13 Acres of Hell

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - 120 pages
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Communication for Better Sex and Relationship is a book for individuals and couples, for the novice in bed as well as for those who have always been successful at pleasing their partner and want to enhance their skills and experience new heights of pleasure.

It is estimated that 65% of individuals suffer from one or more of the following negative relationship symptoms: boredom with their sexual partner, embarrassment about communicating what they want in bed, the feeling that their partner has a poor understanding of their body, and the concern that talking about sex will lead to hurtful arguments. Over time, these symptoms can lead to chronic tension, distance, resentment and separation in the relationship.

1, 2 & 3, the method presented in this book, offers an easy to use structure for feedback. You will have the opportunity to eliminate negative relationship symptoms and open doors to new levels of understanding, trust, excitement, passion, variety, comfort, confidence and satisfaction.

Once you read about how to communicate with 1, 2 & 3 you will be guided through the necessary steps to introduce the system to your partner so that you can then be able to make use of all the great techniques and ideas found in the sections "for him" and "for her". Even if you are already really good in bed you will benefit from learning 1, 2 & 3 because it works to enhance the skills you use, bringing them to their fullest potential. Get ready for an exciting adventure that will lead to greater intimacy, pleasure and of course better sex!

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