1776. 1876. Oration Delivered at Essex, Mass., July 4th, 1876

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E.S. Burnham, 1876 - 13 страници

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Страница 13 - Forever float that standard sheet ! Where breathes the foe but falls before us, With Freedom's soil beneath our feet, And Freedom's banner streaming o'er us ? JOSEPH RODMAN DRAKE.
Страница 12 - Meet the things that they met on their pilgrimage road. Yea! hope and despondency, pleasure and pain, Are mingled together in sunshine and rain; And the smile and the tear, the song and the dirge, Still follow each other, like surge upon surge.
Страница 8 - I thank God, there are no free schools nor printing, and I hope we shall not have these hundred years. For learning has brought disobedience and heresy, and sects into the world, and printing has divulged them, and libels against the best government. God keep us from both"!
Страница 8 - ... to the end that learning may not be buried in the graves of our forefathers in church and commonwealth, the Lord assisting our endeavors.
Страница 12 - tis the draught of a breath — From the blossom of health to the paleness of death, From the gilded saloon to the bier and the shroud: — Oh ! why should the spirit of mortal be proud ? WILLIAM KNOX.
Страница 10 - Encourage free schools and resolve that not one dollar appropriated for their support shall be appropriated to the support of any sectarian schools. Resolve that neither the state nor the nation, nor both combined, shall support institutions of learning other than those sufficient to afford every child growing up in the land the opportunity of a good common school education, unmixed with sectarian, pagan or atheistical dogmas.
Страница 5 - Ipswich, in point of numbers 4 the second town in the Province, advised "that the Colonies in general and the inhabitants of their Province in particular, should stand firm as one man, to support and maintain all their just rights and privileges.
Страница 7 - In every hand was the Bible ; every home was a house of prayer ; in every village all had been taught, many had comprehended, a methodical theory of the divine purpose in creation, and of the destiny of man.
Страница 8 - ... Nothing would be easier than to follow in the tr.ain of so many writers, and to demonstrate by logic, by history, and by the nature of the case, that a republican form of government, without intelligence in the people, must be, on a vast scale, what a mad-house, without superintendent or keepers, would be on a small one, — the despotism of a few succeeded by universal anarchy, and anarchy by despotism, with no change but from bad to worse.