100 Reasons Why Realtor, Ed Remus Could Not Get Married: Finding Charity

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I have worked in the broadcasting and real estate industries and enjoyed both. I met a lot of people, had my ups and downs and in the end managed to laugh at myself and with others.

There are joke, anecdote and amusing story books about the broadcasting industry. I could write about my experiences as a radio/TV announcer but feel broadcasting has already been adequately covered by other writers but not the real estate industry. In Finding Charity I hope you and your friends will enjoy reading with hours of smiles, chuckles and old fashioned belly laughs. Whenever I appear as a guest on radio or TV talk-show the host often invites me to 'stay a little longer' as listeners and viewers jam the phone lines with material. It seems that each humorous incident happened in their town, to them or a friend.

Many theories exist about what humour is and what social function it serves. I found that people of all ages and cultures respond to humour. The majority of people are able to be amused, to laugh or to smile at something funny and thus they are considered to have "a sense of humour." Science proves that laughter heals. Sometime a sense of humour is a requisite for long-term survival in the real estate industry. After you have read Finding Charity I do not take responsibility for a cardiac arrest.

I have tried to give credit wherever possible but jokes, anecdotes and amusing stories generally and now with cyberspace technology sweep the world so swiftly that it is often impossible to discover who put the story into public print first, let alone who actually originated it. I had fun in planning Finding Charity and to all those whom I interrupted with "I already got that one," I apologize. I'm particularly grateful to my wife Teofista for planting the idea in writing Finding Charity.

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