101 Stories for You and Me: Stories That Will Enrich Your Mind, Purify Your Heart and Rekindle Your Soul

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New You Books, May 1, 2005 - Self-Help - 196 pages
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This book is about of metal cut-off processes mainly for the big rolled and other products from stainless steels with using of cold circular segmental saws.

The main objective of this book is to define and analyze the geometrical parameters of stainless chip (external and internal its diameters, number of chip wraps and clearance between these wraps, and also its width and thickness)  which  formed in cutting processes.  The topics presented in this book have been organized into 8 chapters. The chapter one presents chip-formation in cut-off processes. The chapter two shows the main characteristics of polygon distribution for stainless chip. In chapter three is shown the functional oriented graph in evaluation of geometrical parameters for stainless chip. In chapter four is given the applied statistics in evaluation of correlation between two parameters of stainless chip. In chapter five is shown the correlation between three parameters of stainless chip for internal and external diameters and other parameters of stainless chip. In chapter six is shown the multiple regression analysis for external diameter of stainless chip in dependence from some general its parameters. In chapter seven is shown the multiple regression analysis for internal diameter of stainless chip in dependence from some its parameters. In chapter eight is given the multiple regression analysis of the main parameters of stainless chip and shown the empirical formula for calculation of external and internal diameters of stainless chip in dependence from other its parameters.

And besides were evaluated many functions characterizing these dependencies  on the main parameters of stainless chip in question of  finally definition regression model( linear or non-linear ) on the basis  using such  statistical characteristics as  coefficient determination, coefficient of correlation, standard deviation, minimization of the mean square error (min MSE) and  minimization of the mean absolute deviation (min MAD)  for each given function.  This book is intended for use in industry, government, professional in business and also by the students of undergraduate or graduate level.


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When The Scales Stood Still 11
Learn From The Mullah 14
Is God Dead? 15
Where Is Your Home? 17
The Secret Of Raja lanak 19
The Faith Of A Blind Woman 20
Are You Undergoing Surgery? 22
An Ever Open Door 23
There Is None But He 97
53 Come Let Us Pray 101
Saints Do Not Complain 103
Are You Brave Enough? 105
The Girl Who Spoke Harsh Words 106
Not Even A Needle 109
Let Go Let God m
Edison Starts Afresh 112

How Much Flesh Do You Need? 25
A Husband And His Wife 26
The Good You Do Returns 27
Satyakama 29
Bitten By A Crocodile 33
The Unstrung Bow 34
The Devil Goes Out Of Business 35
The Girl Who Was Not Afraid Of Death 37
How Rich Are You? 39
The Evil You Do Stays 41
Boomerang 43
When Chuang Tzru Lost His Wife 44
Have Need Of You 47
Cleanse Your Windows 48
Four Rules Of Life 49
Delays Are Not Denials 51
What The World Needs Is Love 53
The Patience Of Purna 54
God Loves The Benevolent 57
The Richest Treasure 58
The Saintly Merchant 60
Sweet Wounds 61
Where Is God? 63
A Date With Death 65
Let Not The Child Fan Off 66
The Prophet And The Priest 69
Who Built The Cathedral? 71
Why Suffering? 72
Such People Still Exist 75
The Simplest Way To God 76
Let God In 79
Dinku And Her Dog 81
What Does God Need? 83
Of What Are You Afraid? 85
Music At Midnight 87
Break The Habit 88
God Works Through A Butterfly 91
Dont Throw Me On The ScrapHeap 93
Prayer Is Not That Easy 94
If You Would Be Happy 95
The Will Divine 113
The Song Of A Captive King 115
What Will You Give To Your Uncle? 117
Love And Laugh 119
Patience Thy Name Is Abu 121
Which Did God Believe? 123
AH Because Of The Smoke 125
Make The Circle Move 127
The Fearless Swami 129
Why Was Radha Dear To The Lord? 131
What Next? 135
Blessed Are The Humble 136
The Old Man With An Oil Can 139
Faith Buys A Ticket 141
Learn Of Me 143
The Miracle Of Love 144
Need No Longer Be 145
ILuvU 147
A Touching Tale 150
Why Should I Be Afraid? 153
Down Went The Professor 155
Whom Do You Love The Most? 157
Miracles Still Do Happen 158
The Little Boy Who Made The Biggest Sacrifice 161
The Telegram That Was Answered 162
Give Give Give Now 165
The Costly Ring 167
How To Handle Your Handicaps 169
Know Thyself 170
Is Papa At The Helm? 171
Total Surrender 175
The True Lover 176
The Buddha And The Young Men 177
The Third Is Allah 180
The Shirt Is A Shirt 182
What The Bhikkhu Learnt 183
Had You lust Told Me 185
Banish Your Blues 188
Begin With The Child 191

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