fs dammm: a series of conversations at Jerusalem between a patriarch of the Greek Church and a chief rabbi of the Jews, concerning the malicious charge against the Jews of using Christian blood

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Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1841 - History - 208 pages
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Page 15 shows how the Damascus Affair introduced Blood Libel (a Christian slander against Jews) to the Arab World:
"...with all that the Mooslimin and Hindoos allege against our creed as motives
for their ill-treatment, there has never been an instance of Mooslimin or Hindoos accusing the Israelites of committing murder for the purpose of obtaining human blood to use in their religious ceremonies."
Today, we even see Arab television shows based on the slanderous charge of blood libel. This shows how these concepts are relatively recent in the Islamic world.

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