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Fearless Books, Sep 23, 2011 - Religion
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"A Course in Miracles" (ACIM) is one of the most profound and provocative spiritual teachings of modern times. It can also be quite difficult to comprehend, especially for beginners. In this accessible and easily understood guide, veteran ACIM teacher Gene Skaggs, Jr. answers one hundred and one common questions that students have about the Course.

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1 How should I go about studying the Course?
2 Can you expand on miracle principle number one?
3 I dont understand why there are car accidents plane crashes etc If there are accidents then there must be things happening to us beyond our control
5 Explain in detail the different levels found in the Course
7 Can you explain forgiveness from a Course perspective? My definition just doesnt seem to fit with what the Course is saying
8 The Course states that God doesnt forgive us My Christian upbringing taught me that He does Please solve this conflict for me
52 What happens after we die? Even more specifically what happens between incarnations?
54 What is the proper use of the body according to the Course?
56 Why does Jesus quote the Bible and then reinterpret what is said especially early in the Text? I believe that it is never mentioned in the Workbook...
57 I have been involved in a Twelve Step program I have found it and the Course to be compatible Am I correct in this assumption?
59 Why does the Course constantly switch from our relationship with God to our relationships with our brothers and sisters? Is there a difference bet...
60 I have a background in psychology Does the Course refer to a superego?
62 I am in a difficult romantic relationship How do I know whether I should stay in the relationship or if I should leave?
63 The Course talks about an ego form of love which I assume is called special love It also refers to a spiritual love that I believe is called a holy relat...

10 The Course appears to state that if I say I want the peace of God then I can have the peace of God In my darkest hour I truly have seemed to want...
11 Often when I am in a dispute with a coworker I feel that I lose the peace of God How can I begin to invite God into this relationship so that healin...
13 I am very new to the Course but I keep seeing the words cause and effect They seem to be very important so could you explain them to me?
14 Why do I choose to stay in my ego?
16 What gives the ego its power?
18 I feel inadequate trying to explain the Course to friends when they ask It seems the more I talk the more I need to explain what I have just said Co...
20 When should the Course be introduced to children?
The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but that it is too low and we reach it
23 Can God forgive someone like Adolf Hitler?
24 In studying the Course my perfection issues seem to raise their ugly heads I dont seem to be able to do the Workbook lessons properly Help
26 What is the effect of my seeing more and more common elements in the situations in my life?
28 The Course uses psychological terms Does this mean that you have to have this type of background to understand the Courses principles?
29 Does the Course mention the Second Coming?
Lord make me an instrument of Your Peace Where there is hatred let me sow love Where there is injury pardon Where there is despair hope Where t...
32 How does the Course view angels?
34 I personally feel that there are many problems in my life Why does the Course keep saying that there is only one problem?
35 Since the title of the book is A Course in Miracles the concept of a miracle must be integral to understanding the Course Please give me the Course...
36 What does the Course say about organized religions?
38 Is there any additional material received by Helen Schucman that is not found in A Course in Miracles?
40 How does the Course view homosexuality?
42 In the three steps of forgiveness step two entails looking at ones unresolved issues How long should one look at these feelings?
43 How can I know if I have forgiven someone?
44 I am having trouble with my spouse Shes not involved with the Course and is not very spiritual With that in mind does it take two people to forgi...
45 The Course uses the words mind training and being vigilant Those kinds of words scare me Please clarify what is meant by the use of these terms
46 What is the origin of guilt?
48 Can you explain what the Course means by meaningless thoughts? I think that all my thoughts have meaning
There is a law in philosophy that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be and if you keep and hold that picture there long en...
51 Why is gratitude so good for healing the illusion of separation? Does God want our thanks and gratitude? If so why?
64 Does the Course want us to take sides on issues of the world? Does it have a view on moral issues?
66 I have just recently started studying the Course Now my life seems to have more problems than before I started studying the book Am I doing so...
67 What is the Courses definition of hell?
69 How does the Course view someone who has psychic powers?
70 If life on earth is an illusion why are we here?
71 How do I help someone who thinks that only material things will make him happy?
73 Describe how the Course has impacted your life
75 Can you explain the differences between a sin and a mistake?
77 How can I know if I have truly forgiven someone?
79 What does the Course mean when it refers to lies of the serpent?
81 What is the Courses view on sex?
83 Does God make us sick to teach us lessons?
84 Im having a difficult time raising my teenage son Does the Course give any guidance on raising teenagers?
86 How can one vote while practicing A Course in Miracles?
88 If the Course states that we are not a body and that we are sustained by the Love of God why do we need to eat and take care of the body?
89 How does the Course define judgment?
The love of God Unutterable and perfect Flows into a pure soul The way that light Rushes into a transparent object
91 The Course doesnt seem to be written in any logical order as far as its teaching is concerned especially the Text and the Workbook Could you hel...
93 Discuss briefly the Courses view of time
94 How does the Course deal with the concept of the devil or of evil forces?
95 What does accepting the Atonement for myself mean? The Course refers to that often enough to have me take note
97 The Course talks about death as the laying down of the body but it also seems at times to be referring to our ego thoughts Could you shed some cl...
99 Am I a miracle?
100 Why cant I hear the voice of the Holy Spirit?
Great is the overflow of Divine Love which is never still but ceaselessly and tirelessly pours forth so that our little vessel is filled to the brim and over...
Forgiveness Analytical or Elegant

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