A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Taylor Flow Instabilities in Narrow Gaps and Their Relationship to Turbulent Flow in Bearings by Dingfeng Deng - 2007 - 305 pages
A Numerical and Observational Investigation of Short and Long Internal Wave Interactions by Julie Crockett Vanderhoff - 2007 - 151 pages
A Numerical Interpretation Model for the Dipole Flow and Reactive Tracer Test by Blythe Reiha - 2007 - 164 pages
A Numerical Investigation of the Transition from Regular Reflection to Mach Reflection in Air by Kheredine Belhimeur - 2007 - 85 pages
A Numerical Model for Contact Between Fractal Rough Surfaces by Lin Pei - 2007 - 136 pages
A Numerical Model of Glaciohydraulic Supercooling: Thermodynamics and Sediment Entrainment by Timothy Thomas Creyts - 2007 - 264 pages
A Numerical Prediction of the Thermal Environment of a Room Heated with a Hydronic Heating System by Satya Kiran C. Gurram - 2007 - 79 pages
A Numerical Study for Liquid Bridge Based Microgripping and Contact Angle Manipulation by Electrowetting Method by Santanu Chandra - 2007 - 232 pages
A numerical study of by Yair Israel Treister - 2007 - 196 pages
A Numerical Study of a Droplet Evaporating in a Turbulent Airflow by Maher M. Abou Al-Sood - 2007 - 128 pages
A Numerical Study of an Autothermal Reformer for the Production of Hydrogen from Iso-octane by Steven Wayne Joseph Sylvestre - 2007 - 138 pages
A Numerical Study of Galaxy Mass Density Profiles by Kelly Ann Margaret Foyle - 2007 - 235 pages
A Numerical Study of In-cylinder Mixture Formation in a Low Pressure Direct Injection Gasoline Engine by Yuxin Zhang - 2007 - 194 pages
A Numerical Study of Stabilization and Emission Characteristics of Triple Flames by Alejandro M. Briones - 2007 - 199 pages
A Numerical Study of the Effects of Multiplicative Noise on a Supercritical Delay Induced Hopf Bifurcation in a Gene Expression Model by Octavio Mondraǵon Palomino - 2007 - 92 pages
A Numerical Study of the Role of Coherent Structures in the Flow Around a Vertical Spur Dike by Mete Koken - 2007 - 269 pages
A Numerical Study on Liquid Water Behaviours in PEM Fuel Cell Cathode by Kui Jiao - 2007 - 160 pages
A Nutraceutical for Osteoarthritis: Results of a 3-month Study to Determine Absence of in Vivo Toxicity in Horses by University of Guelph. Dept. of Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences, Nita Chauhan - 2007 - 125 pages
A Nutritional Education Curriculum with a Weight Management Emphasis for Low-income Alaskan Families: Implementation of a Pilot Program by Joni W. Stumpe - 2007 - 97 pages
A Nutritional Profile of Female NCAA Division II Swimmers by Matthew W. Shepard - 2007 - 135 pages
A Nyugat zenéje / Folyamatok és állomások a középkortól napjainkig by Hans Heinrich Eggebrecht - 2007 - 741 pages
A One Percent Margin of Error by Catherine Nienaber - 2007 - 149 pages
A One-dimensional and Two-dimensional NMR Investigation of Mixed Micellar Systems by Josette Landry - 2007 - 124 pages
A ordem injusta by Alexandre Guido Lopes Parola, Fundação Alexandre de Gusmão - 2007 - 506 pages
A orillas del invierno by Jean-Samuel Curtet, Jorge Enrique Adoum, Paul le Silentiaire - 2007 - 179 pages
A otra tienda con ese cobre by Jorge Meléndez Sánchez - 2007 - 212 pages
A Paeth Home: In the Folds of the Turban/In the Form of the Ashes/In the Flow of the Universal River by Ajinderjeet Kaur Vaid - 2007 - 171 pages
A Paleozoological Perspective on Predator Extermination and White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus Virginianus Boddaert) Overabundance in Central Texas by Steve Wolverton - 2007 - 135 pages
A Paradigm for a Peace Movement by Jude Lal Fernando, Linda Hogan (series editor.) - 2007 - 88 pages
A Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement Scheme for Hypersonic Flows with an Equilibrium High-temperature Equation of State by Dagmara B. Biskupska - 2007 - 74 pages
A Parallel Computing Paradigm for Transcription Network Construction from Microarray Data by Xiaofeng Li - 2007 - 61 pages
A Parallel External Memory System by Mohammad Reza Nikseresht - 2007 - 84 pages
A Parallel Graph-based Approach for Protein Sequence Motif Discovery by Santan Challa - 2007 - 65 pages
A Parallel, Three-dimensional and Two-fluid Interfacial Flow Code with Applications to Pulsed Water Jets by Benjamin Avdicevic - 2007 - 107 pages
A Parametric Model to Estimate Design Effort in Product Development by Adil Muhammad Salam - 2007 - 105 pages
A Partially Exchangeable Model with Applications to Correlated Binary Data by Latonya Catrice Garner - 2007 - 41 pages
A Participatory Evaluation of a First Nations Substance Abuse Treatment Centre by Kimberly Ann Van der Woerd - 2007 - 168 pages
A participação social no Nordeste by Leonardo Avritzer - 2007 - 287 pages
A Particle Filtering-based Framework for On-line Fault Diagnosis and Failure Prognosis by Marcos E. Orchard - 2007 - 138 pages
A Partnership Culture: Jewish Economic and Social Life Seen Through the Legal Documents of the Cairo Geniza by Phillip Isaac Ackerman-Lieberman - 2007 - 553 pages
A Partnership Network Simulation of the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Russia by Fatemeh Jafargholi, University of Guelph. Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics - 2007 - 146 pages
A Party Without a Hangover? On the Effects of U.S. Government Deficits by Michael Kumhof, Douglas Laxton - 2007 - 38 pages
A Party Without a Hangover? On the Effects of U.S. Government Deficits by Michael Kumhof, Douglas Laxton - 2007 - 38 pages
A Party without a Hangover? On the Effects of U.S. Government Deficits (EPub) by Michael Kumhof, Douglas Laxton - 2007 - 38 pages
A Passion for Policy: Essays in Public Sector Reform - 2007 - 116 pages
A Passive Infrared Sensor for Combustion Efficiency and Process Control by Rebecca Saari - 2007 - 176 pages
A Pastoral Counselling Approach to Obsessive-compulsive Disorder: The Pastoral Counsellor as "grace Container". by Cindy Schnasa Jacobsen - 2007 - 119 pages
A pastoral de Santa Rita Durão by José de Santa Rita Durão, Ronald Polito - 2007 - 48 pages
A Path Analysis of Organizational, Interpartner, and Environmental Level Determinants of Organizational Adaptation of International Joint Ventures: Evidence from Turkey by Mustafa Çolak - 2007 - 562 pages
A Pathway for Intrinsic Drug Resistance in Leukemia Cells by Vivien Yi-Hua Chen - 2007
A Pathway for Intrinsic Drug Resistance in Leukemia Cells by Vivien Yi-Hua Chen - 2007 - 120 pages
A PCA-based Approach to the Three-dimensional Reconstruction of Human Body from Single Frontal-view Silhouette by Pengcheng Xi - 2007 - 105 pages
A PCR Based Assay for the Detection of Enteric Pathogens from HemoccultRTM Cards by Kevin Anthony Grimes - 2007 - 32 pages
A Pe(N)sar de Todo by Desiderio Navarro - 2007 - 333 pages
A Ped's Story: Weathering Out Climatic Change During the Mid-Cretaceous by Aisha H. Al-Suwaidi - 2007 - 134 pages
A Pedagogical Study and Practice Guide for Significant Original Euphonium Solo Compositions for the Undergraduate Level Student by Brian Daniel Meixner - 2007 - 53 pages
A Pedagogy for the Privileged: Educational Strategies for Moving Citizens to Social Action on International Human Rights by Don Wright - 2007 - 131 pages
A Pedagogy of Freedom: Using Hip Hop in the Classroom to Engage African-American Students by Tracy D. Hall - 2007 - 197 pages
A Peer-to-peer Infostation for Content and Service Distribution by Emre Celebi - 2007 - 95 pages
A Pena, a Tinta E O Sangue by Jacques Alkalai Wainberg - 2007 - 239 pages
A pension is not a person by Richard Rose, University of Strathclyde. Centre for the Study of Public Policy - 2007 - 20 pages
A penultima fronteira by Roberto Marcelo - 2007 - 264 pages
A People and Penguin Unit: Kindergarteners Develop Academic Skills Through Design Challenges by Robin Barron - 2007 - 83 pages
A perda da razão social do trabalho by Maria da Graça Druck, Tânia Franco, Angela Borges - 2007 - 235 pages
A Performance Analysis of Tandem Networks of Multiplexers with Binary Markovian Sources by Xin Xin Song - 2007 - 146 pages
A Performance Comparison of Suboptimal Receivers Used in IR-UWB Communication Systems Operating Within the IEEE 802.15.4a Industrial Environment by Huiling Gong - 2007 - 72 pages
A Performance Guide to "I Will Breath a Mountain: A Song Cycle from American Women Poets" by William Bolcom by Michelle Murray - 2007 - 125 pages
A Performance Project for Saxophone Orchestra Consisting of Five Performance Editions from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern Eras by Marcus Daniel Ballard - 2007 - 301 pages
A Performer's Guide to Daniel Schnyder's "Subzero, Concerto for Bass Trombone" by Matthew Bleys Hoormann - 2007 - 110 pages
A Performer's Guide to the Saxophone Music of Sherwood Shaffer by Andrew Paul Hays - 2007 - 78 pages
A Performer's Guide to the Solo Vocal Literature of Maximilien D'Ollone by Brian Patrick Gill - 2007 - 147 pages
A Performer's Guide to the Songs of Gwyneth Walker by Tana Rene Field-Bartholomew - 2007 - 142 pages
A Performers Analysis of Nicholas Francis' Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Ensemble by Nathan James Sobieralski - 2007 - 88 pages
A Person-organization Fit Study of the Big Five Personality Model and Attraction to Organizations with Varying Compensation System Characteristics by Edwin John Trouba - 2007 - 179 pages
A Personal Journey of an Educator in a Development Education Project: An Autobiographical and Critical Discourse Analysis by Dana Michele Cotton - 2007 - 179 pages
A Personal Narrative of a Cambodian-Chinese Immigrant to the United States: A Quest for Identity by Ngeknay Ear - 2007 - 89 pages
A Personal Perspective of an Orthodox Jewish Male's Experience of Obesity and His Participation in a Commercial Weight Loss Program by Mayer Reiz - 2007 - 114 pages
A Petrographic and Geochemical Characterization and the Evaluation of the Exploration Potential for Nickel Sulfides in Several Mafic-ultramafic Intrusive Complexes in Newfoundland by Patrick G. Collins - 2007 - 385 pages
A Phased Approach to Evaluate the Performance of Handoff by Mobile Handsets by Arjumand Fatima Siddiqui - 2007 - 118 pages
A Phenomenolocial Study of High Performing Teams in Three Countries by Philip H. Lundberg - 2007 - 209 pages
A Phenomenological Analysis of Artistic Creativity---contemporary Artists' Practice and Philosophy by Marsha Smith Blount - 2007 - 276 pages
A Phenomenological Approach for the Half-metallic Ferromagnets by Pastor Raul Chura Serrano - 2007 - 196 pages
A Phenomenological Approach to Understanding Rural Grandfather Roles by Jan Vinita White - 2007 - 142 pages
A Phenomenological Examination of an Intensive Art Education and Cultural Learning Program for South Korean Teachers at Florida State University by Jaehan Bae - 2007 - 547 pages
A Phenomenological Examination of Esoteric States of Consciousness by Daniel Kurstak - 2007 - 116 pages
A Phenomenological Examination of Postsecondary Faculty Experiences Teaching Adults with Disabilities by Tammi M. Summers - 2007 - 192 pages
A Phenomenological Examination of the Faculty Experience of Student Academic Dishonesty by Christine Elizabeth Austin - 2007 - 311 pages
A Phenomenological Exploration of Caregivers of Children with Disabilities: Challenges and Adaptation by Fermond Leon Washington - 2007 - 211 pages
A Phenomenological Exploration of Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Technicians' Perceptions of Communication Technologies by Meloyde ReNey Batten-Mickens - 2007 - 515 pages
A Phenomenological Exploration of Residential Students' Use of Online Social Networking Sites by Elizabeth M. Miller - 2007 - 123 pages
A Phenomenological Exploration of Stillbirth and the Effects of Ritualization on Maternal Anxiety and Depression by Joanne Cacciatore - 2007 - 262 pages
A Phenomenological Exploration of the EFT Therapist's Experience of EFT Supervision and Training by Lisa Palmer-Olsen - 2007 - 97 pages
A Phenomenological Investigation Into the Concept of Healthy Dining Among Independent Full-service Restaurant Operators by Deborah Ann Lanzidelle - 2007 - 98 pages
A Phenomenological Investigation of the Child-animal Bond by Erik Garrett - 2007 - 265 pages
A Phenomenological Model of Shape Memory Alloys Including Time-varying Stress by Arati Pai - 2007 - 229 pages
A Phenomenological Research Study that Examines the Experience of People who Have Left the Faith of Their Family of Origin by Mark Crosby - 2007 - 280 pages
A Phenomenological Study Assessing African American Women's Perspectives on Successful Heterosexual Relationships by Shamika Yolanda Latrell Hall - 2007 - 177 pages
A Phenomenological Study Into Leadership Attributes Preferred by Generation Y Mexican Americans by Marcus Christopher Stratman - 2007 - 382 pages
A Phenomenological Study of Affordable Housing for the Middle-income Population in Abuja, Nigeria by Joseph Usunobu Aluya - 2007 - 178 pages
A Phenomenological Study of Family Influence on Millennial College Students' Money Beliefs and Behaviors by Mary Ann Briscoe Campbell - 2007 - 215 pages
A Phenomenological Study of Foster Care Emancipation by Mitchell C. Sandy - 2007 - 114 pages
A Phenomenological Study of Pre-service Early Childhood General Education Teachers' Insights on Teacher Preparation for Inclusion by Shawn DiNarda Watters - 2007 - 106 pages
A Phenomenological Study of Superintendents of High-performing, High-poverty School Districts as Servant Leaders by Robert G. Bohanek - 2007 - 112 pages
A Phenomenological Study of the Experience of a Suburban, Faith-based, Divorce Support Group by Howard Leroy Downing - 2007 - 202 pages
A Phenomenological Study of the Experience of Biracial Identity Development in Black and White Individuals by Niccole K. Brusa - 2007 - 91 pages
A Phenomenological Study of the Experience of Grief Resulting from Spousal Bereavement in Heterosexual and Homosexual Men and Women by Catherine Boswell - 2007 - 304 pages
A Phenomenological Study of the Intern Experience of Termination by Judy Curtis - 2007 - 137 pages
A Phenomenological Study of the Nature, Prevalence, and Perceptions of Cyberbullying Based on Student and Administrator Responses by Troy D. Harcey - 2007 - 140 pages
A Phenomenological Study of the Resettlement Experiences and Mental Health Needs of Somali Bantu Refugee Women by Ria Echteld Baker - 2007 - 143 pages
A Phenomenological Study: Human Resource Professionals Perceptions of Leader Emotional Intelligence and Employee Affective Commitment by Brent William Stephens - 2007 - 215 pages
A Phenomenological Study: The Benefits of Self-regulation Regarding Student Achievement, Social Adjustment, and Empowerment by H. Todd Evans - 2007 - 257 pages
A Phenomenological Study: What is the Mental Health Professional's Experience of Managing Dual Relationships in Rural Communities? by Carla Y. Wright - 2007 - 105 pages
A Phenomenological Understanding of Honors Among Community College Faculty: How Faculty Define and Practice Honors Education by Jennifer L. Lane - 2007 - 115 pages
A Philosophical Investigation of the Myth of Organic Unity by Wei Wang - 2007 - 81 pages
A Philosophical Reflection on Nature Writing by Ayli Lapkoff - 2007 - 232 pages
A Philosophy at the Crossroads: The Shifting Concept of Negritude in Leopold Sedar Senghor's Oeuvre by Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Thiam - 2007 - 150 pages
A Philosophy of Film Education by Ralph David Perez - 2007 - 207 pages
A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Hlai by Peter K. Norquest - 2007 - 617 pages
A Phonological Study of Second Language Acquisition of Mandarin Chinese Tones by Hang Zhang - 2007 - 105 pages
A photographic guide to the dragonflies of Sri Lanka by Matjaž Bedjanič, Karen Conniff, Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne - 2007 - 248 pages
A Phylogenetic and Structural Study of Truncated Hemoglobins by David A. Vuletich - 2007 - 349 pages
A Phylogeographic Analysis of Bavayia Cf. Crassicollis by Anthony Joseph Geneva - 2007 - 126 pages
A Physical Arousal Memory Intervention in Elders by Laura L. Wulff - 2007 - 203 pages
A Physicist's Labour in War and Peace by E. Walter Kellermann - 2007 - 254 pages
A Pictorial Guide to Senate Floor Staff - 2007 - 10 pages
A pictorial history of gold mining in the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon by Howard C. Brooks - 2007 - 200 pages
A Pilot Laboratory Study of EMG Back Activity Among Normal Versus Overweight Workers During Material Handling on Multi-level Racks by Edem G. Tetteh - 2007 - 261 pages
A Pilot Project to Assess the Impact of a Psychosocial Retreat Intervention on the Quality of Life, Distress, Marital Satisfaction and Existential Concerns in Palliative Cancer Patients and Their Partners by Sheila Nadine Garland - 2007 - 63 pages
A Pilot Study Comparing the Efficacy of a Mindfulness-based Program to a Skills-training Program in the Treatment of Test Anxiety by Anthea Paterniti - 2007 - 128 pages
A Pilot Study of Food Preferences Amongst Haitians Living in Miami-Dade County, Florida by Craig A. Clark - 2007 - 98 pages
A Pilot Study of Students' Self-perceptions of Efficacy and Engagement in the Writing Process by Leigh Anna Hutchison - 2007 - 198 pages
A Pilot Study of the Effect of American Ginseng Administration on Glycemic Control in Dogs with Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus by Elisabeth C. R. Snead - 2007 - 204 pages
A Pilot Study Of: The Psychological Effects Post Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Surgery: Exploring the Effects on a Veteran Population by Amy Chamberlain - 2007 - 83 pages
A Pilot Study on the Effects of Temperature on the Material Properties of Prestressed Concrete and the Use of Thermogravimetric Analysis in the Assessment of Heat-affected Concrete by Kacie Danielle Caple - 2007 - 178 pages
A Pilot Study on the Visual Development of Premature Infants Fed Fortified Human Milk Post Hospital Discharge by Karen Weishuhn - 2007 - 118 pages
A Pilot Study to Examine the Stability of the Assessment of Awareness of Disability by Rhona Anderson - 2007 - 91 pages
A Pilot Study Using Digital Photography to Compare Nutritional Content of Bag Lunches Brought from Home by Elementary School Students to Standards of the National School Lunch Program by Reisha A. Evans - 2007 - 63 pages
A Pilot Study: Celiac Disease Screening of High Risk Students by Claudia Pillow - 2007 - 146 pages
A Pinch Of Salt - Gujarati by Mādhurī Pai - 2007 - 28 pages
A pirate's life for me! by Aleta-Amirée von Holzen - 2007 - 336 pages
A pista de area by Andrea Camilleri - 2007 - 260 pages
A Place Apart: Responding to Youth Charged as Adults in a Specialized New York Criminal Court by Carla Barrett - 2007 - 306 pages
A place for butterflies by Melissa Stewart - 2007
A Place for Family Farming: Food Sovereignty in Uruguay by Beatriz Oliver - 2007 - 405 pages
A Place for Unfortunates by Kelly H. Tibbetts - 2007 - 115 pages
A Place on the Point: South African Street Youth and Informal Street Shelters by Emily Margaretten - 2007 - 287 pages
A Plan for Increasing Student Success in Business Calculus at Delaware State University by Sherman Nathaniel Miller - 2007 - 268 pages
A Plan to Reduce Losses from Geologic Hazards in Utah by Gary E. Christenson - 2007 - 30 pages
A Planning Proposal for the Redevelopment of the Brentwood Shopping Area, Calgary by Pintan Chen - 2007 - 117 pages
A Platform-based Methodology for the Redesign of Low Volume Highly Customized Products by Ronald Scott Farrell - 2007 - 201 pages
A Platonic Conception of Language by Ronald Simon - 2007 - 182 pages
A plena voz - 2007
A Pliable Hybrid Architecture for Code Isolation by Ivan B. Ganev - 2007 - 193 pages
A PLL Based Frequency Synthesizer in 0.13 Micron Silicon Germanium BiCMOS for MB-OFDM UWB Systems by Hsin-Che Chiang - 2007 - 118 pages
A plumagem dos nomes by Gilberto Mendonça Teles - 2007 - 811 pages
A Pocket Photographic Guide to Some of the Birds of the Ethiopian Middle Rift Valley by Kebede Tadesse - 2007 - 120 pages
A Poetics of Indenture: 'Cases Peculiar' in English Renaissance Literature by Tyler Smith - 2007 - 235 pages
A Poetics of the Uncertain: Trajectories of the Maya Mind and Tongue in American Literatures by Nathan C. Henne - 2007 - 379 pages
A Policia Não Morre by Carlos Alberto Marchi de Queiroz - 2007 - 350 pages
A Policy Analysis of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 in Missouri by Thomas A. Elliott, Stan Templeton - 2007 - 124 pages
A Policy Analysis: Systemic Structures that Support Sustainable Success for All Students by Janet L. Baldwin, Laurie A. Birkenmeier, Milena K. Garganigo, Tim A. Pecoraro - 2007 - 186 pages
A Policy-sensible Core-inflation Measure for the Euro Area by Stefano Siviero, Giovanni Veronese - 2007 - 21 pages
A Political Ecology of Land Use Change and Natural Resource Conflict in the Rukwa Valley, Southwestern Tanzania by Benjamin Chad Yanda - 2007 - 102 pages
A political history of Romanian colinde (carols). by Sabina Păuţa Pieslak, University of Michigan - 2007 - 234 pages
A ponte submersa by Manuel da Silva Ramos - 2007 - 197 pages
A Population-based Prospective Cohort Study Utilizing Adminstrative Data for the Analysis of Self-injury Among Depressed British Columbian Youth by Nick Mathew - 2007 - 161 pages
A porta estava aberta by Pauline Alphen, Jean-Claude Alphen - 2007 - 63 pages
A Portable Profiling System for Determining Horizontal and Vertical Carbon Dioxide Advection by Pierre-Luc Lizotte - 2007 - 103 pages
A Portable Road by Jesse Forrest Fabian - 2007 - 35 pages
A portfolio approach to an analysis of the eurodollar structure by Suphadej Poonpipat - 2007 - 162 pages
A Portrait for a Parvenue: Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun, Surviving Art and Politics by Anne Louise Palmer - 2007 - 117 pages
A Portrait of Leadership: Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. by Daniel P. Turecky - 2007 - 129 pages
A Portrait of War: Case Studies of the Operation Iraqi Freedom Media Embed Program by Jennifer Reiss Hannah - 2007 - 159 pages
A Position Sensitive Avalanche Photodiode for Charged Particle Investigations by Cody M. Wilson - 2007 - 63 pages
A post-closure assessment of natural attenuation at eight leaking underground storage tank sites by Rachel M. Greve - 2007 - 514 pages
A Post-colonial Vaisakhi Reading: Unveiling the Indo-Canadian Sikh Identity Through Canadian Media by Harminder Bindy Kaur Kang - 2007 - 96 pages
A Post-Confucian Civil Society: Liberal Collectivism and Participatory Politics in South Korea by Sungmoon Kim - 2007 - 281 pages
A Posteriori Analysis of Operator Decomposition on Interface Problems by Timothy Wildey - 2007 - 249 pages
A Posteriori Error Estimator Framework for PDE's by Christophe Picard - 2007 - 157 pages
A poszthumán döntés by Brandon Hackett - 2007 - 406 pages
A potencialidade do semi-árido brasileiro by Manoel Bomfim Ribeiro - 2007 - 256 pages
A Potential Field Approach for Distributed Control of Discrete Actuator and Sensor Arrays by Pritpal S. Dang - 2007 - 152 pages
A Potential Field Approach to Multiple Robot Formation Control by Rohit Santosh Talati - 2007 - 115 pages
A Potential Role for the Cell Wall in the Regulation of the SLN1-SKN7 Pathway Saccharomyces Cerevisae by Sandhya Shankarnarayan - 2007 - 218 pages
A Poverty of Information: Public Health and the Local Television News by Judi T. Haberkorn - 2007 - 135 pages
A Powerful Catalyst for United Action by John M. Lindley - 2007 - 213 pages
A Pox Upon Healthcare: The Stereotypes, Prejudices and Biases of Healthcare Providers by Angela Calloway - 2007 - 61 pages
A Practical Approach To Data Structures And Algorithms by Sanjay Pahuja - 2007 - 568 pages
A Practical Guide to Teaching Gymnastics by Barry Benn, Tansin Benn, Patricia Maude - 2007 - 48 pages
A Praxis of Leadership Development: The Library Internship Experience by Kaye Bennett Dotson - 2007 - 212 pages
A Praça do diabo divino by Guido Viaro - 2007 - 209 pages
A Precise Determination of the KamLAND Energy Scale by Timothy M. Classen - 2007 - 100 pages
A Precise Measurement of the Top Quark Mass by Brian N. Mohr - 2007 - 438 pages
A Precise Robotic Arm Positioning Using an SVM Classification Algorithm by Michael Terrones - 2007 - 149 pages
A Precision Measurement of the Neutral Pion Lifetime Via the Primakoff Effect by Eric R. I. Clinton - 2007 - 174 pages
A Predictive Model of Prosody Through Grammatical Interface: A Computational Approach by Tae-Jin Yoon - 2007 - 162 pages
A Predictive Model of Rectal Tumour Response to Pre-operative High-dose Rate Endorectal Brachytherapy by Inti Zlobec - 2007 - 217 pages
A Preference-theoretic Modeling Structure for Nonmarket Goods with Applications by David Girard Brown - 2007 - 352 pages
A Prehistory of Rhetoric and Composition: New Rhetoric and Neo-Aristotelianism at the University of Chicago, 1947--1959 by James P. Beasley - 2007 - 207 pages
A Preliminary Analysis of DNA Databases in the United States: Legal Issues, Costs, and Policy Implications by Sherry Harrison - 2007 - 75 pages
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