Über politisch-satirische Gedichte aus der schottischen Reformationszeit, Volume 8

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W. Braumüller, 1898 - Satire, Scottish - 96 pages
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Page 66 - And than in Latine leid I think to spred My veirsis prompt in style Rethoricall...
Page 13 - God shall bee his judge, not pertiallie", and which he has produced solely in compliance with the earnest and repeated solicitations of influential friends. " I had not compiled this tragidye, as iustlie I may terme it", he writes, "yf some my contremen, resolved of muche better then I can or ought conceyve of my selffe, by there sundrye letters and meanes entreated me to wryte what I sawe, w...
Page 86 - Avail, prevail, destroy the block, That vurkis thir Turkis aganis the in mirk, That we may sing thy Prayse benigne, To the condigne, Our Lord and King.
Page 71 - And argumentis sawin full of sophistrye, Thare Logick, and thare heych opinionis, Thare dirk jugementis of Astronomye, Thare Medecyne, and thare Philosophye ; Latt Poetis schaw thare glorious ingyne, As ever thay pleis, in Greik or in Latyne ; Bot lat us haif the Bukis necessare To Commoun weill and our Salvatioun Justlye translatit in our toung Vulgare.
Page 44 - Ane Cloik thay gif me of authoritie. Authoritie (alaik) na les thay mene, For thay desyre neuer to se thair Quene ; Bot that thay may in hir Name bruik offices, With power to cleik vp the benefices. Nane I excuse on ather syde ; for quhy Ilk ane his awin hous seikis to edify, And nane dois cair for Commounweill ane prene.
Page 13 - ... wealthe. I, therfore, in the presence of God and by my allegens to my Soveraign, affirme trewlye and advisedlye, that I never wrote booke agaynste her, or gave my consent or advise to anye that ever was wrytten, nor at this hower do knowe of anye that ever was set forthe to her defamation or dyshonour, or yet ever lyked of anye suche that ever dyd the lyke.
Page 5 - ... necessity of strong rods in order to it : the business being such as requires persons so qualified : no other being sufficient for, or well capable of the government of public societies : and, therefore, those public societies are miserable that have not such strong rods for sceptres to rule, Eccles. x. 16. "Wo to thee, O land, when thy king is a child.
Page viii - Gedichte, die James Cranstoun 1891 und 1893 unter dem Titel „Satirical Poems of the Time of the Reformation" in zwei Doppelbänden für die Scottish Text Soeiety herausgegeben hat.
Page vi - ... 398-412. Amours. Scottish Alliterative Poems. 1897. A Short History of Modern English Literature. By Edmund Gosse. London : William Heinemann. 1898. 8vo. Wiener Beitrage zur Englischen Philologie Unter Mitwirkung von Dr. K. Luick, und Dr. A. Pogatscher Herausgegeben von Dr. J. Schipper. VIII. Band. Uber Politisch-Satirische Gedichte aus der Schottischen Reformationszeit von Franz Wollmann, Dr. Phil. (Wien). Wien und Leipzig : Wilhelm Braumiiller. 1898. 8vo. Scottish Vernacular Literature : A...

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