1978 Compendium of Tax Research

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Office of Tax Analysis, Department of the Treasury, 1978 - Government publications - 317 pages
Compilation of studies with respect to the effects of the tax system on the U.S. economy.

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Page 301 - ... the views expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Corporation. 127 THE NATURE AND FEASIBILITY OF WAR AND DETERRENCE l "A nuclear war is too horrible to contemplate, too mutually annihilating to consider.
Page 276 - Capital Gains and Income Taxation," in Arnold C. Harberger and Martin J. Bailey, eds., The Taxation of Income from Capital (Washington, DC: Brookings Institution, 1969), pp.
Page 15 - Analytical Foundations of Fiscal Policy" in Blinder, Solow, et al . The Economics of Public Finance. Washington, DC, Brookings Institution, 1974. 2. The Major work...
Page 229 - C. Fred Bergsten, Thomas Horst and Theodore H. Moran: American Multinationals and American Interests (Washington, DC, 1978); Malcolm Gillis, Dwight H.
Page 57 - Scarf, with the collaboration of Terje Hansen, The Computation of Economic Equilibria, New Haven 1973. RM Solow, "Congestion Cost and the Use of Land for Streets,
Page 275 - Martin Feldstein, Jerry Green, and Eytan Sheshinski, "Corporate Financial Policy and Taxation in a Growing Economy," Quarterly Journal of Economics (forthcoming, 1979), and J.
Page 143 - ... permits the pricing and pivoting operations to be carried out simultaneously with the paging in of arc distance data. In this manner, the central processing unit will rarely have to wait for a subsequent page of data to be read into primary storage from disk. 5.2.7. Other ETS implementation aspects The system is written entirely in FORTRAN to increase its maintainability and portability. Of course, the use of a higher level language is not without its cost in efficiency, since assembly language...
Page 139 - Xn > 0, for all i and j, (11) where x represents the weight assigned to the composite record formed by merging record i of file A with record / of file B, with a zero value indicating that the records are not matched. An example of constrained matching using expressions (8) through (11) is given in [10, 22]. If cH is specified as the assignment model example given earlier, and if the objective is to minimize the aggregate after-matching...
Page 8 - The data used in this study come from a variety of sources reporting on aggregate US time series from 1929 to 1969.
Page 5 - ... saving and investment in pre-Keynesian macroeconomic models, but it also has been at the center of virtually all microeconomic models of intertemporal consumer behavior. It is thus curious that empirical studies of the effects of interest rates on saving are few and far between.1 Most such studies conclude that interest rates have only a negligible effect on consumption or saving.2 The notion that saving is perfectly interest inelastic has received widespread acceptance among empirical and policy-oriented...

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