101 Questions & Answers about AM, FM, and SSB

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H. W. Sams, 1972 - FM broadcasting - 96 pages

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Part OneAM
x1 What is meant by amplitude modulation?

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Common terms and phrases

a-m detector a-m receiver a-m signal a-m transmitter across R1 af modulating signal AF OUTPUT amateur radio amplitude amplitude modulation antenna audio automatic automatic frequency control automatic gain control band broadcast band broadcast stations BUFFER AMPLIFIER cable television CAFM capacitor carrier frequency carrier signal cascaded limiter cathode channels circuit Citizens-band coaxial cable continuous wave control grid conventional a-m Courtesy crystal-controlled dc voltage demodulator DEMULTIPLEXER developed across deviation deviation ratio diode diode detector division modulation dsb-sc equipment example fm broadcast fm demodulator fm radio fm receiver fm signal fm station fm-stereo frequency deviation frequency modulation frequency multiplier grid of V1 grid-leak detector Handie-Talkie herent heterodyne However i-f amplifier stage i-f signal i-f transformer independent sideband intermediate frequency klystron tube Lee de Forest limiter stages linear amplifier Lloyd Espenschied local oscillator LOW-PASS FILTER lower sideband microwave MIXER mobile radio mobile radio services monaurally Morse code multiplexing narrowband negative noise pulses operate oscillator frequency oscilloscope OUTPUT Fig output signal overmodulation peak envelope power PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY pentode phase modulator pilot signal plate current point X power output product detector programs pulse code modulation quency radio spectrum radiotelephone reactance receiver employing resistor rf amplifier rf carrier rf gain rf input signal rf power rf power amplifier rf signal selectivity filter shown in Fig signal causes signal is fed Simplified block diagram single sideband ssb receiver ssb signal ssb transmitter stereophonic subcarrier SUBCARRIER MODULATOR Subsidiary Communications Authorization superheterodyne receiver suppressed carrier telegraph key telephone teletype teletypewriter tetrode Tone signal transceiver transformer T1 transmitters employ triode tube tuned unmodulated upper sideband varactor variable-frequency oscillator varies voltage at point volts walkie-talkie

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