A Preliminary Assessment of Factors Affecting the Implementation of Source Protection Planning in Ontario by Sara Ellen Moore-German, University of Guelph. Dept. of Geography, Sara Ellen German-Moore - 2007 - 148 pages
A Preliminary Psychometric Analysis of the Functional Outcome Profile (FOP). by John Ryan Price - 2007 - 303 pages
A Preliminary Study of North American Schizopora Species by David C.I. Stevenson - 2007 - 122 pages
A Preliminary Study of WISC-IV and WAIS-III IQ Scores for Students with Extremely Low Cognitive Functioning by Joseph A. Bresnahan - 2007 - 68 pages
A Preliminary Study Towards Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Images Based on Spatial Relations by University of Guelph. Dept. of Computing and Information Science, Xin Wang - 2007 - 145 pages
A prescrição nas relações de trabalho by Nilton Correia, Aldacy Rachid Coutinho - 2007 - 222 pages
A presidential library comes to Ann Arbor by Robert Mark Warner, Bentley Historical Library - 2007 - 24 pages
A Pretty Tramp by Kimberly Anne Vose - 2007 - 91 pages
A Prevention and Rehabilitation Program for Juvenile Female Gang Members by Marjorie Deza - 2007 - 84 pages
A Primer on how to Protect Your Identity, Your Privacy, Your Money, Your Health, from Your Cell Phone by John Hill - 2007 - 104 pages
A Primer on Sovereign Debt Buybacks and Swaps by Carlos I. Medeiros, Magdalena Polan, Parmeshwar Ramlogan - 2007 - 49 pages
A Primer on Sovereign Debt Buybacks and Swaps by Carlos I. Medeiros, Parmeshwar Ramlogan, Magdalena Polan - 2007 - 49 pages
A Primer on Sovereign Debt Buybacks and Swaps (EPub) by Carlos I. Medeiros, Parmeshwar Ramlogan, Magdalena Polan - 2007 - 49 pages
A Princess's Pilgrimage by Sikandar Begum (Nawab of Bhopal), Siobhan Lambert-Hurley - 2007 - 180 pages
A Prior Magazine - 2007
A Prior Magazine - 2007
A private part by Lionel Murcott - 2007 - 78 pages
A private stratigraphy by Jacob Gamage - 2007 - 96 pages
A Probabilistic Analysis of Two Dimensional Grain Growth by Albert Cohen - 2007 - 55 pages
A Probabilistic Approach for the Design of an Early Warning Source Water Monitoring Station by Heather Patricia Mustard - 2007 - 123 pages
A Probabilistic Camera Sensor Model for Bearing-only Visual SLAM. by Jing Wu - 2007 - 59 pages
A Problem in Particle Physics and Its Bayesian Analysis by Joshua Landon - 2007 - 65 pages
A Problem Solving Approach to Understanding Thought Processes in a Creative Task: A Protocol Analysis Comparison of Artists and Non-artists by Frieda Fayena Tawil - 2007 - 200 pages
A Process Evaluation of a Health Literacy Intervention Targeting Pediatric Providers' Communication Skills at the Texas Children's Health Plan by Rosina Avila Connelly - 2007 - 78 pages
A Process Model of Self-worth: Management of the Self-evaluative and Self-regulatory Consequences to Relational Devaluation in Daily Life by Jorgianne Civey Robinson - 2007 - 105 pages
A Process-based Model for Beach Profile Evolution by Huseyin Demir - 2007 - 235 pages
A Professional Development Program for Converting Classroom Courses Into Hybrid Courses by Nancy J. O'Laughlin - 2007 - 143 pages
A proficiency course in Zhuang by Adams Bodomo, Yanqin Pan, Linguistic Society of Hong Kong - 2007 - 157 pages
A Profile of Eating Disorder Symptomatology Among Female Figure Skaters---How Effective is Education? by Tiffany Hayward - 2007 - 102 pages
A Profile of Students who Display Exceptional Talent in Computer Technology by James Francis Cekada (Jr) - 2007 - 140 pages
A Profile of the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officer: An Alcohol Consumption Study by Vicki Lynn Lindsay - 2007 - 137 pages
A Profile on Gender Relations Update, 2006 by Edda Van den Bergh-Collier - 2007 - 69 pages
A Program Design: Developing the Parenting Skills of Hispanic Incarcerated Fathers by Adriana F. Restrepo - 2007 - 110 pages
A Program Designed for Teachers in Inclusion Classrooms by Marianela Caballero - 2007 - 114 pages
A Program Development for the Use of Narrative Techniques as an Adjunct to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Adolescents by Selma Stainback - 2007 - 179 pages
A Program Evaluation of a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program by Jennifer J. Fontanini - 2007 - 197 pages
A Program Evaluation of Achieving a College Education Plus by Michael D. Fowler - 2007 - 137 pages
A Program Evaluation of an Early Intervention Program in an Urban School District by Jamilla T. Butler - 2007 - 131 pages
A Program for Experimental Syntax: Finding the Relationship Between Acceptability and Grammatical Knowledge by Jon Sprouse - 2007 - 187 pages
A Program Manual to Assist with Implementation of a Volunteer Health and Wellness Program by Stephanie Ashenfelter - 2007 - 48 pages
A Programmable Frequency Divider Having a Wide Division Ratio Range, and Close-to-50% Output Duty-cycle by Mo Zhang - 2007 - 122 pages
A Programmatic Analysis of a Newborn Hearing Screening Program for Evaluation and Improvement by Vickie Rae Thomson - 2007 - 132 pages
A Progressive Cutting Scheme for Surgery Simulations by Jing Yi - 2007 - 116 pages
A Project Examining the Effectiveness of Secondary Charter Schools in the Kansas City, Missouri, School District by Terry Bigby - 2007 - 115 pages
A Project Focused on Closing the Knowing-doing Gap when Educating At-risk Students by Carrie N. Bachmeier, Lance L. Miller, Robert D. Poisal - 2007 - 157 pages
A Project Focused on Teaming and Faculty Collaboration in Four High Schools in a Metropolitan Area by Matthew E. Brungardt, Becky L. Gallagher, Carrie L. Nichols-Luttrell, Tonya M. Merrigan - 2007 - 162 pages
A Project Report on Secondary Teachers' Knowledge and Professional Development Needs in the Content Area of Reading and Implications for Leadership by Dorothy Barbeau, Jan Patrick Hayden - 2007 - 414 pages
A Promise Kept by Terry Sheridan - 2007 - 262 pages
A Promise of Partnership: Parental Involvement and Social Reproduction in One Middle School by Shirley Diane Tokheim - 2007 - 136 pages
A Prophetic Voice Without Foundations? A Critical Examination of Michael Walzer, Stanley Hauerwas, and Cornel West in Light of the Biblical Witness by Christopher John Libby - 2007 - 321 pages
A propos du bonheur by Benoît Dubuisson - 2007 - 62 pages
A Proposal for an Equipment Development Brief for Field Marketing by Kent Hawkins - 2007 - 139 pages
A Proposal for General Education Focused on the Built Community and Environment by Jocelyn M. Gavitt - 2007 - 324 pages
A Proposal for the Design of a Specific Tax for Mining Companies: The Peruvian Experience by Jessica Gladys Valdivia Amayo - 2007 - 49 pages
A Proposed Character Animation Workflow for Digital Production Arts with Preparation for Cloth Dynamics by Kent Lep Chan - 2007 - 95 pages
A Proposed Classification-tree Architecture for Near Real-time Defense Against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks by Samuel Shu-Kuang Tai - 2007 - 81 pages
A Proposed Framework for Irrigation Management Transfer in Iran by Mehmood Ul Hassan - 2007 - 31 pages
A Proposed Mechanism for Selective Inhibition of Specific Protein Kinase C Isoforms Through PKC Regulatory Domain Expression by Andrew J. M. Young - 2007 - 98 pages
A proposed method for accounting for edge effects and structural compliance in nanoindentation of wood by Joseph E. Jakes - 2007 - 63 pages
A Prosodic Cue that Invites Back-channel Responses in Arabic by Yaffa Al Bayyari - 2007 - 76 pages
A Prospective Examination of Urinary Stress Hormones and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms from Motor Vehicle Accident to Post-trauma Recovery by Beth A. Fischer - 2007 - 124 pages
A Prospective Study of Physiological Hyperarousal and Coping as Correlates of Symptoms of Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Motor Vehicle Crash Survivors by Shirley Linda King - 2007 - 151 pages
A Prospective Study of Pregnancy and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Factors by Zhiqin Jiang - 2007 - 133 pages
A Prospective Test of Rumination as a Moderator of the Link Between Negative Events and Depressive Symptoms by Marie Grassia - 2007 - 33 pages
A Protective Effect of Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide (CGRP) on Developing B Cells by Radu-Tudor Ciornei - 2007 - 210 pages
A Protective Effect of Exercise Against Interpersonal Stress-induced Cardiovascular Reactivity in Youth by Maya Jung Lambiase - 2007 - 84 pages
A Protein Sequence-properties Evaluation Framework for Crystallization Screen Design by David S. Dougall - 2007 - 294 pages
A Proteomic Screen Reveals Novel Fas Ligand Interacting Proteins Within Nervous System Schwann Cells by Peter Thornhill - 2007 - 99 pages
A proteção ao trabalho penoso by Christiani Marques - 2007 - 208 pages
A Protocol for Constructing a Domain-specific Ontology for Use in Biomedical Information Extraction Using Lexical-chaining Analysis by Xiaofen He - 2007 - 98 pages
A Protocol for the Early Identification of Prekindergarten Children at Risk for Reading Failure by Ellen Fitzsimmons - 2007 - 77 pages
A Prototype System for Human-computer Interaction Logging, Post-processing, and Data Visualization for the Project54 System by Edward Bourbeau - 2007 - 126 pages
A Proud Legacy, a New Future: Bringing Ottawa's Growth Management Strategy Into the 21st Century by Christina Anita Heydorn - 2007 - 179 pages
A prueba de fallas y 16 cuentos más by Juan Guerrero Zorrilla - 2007 - 175 pages
A práxis ambiental educativa by Maria das Graças Ferreira Lobino - 2007 - 250 pages
A psicologização da religião by Bernardo Lewgoy - 2007 - 107 pages
A Psychoeducational Group Designed for the Social Supporters of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Parents by Tara Jordan - 2007 - 89 pages
A Psycholinguistic Investigation of Language Selectivity in Bilingual Speech Production by John W. Schwieter - 2007 - 148 pages
A Psychology of Materialism: Contributions of Development and Culture to Our Material Longing by Whitney Goodrich Clarke - 2007 - 182 pages
A Psychometric Analysis of the School Victimization Scale: Cross-cultural Equivalence in the United States, Guatemala, and Israel by Jennifer Greif Green - 2007 - 247 pages
A Psychometric Examination of the Dialogic Reading Observation Form in a Sample of English and Spanish Speaking Caregivers by Erika W. Joye - 2007 - 167 pages
A Psychometric Exploration of the Suicide Opinion Questionnaire by Amy L. Anderson - 2007 - 174 pages
A Psychometric Investigation of the "Symptom Relief Checklist for Dissociative Disorders": Underlying Factor Structure, Reliability and Validity by Tricia C. Leonard - 2007 - 144 pages
A Psychometric Investigation of the Emotional Quotient Inventory in Adolescents: A Construct Validation and Estimate of Stability by Amanda M. Rovnak - 2007 - 156 pages
A Public Key-based Encryption/decryption Technique for Real-time Signals by Rui Zhao - 2007 - 67 pages
A Public Service Faith-based Outreach Initiative for Worcester County Health Department on Hypertension Screenings and Education for the Adult African-American Community in Snow Hill by Patricia Casals - 2007 - 131 pages
A Puerta Cerrada by Leyla Bartet - 2007 - 140 pages
A Pulse-echo Model for Nonlinear Ultrasound Imaging by Tobin (Toby) Yun Jing Lam - 2007 - 84 pages
A Puppy Is for Loving by Mary Labatt - 2007 - 65 pages
A Puzzle for Logan. Buch und CD by Richard MacAndrew - 2007 - 64 pages
A Puzzle for Logan. Buch und CD by Richard MacAndrew - 2007 - 64 pages
A Puzzle for Logan. Buch und CD by Richard MacAndrew - 2007 - 64 pages
A pátria nas panelas by Pedro Rodrigues de Albuquerque Cavalcanti - 2007 - 392 pages
A pátria nas panelas by Pedro Rodrigues de Albuquerque Cavalcanti - 2007 - 392 pages
A pátria nas panelas by Pedro Rodrigues de Albuquerque Cavalcanti - 2007 - 392 pages
A pátria nas panelas by Pedro Rodrigues de Albuquerque Cavalcanti - 2007 - 392 pages
A Q-method Study Describing the Diversity Awareness of College Students in Theme Housing by Tawny Taylor - 2007 - 221 pages
A Qualitative Analysis of Cultural Discrimination Stress by Adriana Faur - 2007 - 247 pages
A Qualitative Analysis of Fourth Grade Teachers' Perceptions of the Impact of the New Jersey ASK4 Testing on Instructional and Assessment Practices by Barbara A. Pepe - 2007 - 271 pages
A Qualitative Analysis of Grutter V. Bollinger: Implications for Use in Professional Programs Conducted Under Greier V. Bredesen by Marva Lane Rudolph - 2007 - 262 pages
A Qualitative Analysis of Hybrid Control Systems by Anca Georgeta Williams - 2007 - 110 pages
A Qualitative Analysis of Pastoral Counseling and Professional Counseling that Integrates Religion and Spirituality in a Secular Setting by Anastasia L. Henning - 2007 - 299 pages
A Qualitative Analysis of Police Veterans' Perceptions of Their Effectiveness as Second Career (K--12) New Jersey Public School Faculty Members by Michael J. Finetti - 2007 - 368 pages
A Qualitative Analysis of the Perspectives of Feminist Therapists on Working with Adolescent Girls by Ariane Guberman-Caron - 2007 - 146 pages
A Qualitative and Quantitative Review of the Published Research on Dialectical Behavior Therapy: An Update on Scheel (2000). by Christine Anthony - 2007 - 175 pages
A Qualitative Approach to Understanding International Basketball Players' National Culture and Perceived Fit in the NBA. by Mark B. Clifford - 2007 - 161 pages
A Qualitative Assessment of Elementary Principals' Preparation for Special Education Leadership by Carmen Martinez Rodriguez - 2007 - 272 pages
A Qualitative Assessment of Multi-level Nutrition Strategies for Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes by Amanda Maria Navarro - 2007 - 198 pages
A Qualitative Case Study of Employee Effectiveness Using Information Technology in Federal Law Enforcement Agencies by Freddy B. Wilson - 2007 - 245 pages
A Qualitative Case Study of Teachers' Inclusion Beliefs, Skills, and Practices in the Context of Pennsylvania's General and Special Education Collaborative by Barbara Tomlinson - 2007 - 191 pages
A Qualitative Case Study of the Processes of Peer Education in a Young Adult Tobacco Control Initiative, Leave the Pack Behind by Tiffany Gartner - 2007 - 205 pages
A Qualitative Case Study on the Influence of Leadership and Student Achievement by JoAnn Billingsley Franklin - 2007 - 155 pages
A Qualitative Empirical Study of Software Design Decisions Made by Designers and Small Teams Cognizant of Agile Practices Or Principles by Carmen Zannier - 2007 - 268 pages
A Qualitative Examination of Adolescent Perceptions of Gambling Advertisements by Sandra Mansour - 2007 - 88 pages
A Qualitative Examination of Men's Therapy Decision-making Processes and Therapy Experiences by Brigg Bromley Noyes - 2007 - 235 pages
A Qualitative Examination of the Perceived Impact of Foster Care on Biological Children of Parents: An Exploratory Study by Stephene A. Diepstra - 2007 - 146 pages
A Qualitative Exploration of Antepartum Depression and the Treatment Decision-making Process by Sabrina LaMotte Strandberg - 2007 - 147 pages
A Qualitative Exploration of First-generation Asian Indian Women in Cross-cultural Marriages by Monica Thiagarajan - 2007 - 194 pages
A Qualitative Exploration of Mexican American Women and Body Image by Erika Denise Curiel - 2007 - 316 pages
A Qualitative Exploration: Teachers' Knowledge and Perception of Cultural Competence by Marie V. Rossmann-Brown - 2007 - 129 pages
A Qualitative Exploratory Study of Farmers Injured by Bovines by Jennifer L. Rasinski - 2007 - 92 pages
A Qualitative Inquiry Into the Art Created in a Substance Dependence Treatment Program by Jennie Leigh Gilmore - 2007 - 94 pages
A Qualitative Inquiry of Stakeholder Recommendations for Collegiate Aviation Security Curricula by Alvin DeWade Langley - 2007 - 232 pages
A Qualitative Investigation of Confidence of Novice and Experienced American Legion Baseball Umpires by Kirkley L. Russell - 2007 - 132 pages
A Qualitative Investigation of Feminist Expression and Integration Among Applied Sport Psychology Professionals by Amy Lynn Cotter - 2007 - 91 pages
A Qualitative Investigation of how Urban Teachers Sustain Change in Turbulent Times by Emily A. Steele - 2007 - 283 pages
A Qualitative Investigation of Out-of-class Student-faculty Interaction in an Undergraduate Residential Learning Community by Philip E. Strong - 2007 - 274 pages
A Qualitative Investigation of the Influence of Ethnicity on the Understanding of the Self-rated Health Question by Rachel Lawson - 2007 - 41 pages
A Qualitative Investigation on the Phenomenological Experience of Alzheimer's Disease from the Patient Perspective by Rebecca M. Tambini - 2007 - 150 pages
A Qualitative Study Examining Biracial Identity Development in Korean/Caucasian Individuals by Jerri L. Turner - 2007 - 84 pages
A Qualitative Study Examining the Implementation of Outcomes Management Systems in Child and Adolescent Out-of-home Placement Settings by Vaishali Patel - 2007 - 199 pages
A Qualitative Study of a Video Art Project for Migrant Youth by Néomée Alain - 2007 - 66 pages
A Qualitative Study of Creative Thinking Using Experiential Learning in an Agricultural and Life Sciences Course by Chehrazade Aboukinane - 2007 - 147 pages
A Qualitative Study of Grandview Training School and Grandview Survivor Healing Strategies by Sonia Marie Dubinsky - 2007 - 126 pages
A Qualitative Study of how Teaching Practices in Grades K--2 Have Changed Since the Inception of North Carolina's ABCs Testing Program by Donna Gardner - 2007 - 149 pages
A Qualitative Study of Individuals in Transition from Welfare to Work in an Appalachian Area by William E. King - 2007 - 160 pages
A Qualitative Study of Inpatient Rehabilitation Client Perceptions of the Semi-fixed Environment by Liane Hewitt - 2007 - 115 pages
A Qualitative Study of Schooling Experiences of Korean Immigrant High School Students by Jung-A. Seo - 2007 - 243 pages
A Qualitative Study of Teenage Pregnancy in Tuvalu by Avanoa Paelate, Filoiala Saskaio - 2007 - 34 pages
A Qualitative Study of the Attitudes of Retired African-American State Troopers Regarding the New Jersey State Police Education Promotion Policy by Brian Lee Royster - 2007 - 263 pages
A Qualitative Study of the Electronic Commerce Process: An Emic Perspective of Electronic Commerce Entrepreneurs by Eric D. Pedersen - 2007 - 172 pages
A Qualitative Study of the Inuvialuit Practice of "going Out on the Land". by Jennifer Johnston - 2007 - 78 pages
A Qualitative Study of the Self-concept of Underprivileged Adolescents Attending Ryves Youth Center at Etling Hall by Kristy Ann Miller - 2007 - 131 pages
A Qualitative Study on Planned Pregnancy Behavior Among Adolescents by Tochukwu C. Okeke - 2007 - 90 pages
A Qualitative Study on the Influence of Mothers in the Development of Mexican Female Transforming Leaders by Nancy Westrup - 2007 - 144 pages
A Qualitative Study on the Status of Special Education Programs Within Juvenile Detention Facilities in Alabama by Craig Bryan Bailey - 2007 - 248 pages
A Qualitative, Narrative, Phenomenological Case Study: Why Litigation is Frequent in Special-education Disputes by Carolyn A. Kennedy - 2007 - 367 pages
A Quantitative Analysis of Strategic and Financial Changes in Small Private Higher Education Institutions by Laura DeLegge Grandgenett - 2007 - 292 pages
A Quantitative Analysis of Tunable Long Period Grating Technology and Its Application by Jonathan E. Lee - 2007 - 137 pages
A Quantitative and Qualitative Review of California High Schools with Smaller Learning Communities by Jennifer Lee Fong - 2007 - 321 pages
A Quantitative Description at Multiple Scales of Observation of Accumulation and Displacement Patterns in Single and Dual-species Biofilms by Benjamin Joseph Klayman - 2007 - 123 pages
A Quantitative Description of the Interaction of Enhancement and Depression of Transmitter Release at the Neuromuscular Junction by Alice M. Holohean - 2007 - 92 pages
A Quantitative Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching Analysis of Receptor-protein Interactions on Vesicles by Veronika Gousseva - 2007 - 54 pages
A Quantitative Investigation of Fluvial Activity in the Hesperia Planum Region, Mars by Tessa Jones-Krueger - 2007 - 94 pages
A Quantitative Model of Consensus Measurement: Applied to Opinion Aggregation on a Cross-cultural Study of Understanding Respect by Lun Mo - 2007 - 90 pages
A Quantitative Modeling Approach to Examining High School, Pre-admission, Program, Certification and Career Choice Variables in Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Programs by Cynthia Savage Williams - 2007 - 144 pages
A Quantitative Protein Profiling Study of Mitochondrial Proteins from 6-month and 14-month Old Mice Using a Triple Transgenic [3 X Tg-AD] Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease by Two Dimensional Difference in Gel Electrophoresis by Deepa Vishwanath Shenoy - 2007 - 92 pages
A Quantitative Study of Music Leaders at National Association of Schools of Music Accredited Institutions and Their Four Roles: Faculty Developer, Leader, Manager, and Scholar by Burke D. Sorenson - 2007 - 193 pages
A Quantitative Study of the Use of Newsmagazine Rankings in College Choice and the Effects of Social Capital by Marlene Coles - 2007 - 207 pages
A Quantitative Study of the Use of Newsmagazine Rankings in College Choice and the Effects of Social Capital by Marlene Coles - 2007
A Quantitative Study on Color Harmony by Xiao-Ping Gao - 2007 - 167 pages
A Quantitative Trait Linkage Method for Longitudinal Pedigree Data and Its Application by Zhiying Xu - 2007 - 107 pages
A Quasi-experimental Design: Multisystemic Therapy as an Alternative Community-based Treatment for Youth with Severe Emotional Disturbance by Kirstin R. Painter - 2007 - 137 pages
A Quasi-experimental Evaluation of Reading and Special Education Outcomes for English Language Learners in Instructional Consultation Teams Schools by Arlene E. Silva - 2007 - 149 pages
A queda recente da desigualdade de renda no Brasil by Ricardo Paes de Barros, Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada - 2007 - 22 pages
A quel saint se vouer ? by Jacques Lair - 2007 - 204 pages
A Query-based Approach for the Analysis of Aspect-oriented Systems by Eduardo Salomão Barrenechea - 2007 - 111 pages
A Query-by-Humming Approach to Music Retrieval by Javier Thaine - 2007 - 115 pages
A quest for belonging by Hans-Lukas Kieser - 2007 - 497 pages
A quest for equality by Minority Rights Group International - 2007 - 44 pages
A Question of Death: An illustrated Phryne Fisher treasury by Kerry Greenwood - 2007 - 258 pages
A Queueing Theory-based Inexact Stochastic Optimization Approach for Municipal Solid Waste Management Under Uncertainty by Dan Wang - 2007 - 150 pages
A qui appartient l'oeuvre d'art ? by Françoise Chaudenson - 2007 - 309 pages
A Quiet Battle: An Examination of the Social Forces that Shape Self-silencing and Well-being in Female Leaders by Catharine Mimi Dishke Hondzel - 2007 - 59 pages
A quoi rêvent les jeunes? by مرنيسي، فاطمة - 2007 - 190 pages
A quoi ça sert ? by Claude-Nicolas Geny-Gros - 2007
A RabGAP Protein and BEACH Family Proteins Regulate Contractile Vacuole Formation and Activity and Chemotaxis in Dictyostelium by Fei Du - 2007 - 114 pages
A Raccoon's Tail by Ronnie Parrott, Sr., Ronnie Parrott Sr - 2007 - 36 pages
A rainha Margot by Alexandre Dumas, Fernando Nuno - 2007 - 368 pages
A random duplication/deletion model in genome arrangement by Soowan Sohn, The University of Wisconsin - Madison - 2007 - 82 pages
A Random Duplication/deletion Model in Genome Arrangement by Soowan Sohn - 2007 - 82 pages
A Random Utility Model of Trout Fishing in Delaware by Olawole Nasser Yayi - 2007 - 111 pages
A Randomized Algorithm for Cake Cutting by Jaisingh Solanki - 2007 - 57 pages
A Randomized Clinical Trial of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Versus Progressive Relaxation Training in the Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by Michael P. Twohig - 2007 - 181 pages
A Rank-revealing Method for Low Rank Matrices with Updating, Downdating, and Applications by Tsung-Lin Lee - 2007 - 96 pages
A Ray Technique to Calculate the Multiple Reflected and Transmitted Waves in Layered Media by Jeff Sadler - 2007 - 157 pages
A Re-analysis of the Reported Observation of the Lambda-Lambda Hydrogen-4 Hypernucleus: The Experiment E906 BNL-AGS. by Sharmalee Duloki Randeniya - 2007 - 82 pages
A Re-discovery and Re-building of Naga Cultural Values by Inato Yekheto Shikhu - 2007 - 255 pages
A Re-evaluation of Grooved Ware in the Milfield Basin, Northumberland: A Vitrified Foundation by Dana Millson - 2007 - 185 pages
A reabilitação da residência nos centros históricos da América latina by Rosío Fernández Baca Salcedo - 2007 - 261 pages
A Reactive Behavioural Model for Context-aware Semantic Devices by Dr. D. Jose Luis Del Val Roman, Juan Ignacio Vazquez Gomez - 2007 - 362 pages
A Reading Workshop Intervention by Michael Kraft - 2007 - 95 pages
A Real Time Implementation of a Novel Speech Enhancement Scheme Based on a Kalman Filter by Jiefeng Chen - 2007 - 110 pages
A Real-time Model of Attention by William H. Alexander - 2007 - 152 pages
A Reason to Believe: An Empirical Study of Initial Trust Under Conditions of Unknown and Dread Risk in the Perception of Disease by David J. Bechtold - 2007 - 173 pages
A rebelião argentina by Graciela Hopstein - 2007 - 149 pages
A rebelião argentina by Graciela Hopstein - 2007 - 149 pages
A Reconfigurable Processing Unit for Digital Circuit Testing Using Built-in Self-test Techniques by Mohammed Elbadri - 2007 - 104 pages
A Reconstruction of Pollen-stigma Interactions in Basal Angiosperms by Joelle Lyew - 2007 - 101 pages
A Redefined Feminine from Paleolithic to Twenty-first Century Through Children's Literature & Film by Pamela Dee McCombs - 2007 - 192 pages
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