Barriers to Multicultural Education by Eronif Ibrahim - 2007 - 334 pages
A Case Study of the California Digital High School Education Technology Grant Program at Carson High School: Its Impact on Curriculum and Teacher Practice by Elizabeth M. Garcia - 2007 - 147 pages
A Case Study of the Conflicts Experienced by Staff Nurses in a Medical-surgical Setting by Susan J. Stocker - 2007 - 189 pages
A Case Study of the Development of Environmental Action Projects from the Framework of Participatory Action Research Within Two Middle School Classrooms by Kim Charmatz - 2007 - 412 pages
A Case Study of the Differences in Ratings on Faculty Course Evaluations Based on Faculty Type in a Graduate Education Program at a Private College in New Jersey by John De Filippis - 2007 - 212 pages
A Case Study of the Effect of the Planning and Development of a Senior Exhibition Project on the Leadership Practice of a High School Principal by Victor Donald Mercurio - 2007 - 195 pages
A Case Study of the Effectiveness of the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford's Teacher Education Program by Donna M. Armstrong - 2007 - 157 pages
A Case Study of the Expatriate Boundary Spanning Role by Karen Lea Johnson - 2007 - 444 pages
A Case Study of the High School Academic Preparation and College Academic Experience by Rebecca L. Wilkinson - 2007 - 135 pages
A Case Study of the Impact and Usefulness of Synchronous Voice Chat to Improve EFL Learners' Spoken Production by Nadia Veronica Jaramillo Cherrez - 2007 - 201 pages
A Case Study of the Influence of Administrative Activities on Student Performance on the American College Test by Kirti Vikram Mehrotra - 2007 - 188 pages
A Case Study of the Influence of Family on First-generation College Students' Educational Aspirations Post High School by Shawna L. Acker-Ball - 2007 - 168 pages
A Case Study of the Institutional Elements of a University-sponsored Charter School: Urban School Reform in an Age of Accountability by Janice Marie Hansel - 2007 - 197 pages
A Case Study of the Jackley Alternative School: Identifying Graduates' Perspectives of Their High School Experience by Jeffrey T. Zaspel - 2007 - 172 pages
A Case Study of the Perceptions and Practices of Economically Disadvantaged Parents Towards Parental Involvement and the Relationship to Student Achievement in a Suburban School District by Gary B. Dabrusky - 2007 - 141 pages
A Case Study of the Perceptions of Current and Former School Board Members of a Recently Annexed, Rural, Impoverished, South Texas, Latino School District in a High Stakes Accountability System by Claudia G. Rodriguez - 2007 - 165 pages
A Case Study of the Professionalization of Mexican Nursing: 1980 to 2005 by Allison Patricia Squires - 2007 - 302 pages
A Case Study of the Rehabilitation of a Troop of Captive Yellow Baboons (Papio Cynocephalus) After Release Into a Protected Area in Zambia by Patricia Gruesen - 2007 - 94 pages
A Case Study of the Socialization of Engineers: How New Engineers Learn the Social Norms of Organizations by Russell F. Korte - 2007 - 230 pages
A Case Study of the Use of Instant Messaging Technology in the Workplace by Nikhil Hardikar - 2007 - 76 pages
A Case Study of Three Rural Schools: Factors, Characteristics, and Conditions that Influence School Performance Scores by Jacqueline L. Mason - 2007 - 265 pages
A Case Study of TRiO Student Support Services Programs for Nontraditional Students at Selected Midwestern Universities by Sharlen Krause - 2007 - 93 pages
A Case Study of Two Indigenous, Honduran Immigrants in the U.S.: Utilizing English and Service-oriented Cultural Capital to Transform Borders and Re-envision Their Roles in Society by Shannon C. Reierson - 2007 - 140 pages
A Case Study of Urban Public School Administrators and the Television News Media in a School Choice Environment by Laura E. Gallegos - 2007 - 122 pages
A Case Study on the Perspectives of a Female Parochial Secondary School Principal on Ethical Decision Making by Glykeria Zguris - 2007 - 232 pages
A Case Study on the Use of Design Exemplar as a Search and Retrieval Tool by Murty Srirangam - 2007 - 92 pages
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