11 Through 20... the Next Ten Commandments

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AuthorHouse, 2010 - Humor - 108 pages
This book outlines what the author believes to be ten important issues or concepts that merit discussion or at least some thought. Some are not new ideas by any stretch of the imagination, but may have been glossed over, over reported or covered and debated so much they may have lost their luster and are worth polishing up for a fresh roll in the brain. The others you will find enlightening if you happen to find yourself in "violation" for lack of a better word. Now with a new official title of "Commandment," perhaps some older but still relevant concepts may be revived and repaired and the new ideas understood and accepted. Let's face it; it's tough to get a new idea across anyone these days! But when it's a commandment... well how can you say no to a commandment? Though obviously not written by god himself, the wish is that after finishing the book you will agree that keeping 11 thru 20 in mind and executing the fundamental spirit of the script would not be a bad thing. Just like the original version! History has shown that nothing is fiercer than an aroused mind moving in the direction of positive change. The Bible is a magnificent book and reveals itself with the wonderful vernacular of the time. Like listening to the inflection and dialect delivered by the actors from a movie shot in the 1930's, turning the pages of the bible is like eaves dropping on another time. But unlike the thirties, these days most men don't call each other "Fella" "Mac" or "Daddy-o" as often as they once did. So to have been dropped words like begat, shalt, and thou. In the interest of smooth reading and less aspirin, Don too shalt... uh... shall leave the tradition speak of the day to the titles of the commandments only, and opt for an easier more casual discussion into their meaning.

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Thy Past Shall Be Thy Past
Thou Shalt Always Take the High Road
Thou Shalt Not Judge a Book By Its Cover
Be Thy Neighborhoods Keeper
Guard Thy Health As You Love Thy Self
Ye Shall Find Thy Home in the Heavens
Thou Shalt Not Kill Time
Thou Shalt Not Lie To Thy Self
Covet Only What Thy Soul Can Carry
Honor Thy Son and Thy Daughter

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