1863 Laws of War

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• The "rules of warfare" and "government of the army" as they existed in the American Civil War
• All 101 Articles of War as amended through June 1863 including the famous Lieber Code (General Orders No. 100), directed by President Lincoln, which expanded the laws of land warfare and General Orders No. 49 on the granting of paroles
• Copious extracts from the Revised U.S. Army Regulations through June 1863
This compendium of laws and rules is a testimony to America's reverence for the rule of law as well as its high regard for "civilized" behavior on the battlefield. The Articles of War were normative rules covering military duty and punishments allowed for violations. The Lieber Code was a new and profound law for the conduct of armies in the field, to include humane treatment of prisoners and protection of property and civilians. It had a profound affect on the evolution of the laws of land warfare in use today. Army Regulations, on the other hand, dealt with the administration and management of the army-from personnel assignments to supply and recruiting operations-all three sets of rules were used by both the Union and Confederate armies.
An essential reference for students, historians, writers, reenactors, and those interested in how our Civil War armies operated.

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Succession in Command or Duty 79
Resignations of Officers 80
Appointments on the Staff 81
Care of Armament of Fortifications 82
Artillery Practice 83
Regiments 84
Ordnance Sergeants 92
Transfer of Soldiers 93

Reduction for Escape from Duty 14
Disclosing Intelligence to the Enemy 16
Military Discipline 77
Capital Crimes 11
Public and private property of the enemyProtection 40
SafeconductSpiesWartraitorsCaptured 52
The Parole 58
Assassination 64
Extracts of Revised United States Army Regulations of 1861
Securing Enemy Property 16
Deceased Soldiers 94
Discharges 96
Traveling on Duty 97
Furloughs to Enlisted Men 99
Councils of Administration 100
Chaplains 102
Dates of Rank 17
Regimental CourtsMartial 18
Restrictions on Regimental CourtsMartial 18
Prosecutors at CourtsMartial 19
Rank of Jurors 21

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