A Case Study Reporting the Impact of an Intensive Literacy Program on Two Students Identified with Behaviour Exceptionalities by Jennifer Susan De Lugt - 2007 - 152 pages
A Case Study: Why Commercial Health and Fitness Facilities Achieve Defined Key Performance Indicators by Edward M. Slover - 2007 - 316 pages
A causa de la noche by José Ramón Capelástegui - 2007 - 319 pages
A causa de la noche by José Ramón Capelástegui - 2007 - 319 pages
A Cenozoic History of the Central Arctic Ocean by Matthew Aaron O'Regan - 2007 - 228 pages
A Centre and an Edge: An Educator's Genealogy of Community Living in North America by Jenna B. Robertson - 2007 - 139 pages
A Century of Air Power Leadership - 2007 - 279 pages
A Century of Black Journalism in Britain by Lionel Morrison - 2007 - 224 pages
A Century of Building South Africa by Paddy Hartdegen - 2007 - 252 pages
A Century of Cement by Stephen D. Tongue - 2007 - 118 pages
A Century of Connectivity at the University of Michigan - 2007 - 35 pages
A Century of Philippine Legislature: 1896-1945 by Manuel D. Duldulao - 2007 - 889 pages
A Century of Philippine Legislature: 1946-2007 by Manuel D. Duldulao - 2007 - 889 pages
A Century of Philippine Legislature: 1946-2007 by Manuel D. Duldulao - 2007 - 889 pages
A Century of Summers by Floride Carpenter - 2007 - 112 pages
A CFD Investigation of Balcony Spill Plumes by Cameron John McCartney - 2007 - 143 pages
A CFD Investigation of Turbulent Buoyant Helium Plumes by William Chung - 2007 - 106 pages
A chacun ses secrets by François-Xavier Beaugrand - 2007 - 314 pages
A Change in Canadian Corporate Governance Philosophy: The Importation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Into Canadian Corporate Governance by Lance William Lineker Bredeson - 2007 - 45 pages
A Characterization of Organic and Inorganic Polymeric Materials by Solid-state NMR. by Jennifer L. Rapp - 2007 - 140 pages
A Characterization of the Functional and Developmental Consequences of Ly-6A.2 Deficiency on B Cells by Morgan Jones - 2007 - 78 pages
A chave de casa by Tatiana Salem Levy - 2007 - 206 pages
A chave do amor by Assis Brasil - 2007 - 342 pages
A Checklist of the Birds of Seychelles - 2007 - 100 pages
A Chemical and Mineralogical Investigation Into the Role of Gram Positive and Gram Negative Sulfate-reducing Bacteria in Iron Sulfide Formation by Lachlan Charles Wandlass MacLean - 2007 - 151 pages
A Chemical Genetic Approach to the Study of Syk and B Cell Antigen Receptor Signaling by Hyunju Oh - 2007 - 146 pages
A Chemical Sensor Design Using a Standard CMOS Process by Kaijian (Jane). Cao - 2007 - 133 pages
A Child Enrolled is a Family Enrolled: Early Childcare Directors' Conceptualizations of Parent Education and Actual Practices by Cindy Kennedy Reedy - 2007 - 234 pages
A Child's Happy Heart by Susan D. Amundson - 2007
A Child's Perception of Parental Involvement and the Effects on Academic Achievement by Vanessa Ricker - 2007 - 47 pages
A Christian Response To Pornography by Shivraj K. Mahendra - 2007 - 77 pages
A Christian Virgil: The Function of Virgilian References in the Writings of Aldhelm by Kevin Patterson - 2007 - 179 pages
A Chronological Study of Experiental Education in the American History Museum by Bettye Alexander Cook - 2007 - 255 pages
A cidade e seus lugares by Flávia Maria de Assis Paula, Lana de Souza Cavalcanti - 2007 - 220 pages
A cidade, a noite e o cronista by Maria Izilda Santos de Matos - 2007 - 189 pages
A Cinematic Dialogue Between Nicaragua and Costa Rica: Shaping a Transnational Cinema Through Filmic Exchanges by Stacy Elaine Lutsch - 2007 - 129 pages
A Cinematic Intifada: Palestinian Cinema and the Challenge to the Dominant Zionist Narrative by Mounir Omar Khoury - 2007 - 116 pages
A Circuit Theoretic Analysis of Phase Noise in Oscillators by Andrew Buschmeier - 2007 - 95 pages
A Circuit-theoretic Approach to Electromagnetic Integral Equations in Discretely Heterogeneous Media by Neil A. Hamlett - 2007 - 337 pages
A City Apart by Emily Greble Balić - 2007 - 840 pages
A City Foreclosed: Mortgage Default, Residential Abandonment, and Property Code Enforcement in Buffalo, New York by Cindy Tyrene Cooper - 2007 - 145 pages
A ciência de deus e o sexo das borboletas by Daniel da Costa - 2007 - 104 pages
A Clamjamfray of Poets by Stanley Roger Green - 2007 - 138 pages
A Class of Spatial Models with Applications to Abundance Prediction by Erin Elizabeth Conlisk - 2007 - 161 pages
A Class of Stable Perturbations for a Minimal Mass Soliton in Three Dimensional Saturated Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations by Jeremy Louis Marzuola - 2007 - 398 pages
A Classification of Real Indecomposable Solvable Lie Algebras of Small Dimension with Codimension One Nilradicals by Alan Reid Parry - 2007 - 214 pages
A Client-server Paradigm for Enhanced Simulation of Power Systems by Tamije Selvy Munian - 2007 - 161 pages
A Climate for Collaborative Care: Translating Quality Improvement Systems Change Into Improved Intermediate Outcomes in Diabetes Patients by John Thomas Billimek - 2007 - 166 pages
A Clinical Decision-making Rule for Mild Head Injury in Children Less Than Three Years Old by Jeanine M. Buchanich - 2007 - 276 pages
A Clinical Prediction Rule for Classifying Postpartum Subjects with Low Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain who Demonstrate Short-term Improvement with Mobilization of the Sacroiliac Joint by Nowall Ali Hassan - 2007 - 186 pages
A Clinical Trial of Motivation-Adaptive Skills-Trauma Resolution (MASTR) Therapy with Conduct Disordered Adolescent Boys by Miroslaw Grygo - 2007 - 301 pages
A Closed Form for the Harmonic-prior Bayes Estimator with Associated Confidence Sets for the Mean of a Multivariate Normal Distribution by JunTian Xu - 2007 - 63 pages
A Closet Full of Sweaters: A Phenomenological Examination of the Use of Therapeutic Metaphor in Mother-preadolescent Daughter Relationships by Elizabeth Northcutt Ruggiero - 2007 - 162 pages
A closeted jester: Abraham Goldfaden between Haskalah ideology and Jewish show business by Donny Inbar - 2007 - 292 pages
A Cluster Analysis of Cross Racial Identity Scale Scores and Their Usefulness in Predicting Levels of Acculturation and Social Distance in the Lives of Black College Students by Shanon Korell - 2007 - 155 pages
A Cluster Analysis of the Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning-Second Edition (WRAML-2). by Thomas M. Atkinson - 2007 - 174 pages
A Cluster Model of Helium-6 and Lithium-6 by Jeremy Robert Armstrong - 2007 - 186 pages
A CMOS APS Image Sensor with Watermarking by Graham Nelson - 2007 - 135 pages
A CMOS Biosensor for Infectious Disease Detection by Turgut Sefket Aytur - 2007 - 83 pages
A CMOS Imager for DNA Detection by Samir Parikh - 2007 - 102 pages
A CMOS Imaging Device for Visual Prosthetics Using On-pixel Gray-scale Erosion for Edge Detection by Duha Jabakhanji - 2007 - 170 pages
A Co-evolutionary Approach to Aerial Combat Games by Eric Chun Yin Ng - 2007 - 63 pages
A Co-operative Web Services Paradigm for Supporting Crawlers by Aravind Chandramouli - 2007 - 121 pages
A Coalescent Analysis for Modeling the Mutation Process in Colorectal Cancer by Hui Zhao - 2007 - 92 pages
A Cobra Grande by Lux Boelitz Vidal - 2007 - 67 pages
A Cognitive Approach to Mandarin Conditionals by Fan-Pei Gloria Yang - 2007 - 508 pages
A Cognitive Model of Algebra Achievement Among Undergraduate College Students by Tammy Daun Tolar - 2007 - 146 pages
A Cognitive Vulnerability Model of Depression for People with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy by Eun-Jeong Lee - 2007 - 140 pages
A cognitive vulnerability model of depression for people with temporal lobe epilepsy by Eun-Jeong Lee, The University of Wisconsin - Madison - 2007 - 140 pages
A Cognitive-behavioral Treatment Program for Body Dysmorphic Disorder by Melissa A. Bordner - 2007 - 99 pages
A Cognitive-experimental Study of Dynamic Mental Representations of Threat in Snake Phobias by Amy Kathleen Bacon - 2007 - 56 pages
A Cognitive-functional Linguistic Approach to EFL Writing Pedagogy by Ye Yuan - 2007 - 279 pages
A Collaborative Journey to Better Music Teaching Through Authentic Assessment and Evaluation: A Narrative Inquiry by F. Joyce Lively - 2007 - 134 pages
A Collaborative Multi-agent System Approach to Postmarketing Surveillance of Unknown Adverse Drug Reactions by Yanqing Ji - 2007 - 199 pages
A Collage Theorem Approach to Solving Inverse Problems for an Economic Resource Model by University of Guelph. Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, Jelena Loncar - 2007 - 129 pages
A Collection of Governess Novels in Nineteenth-century Britain: Amy Herbert by Shigeo Yokoyama - 2007 - 626 pages
A Collection of Interviews with Patrick McGrath by Patrick McGrath, Magali Falco - 2007 - 115 pages
A collection of the most famous Ave Maria by Roberto Manescalchi - 2007 - 50 pages
A Collection: Contemporary Short Stories by Aaron Decker - 2007 - 65 pages
A Collective Case Study Analysis of Evidence-based Practices for Students with Learning Disabilities Included in the General Education Setting by Kimberly Mikell Mathis - 2007 - 241 pages
A Collective Case Study of Pupil Truancy and the Effects Upon Student Behavior Within Academic and Social Contexts by Timothy Shironaka - 2007 - 176 pages
A Colour Atlas of Poultry Diseases by J. L. Vegad - 2007 - 121 pages
A Colourful Encounter: The Complexity of the Relationship Between Politics and Religion in the German Green Party by Rebecca Aechtner - 2007 - 152 pages
A Combinatorial Approach to Genome-wide Ortholog Assignment Via Genome Rearrangement by Zheng Fu - 2007 - 118 pages
A Combinatorial Study of Platinum-based Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Fuel Cells by Arman Bonakdarpour - 2007 - 233 pages
A Combined GPS, Mail-out/mail-back Survey of Commercial Vehicle Movements in Region of Peel by Hip Ning Kwan - 2007 - 149 pages
A Combined Upper and Lower Bound Approach for Finite-element Modeling of Ductile Fracture by Cliff Butcher - 2007 - 131 pages
A Commentary on the Homeric Hymn to Hermes by Athanassios Vergados - 2007 - 838 pages
A Common Rationality - 2007 - 520 pages
A Communication Model of Employee Cynicism Toward Organizational Change by Yuxia Qian - 2007 - 161 pages
A Communication Perspective of Alcoholism Recovery: Narratives of Success by Kathryn Grace Arlen - 2007 - 169 pages
A Communication Perspective on Critical Pedagogy in Professional and Management Education: A Cross Cultural Look Into Self-serving Constructions of Everyday Problematic Events by Thomas J. Yannuzzi - 2007 - 117 pages
A Communicative Theory of Leadership Practice by Kathryn Ann Gaines - 2007 - 191 pages
A Community Coalition Prevention Program: The Long-term Effects on Youths' Self-esteem and Illegal Substance Use by Maria A. Minor - 2007 - 204 pages
A Community College Cooperative Work Experience Program Evaluation by Melissa Coombs - 2007 - 98 pages
A community of readers by Roberta Alexander, Jan Lombardi - 2007 - 588 pages
A Community Risk Assessment of San Diego's Foster Care System by Cinthya Guzman - 2007 - 47 pages
A community-based parish nurse intervention program for Mexican American women iwth gestational diabetes by Sherri Garber Mendelson - 2007 - 248 pages
A Community-based Parish Nurse Intervention Program for Mexican-American Women with Gestational Diabetes by Sherri Garber Mendelson - 2007 - 124 pages
A Community-based Social Marketing Campaign to Green the Offices at Pacific University: Recycling, Paper Reduction and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing by Elaine Janet Cole - 2007 - 214 pages
A Compact Fully On-chip Impedance Spectroscopy System by Daniel J. Rairigh - 2007 - 116 pages
A Companion to E.M. Forster by Sunil Kumar Sarker - 2007 - 328 pages
A Companion to E.M. Forster by Sunil Kumar Sarker - 2007 - 368 pages
A Companion To Tantra by S.C. Banerji - 2007 - 345 pages
A Companion To Tantra by S.C. Banerji - 2007 - 345 pages
A Comparative Analysis of Academic Achievements of Athletes and Non-athletes in a Selected Georgia High School by Justin Wayne White - 2007 - 129 pages
A Comparative Analysis of Atypical and Typical Spelling Abilities by Christine M. Scott - 2007 - 131 pages
A Comparative Analysis of Band Contest Practices in Ten Different States Across the Nation by Jimmy Gonzalez - 2007 - 73 pages
A Comparative Analysis of Developing Countries and Their Progress Toward Universal Primary Education by Brad Tennant - 2007 - 102 pages
A Comparative Analysis of Emergent Complexity and Process Thought Identifying and Assessing Areas of Conflict by Cheryl Linda Genet - 2007 - 185 pages
A Comparative Analysis of Integrated Water Resources Management Approaches in Selected Sites in Nova Scotia and Ontario, Canada by Laura C. Cervoni - 2007 - 131 pages
A Comparative Analysis of Islamic Home Mortgage Models in U.S. and Canada: A Case for Improvement of the Canadian Model by Sajjad Hotiana - 2007 - 76 pages
A Comparative Analysis of Mexican and Yugoslavian Immigrants and Refugees by Lana Djuric - 2007 - 84 pages
A Comparative Analysis of the Perceptions of Department Success Between Department Chairs and Faculty at a South Texas College in the Lower Rio Grande Valley by Morteza Abbassi - 2007 - 162 pages
A Comparative Analysis of Two Art Teacher Preparation Programs by Yu Min Lin - 2007 - 67 pages
A Comparative and Analytic Study of the Choral Works of Luciano Berio by Lucyanne Marie Georger - 2007 - 221 pages
A Comparative Case Study of a Traditional and a Non-traditional High School in the South Texas Region by Scott Henry Norris - 2007 - 158 pages
A Comparative Case Study of Two Middle School Principals Intending to Meet the Needs of Adolescents by Fostering Resilience-promoting Practices by Lynette Busceme - 2007 - 181 pages
A Comparative Fault Diagnosis Methodology Based on Time Series Analysis of System's Signals by Hany Fouad Bassily - 2007 - 142 pages
A Comparative Historical, Legal and Policy Analysis of Informal and Formal Money Transfer Systems by Charles A. Oswald - 2007 - 248 pages
A Comparative Investigation of a Ground and Air Launch of LEO-bound Microsatellites by Michael Labib - 2007 - 156 pages
A Comparative Investigation of a Sample of Illinois High School Discipline Codes of Conduct and Teacher Responses to Covert and Overt Aggression by Maya Kelly - 2007 - 98 pages
A Comparative Investigation of Parental Psychological Control Perceived by African American and European American Adolescents by Yasuko Yamamoto Landrum - 2007 - 120 pages
A Comparative Law Analysis of U.S. Judicial Assistance by Anna Conley - 2007 - 112 pages
A Comparative Legal Analysis of State Constitutional Autonomy Provisions for Public Colleges and Universities by Neal H. Hutchens - 2007 - 230 pages
A Comparative Serial Analysis of Cardiac Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Function in Rats Subjected to Pressure Or Volume Overload by Danijel Juric - 2007 - 104 pages
A Comparative Study Between Superintendent and School Board Views of the Competencies Necessary in Managing Successful School Districts by Roseanne Koch Meyer - 2007 - 198 pages
A Comparative Study for the Effects of a Supplemental Reading Program on Eighth-grade Students' Reading Comprehension Growth by Russell Alan Conrath - 2007 - 82 pages
A Comparative Study of Bon Religion of Ancient Tibet with Donyi-Polo Faith of the Adis of Arunachal Pradesh by Bani Danggen - 2007 - 97 pages
A Comparative Study of Burnout and Burnout Predictors in American and Dutch Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals by Sonja Rizzolo - 2007 - 281 pages
A Comparative Study of Clustering and Classification Algorithms by Shuqing Huang - 2007 - 117 pages
A Comparative Study of College Students' Musical Aptitude and Musical Preference in the United States and Taiwan by Jui-Ching Wang - 2007 - 266 pages
A Comparative Study of DC-DC Converters' Effects on the Output Characteristics of Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells and Nickel Cadmium Batteries by Florian Misoc - 2007 - 230 pages
A Comparative Study of Early Reading Achievement Using DIBELS Assessment by Sharon Ann Eagles - 2007 - 139 pages
A Comparative Study of Flotation of Stockpile Fines from Mining of a Nickel-copper Sulphide Ore by Balakrishnan Nanthakumar - 2007 - 373 pages
A Comparative Study of Fortification Developments Throughout the Maya Region and Implications of Warfare by Marisol Cortes Rincon - 2007 - 433 pages
A Comparative Study of James Bugental and Irvin Yalom, Two Masters of Existential Psychotherapy by Orah Tamar Krug - 2007 - 196 pages
A comparative study of national integrity systems in 5 southern African countries - 2007 - 399 pages
A Comparative Study of Pain Intensity, Information Seeking and Adjustment to Prostate Cancer in Japanese American and European American Men by Mildred Ortu Kowalski - 2007 - 242 pages
A Comparative Study of Performance Measurement in Korean Local Governments Using Data Envelopment Analysis and Stochastic Frontier Analysis by Dong Jin Lim - 2007 - 188 pages
A Comparative Study of Quadmesh Compression for Touma-Gotsman and Spirale Reversi Schemes by Demin Yin - 2007 - 147 pages
A Comparative Study of Recasts and Metalinguistic Feedback Through Computer Mediated Communication on the Development of L2 Knowledge and Production Accuracy by Shannon Sauro - 2007 - 188 pages
A Comparative Study of Second Molar Impaction Rates in Patients Treated with and Without Lip Bumper Therapy by Shawn LeMert - 2007 - 43 pages
A Comparative Study of Self-perceived Leadership Skills in Coeducational, Male-only, and Female-only Educational Settings by Michael E. Caudle - 2007 - 142 pages
A Comparative Study of Shareholders' Derivative Actions by Xiaoning Li, Xiaoning Li (Ph.D.) - 2007 - 370 pages
A Comparative Study of Student Achievement Between Traditional Calendar Schools and Year-round Schools in Indiana by Robert Joseph Evans - 2007 - 149 pages
A Comparative Study of the Characteristics of Registered Sexual Offenders who Have Registered as a Sexual Offender from 1994 Through 2005 with the Sheriff's Department in Buchanan County, Missouri by William D. Puett - 2007 - 5 pages
A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Three Middle Schools in a Pennsylvania School District Designated as "making Progress". by Teresa Lee Powell - 2007 - 195 pages
A Comparative Study of the Effects of Environment on Preoperative Anxiety and Pain Levels and Postoperative Outcomes in an Outpatient Population by Marsha L. Harbin - 2007 - 115 pages
A Comparative Study of the Effects of Explicit-inductive/cooperative Instruction Versus Explicit-deductive/individualistic Instruction on the Second Language Acquisition of English Relative Clauses in Korean University-level EFL Learners by Jong-Won Kim - 2007 - 279 pages
A Comparative Study of the Functional Morphology and Ecology of Insectivory in Hummingbirds by Gregory Michael Yanega - 2007 - 295 pages
A Comparative Study of the Influence of Failure Classes, Failure Severity, and the Effectiveness of Recovery Effort on Recovery Satisfaction and Consequent Customer Loyalty in the Casual Dining Restaurant Segment in the U.S.: An Application of Justice Theory by Yung-Hui Chu - 2007 - 293 pages
A Comparative Study of the Level of Self-esteem Experienced Between Students from an Adlerian Education Program and a Traditional Education Program by Roberto Amato - 2007 - 131 pages
A Comparative Study of the Reactivity of Brook and Couret Silenes: Alkyne and Aldehyde Addition by Kaarina K. Milnes - 2007 - 203 pages
A Comparative Study of the Reproductive Biology and Age Distribution of House Flies (Musca Domestica) on Dairies in Southern California, Minnesota, and Georgia by Sarah Margaret Butler - 2007 - 188 pages
A Comparative Study of the Terrestrial Fauna of Abandoned Mines and Caves in a Carbonate Terrain by Michael E. Slay - 2007 - 115 pages
A Comparative Study of Three-implant Supported Fixed Dentures and Two-implant Retained Overdentures in Edentulous Mandible: Treatment Efficacy and Patient Satisfaction by Kuang-Han Chang - 2007 - 58 pages
A Comparative Study of Traditional Lecture Methods and Interactive Lecture Methods in Introductory Geology Courses for Non-science Majors at the College Level by Stacey A. Hundley - 2007 - 141 pages
A Comparative Study on HIV-related Knowledge, Attitude, and HIV High Risk Behavior Among Kenyan and American University Students by Wilfrida H. A. Olaly - 2007 - 130 pages
A Comparative Study on Ontology Generation and Text Clustering Using VSM, LSI, and Document Ontology Models by William P. Taylor (II.) - 2007 - 58 pages
A Comparative Study on the Design of 2.4 GHz VCOs in a 0.13 Micron CMOS Process by Han-Ting Hank Lii - 2007 - 76 pages
A Comparative Surface Study of 3rd Molar Enamel from Different Subjects by Maria Fernanda Orellana - 2007 - 118 pages
A Comparison and Contrast of the History of Christianity as it Developed in Cappadocia and Armenia During the First Five Centuries AD. by Judy H. Henzel - 2007 - 223 pages
A Comparison Between Numerically Calculated and Formula Based Scattering Coefficients for Anisotropic Media by Ayman Suleiman - 2007 - 125 pages
A Comparison Between the Two Works for Flute, Viola, and Harp by Toru Takemitsu and Claude Debussy: Influences of Debussy on Takemitsu and Similarities Between the Two Composers by Shuri Okajima - 2007 - 126 pages
A Comparison of Aboveground and Belowground Community Succession Along a Proglacial Chronosequence in Kenai Fjords, Alaska by Lindsey A. Flagstad - 2007 - 134 pages
A Comparison of Agent Paradigms for Resource Management in Distributed Sensor Networks by Anish Anthony - 2007 - 143 pages
A Comparison of an Individually Tailored and a Standardized Asthma Self-management Education Program by Judy A. Shackelford - 2007 - 172 pages
A Comparison of Autonomous and Collaborative Models in Computer-mediated Communication by Bruce Christopher Phillips - 2007 - 118 pages
A Comparison of Black and White Professors' Engagement in the Service Component of Faculty Work by Kelli Elizabeth Palmer - 2007 - 382 pages
A Comparison of Canine Behaviour During Obedience Training Classes Using Reward Or Correction Based Training Methods by Nathan J. Penny, University of Guelph. Dept. of Population Medicine - 2007 - 105 pages
A Comparison of Class Diagram Construction at Three Different Phases of Compilation by Robert R. Bailey (III.) - 2007 - 34 pages
A comparison of climate prediction and simulation over tropical Pacific by Vasubandhu Misra, Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies - 2007 - 16 pages
A Comparison of Cognitive Autonomy in Adolescents from a Residential Treatment Center and a Traditional Public High School by Matthew Laurence Reiser - 2007 - 75 pages
A Comparison of Discounting Parameters Obtained Through Two Different Adjusting Procedures: Bisection and Up-down by Thomas Anatol da Rocha Woelz - 2007 - 41 pages
A Comparison of Early Reading Outcomes and Program Costs in Four Primary Reading Programs for Improved Decision-making by Brian David Gander - 2007 - 189 pages
A Comparison of Educational Reform in the Provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador and Alberta: A Document Analysis of the North American Economic Business Model and Its Effect on Education Reform in Newfoundland and Labrador and Alberta by Dennis E. Yabsley - 2007 - 76 pages
A Comparison of EEG Source Localization Algorithms by John Philip Bruce Russell - 2007 - 104 pages
A Comparison of Estimation Methods when an Interaction is Omitted from a Multilevel Model by Lauren Terhorst - 2007 - 121 pages
A Comparison of Explicit and Implicit Interventions to Teach a Novel Grammatical Marking to Children with Language Impairment by Lizbeth H. Finestack - 2007 - 156 pages
A Comparison of First-time Gateway Mathematics Test-takers: Is the Seventh Grade TCAP Mathematics Achievement Test a Predictor of Proficiency on the Gateway Mathematics Test? by Emily Black Barbee - 2007 - 96 pages
A Comparison of Free and Commercial Sample Size Software Programs by Mussie Angesom Tesfamicael - 2007 - 82 pages
A Comparison of Generalized Linear Model, Two-part Model, and Finite Mixture Model in the Estimation of Healthcare Utilization and Expenditures for Obese Individuals by Adriana Valderrama - 2007 - 155 pages
A Comparison of Habitual Pitch and Optimum Pitch in Preschool-aged Children by Katie Micco - 2007 - 69 pages
A Comparison of Intensity Modulated X-ray Therapy to Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy for the Delivery of Non-uniform Dose Distributions by Ryan Flynn - 2007 - 125 pages
A comparison of intensity modulated x-ray therapy to intensity modulated proton therapy for the delivery of non-uniform dose distributions by Ryan Flynn - 2007 - 125 pages
A Comparison of Item Response Theory True Score Equating and Item Response Theory-based Local Equating by Robert R. Keller (III.) - 2007 - 106 pages
A Comparison of Jean Francaix's "Sonatine" and "Prelude, Sarabande, Et Gigue". by Kevin William Miller - 2007 - 49 pages
A Comparison of Kernel Equating and IRT True Score Equating Methods by Kelly Elizabeth Godfrey - 2007 - 191 pages
A comparison of leafhopper, butterfly, and skipper species richness on prairie restorations and remnants in south central Wisconsin by Ruth Elizabeth Kearley - 2007 - 161 pages
A Comparison of Linear Versus Spiral Multiple Exemplar Instruction on Derived Abstracted Textual Responses of Preschool Children by Amy Jeanne Prager - 2007 - 145 pages
A Comparison of Methods to Teach Visual-visual Discriminations and Auditory-visual Discriminations to Children with Autism by Carole Marion - 2007 - 102 pages
A Comparison of Model Checking Tools for Service Oriented Architectures by Raghava Venkat - 2007 - 130 pages
A Comparison of Morphemic Analysis and Whole Word Meaning Instruction on Sixth-grade Students' Knowledge of Prefixes, Taught Words, and Transfer Words by Donna M. Talerico - 2007 - 122 pages
A Comparison of Morris' "News from Nowhere" and Life in the Twin Oaks Community by Royce Clifton Garner - 2007 - 38 pages
A Comparison of Nonparametric and Robust Tests of Predictor Subsets in the General Linear Model by Timothy M. Hess - 2007 - 409 pages
A Comparison of Nurse Sensitive Outcomes of an Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit and a Regular Inpatient Medical Unit by Sharon Stahl Wexler - 2007 - 166 pages
A Comparison of Online Instruction and In-class Instruction as Related to Graduate Students' Achievement, Attitudes, and Learning-style Preferences by Gina Cicco - 2007 - 122 pages
A Comparison of Parent Versus Self-perceptions of Social Skills Abilities in Children and Adolescents with High-functioning Autism (HFA) and Aspergers (AS) Syndrome by Nisha D. Kavalam - 2007 - 78 pages
A Comparison of Perinatal Care Providers' Use of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Standardized Terminology in Documentation of Intrapartal Fetal Heart Rate Patterns by Faye M. Sigman - 2007 - 112 pages
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