Ęsop's little fable book

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Page 34 - ... wherefore upon flying abroad to look for food, she left this charge with them, that they should take notice what they heard talked of in her absence, and tell her of it when she came back again.
Page 17 - Now as they were jogging on together, the wolf spied a crease in the dog's neck, and, having a strange curiosity, could not forbear asking him what it meant. " Pugh ! nothing," says the dog. " Nay, but pray," says the wolf.
Page 37 - The Ass in the Lion's Skin. An Ass, finding the skin of a Lion, put it on: and going into the woods and pastures, threw all the flocks and herds into a terrible consternation. At last, meeting his owner, he would have frightened him also; but the good man seeing his long ears stick out, presently knew him, and with a good cudgel made him sensible, that, notwithstanding his being dressed in a Lion's skin, he was no more than an Ass.
Page 6 - Sirrah, says he, if it was not you, it was your father, and that is all one.
Page 10 - Therefore he that catches at more than belongs to him, justly deserves to lose what he has ; yet nothing is more common, and, at the same time, more pernicious, than this selfish principle. It prevails from the king to the peasant ; and all orders and degrees of men are, more or less, infected with it. Great monarchs have been drawn in, by this greedy humour, to grasp at the dominions of their neighbours ; not that they wanted anything more to feed their luxury, but to gratify their insatiable appetite...
Page 12 - The Crow, tickled with this very civil language, nestled and wriggled about, and hardly knew where she was; but thinking the Fox a little dubious as to the particular of her voice, and having a mind to set him right in that matter, began to sing, and in the same instant, let the cheese drop out of her mouth. This being what the Fox wanted, he chopped it up in a moment, and trotted away, laughing to himself at the easy credulity of the crow.
Page 46 - THE CROW AND THE PITCHER. A Crow, ready to die with thirst, flew with joy to a Pitcher which he beheld at some distance. When he came, he [found water in it indeed, but so near the bottom, that with all his stooping and straining, he was not able to reach it.
Page 22 - ... at last, by the effect of years, became feeble and unserviceable. However, being in the field one day, when the Stag was almost run down, he happened to be the first that came in with him, and seized him by one of his haunches; but his decayed and broken teeth not being able to keep their hold...
Page 66 - ONE hot sultry summer, the lakes and ponds being almost every where dried up, a couple of Frogs agreed to travel together in search of water. At last they came to a deep well, and sitting upon the brink of it, began to consult, whether they should leap in or no. One of them was for it ; urging, that there was plenty of clear spring water, and no danger of being disturbed. Well...
Page 10 - A DOG, crossing a little rivulet with a piece of flesh in his mouth, saw his own shadow represented in the clear mirror of the limpid stream ; and, believing it to be another dog, who was carrying another piece of flesh, he could not forbear catching at it ; but...

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