1992 Census of Transportation, Communications, and Utilities: Nonemployer statistics series. Summary, Volume 3

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U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, Bureau of the Census, 1995 - Transportation - 21 pages
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Page A-4 - Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing trucking or transfer services without storage for freight generally weighing more than 100 pounds, in a single municipality, contiguous municipalities, or a municipality and its suburban areas.
Page A-7 - ... Establishments primarily engaged in the delivery of individually addressed letters, parcels, and packages (generally under 100 pounds), except by means of air transportation or by the United States Postal Service. Delivery is usually made by street or highway within a local area or between cities.
Page A-11 - VISA or MasterCard Account (Street address) (City. State. ZIP Code) (Credit card expiration date) Thank you for your order!
Page A-2 - EXPLANATION OF TERMS Establishments— An establishment is a single physical location at which business is conducted. It is not necessarily identical with a company or enterprise, which may consist of one establishment or more. Census of wholesale trade figures represent a summary of reports for individual establishments rather than companies.
Page A-7 - Major Group 45.— TRANSPORTATION BY AIR The Major Group as a Whole This major group includes establishments engaged in furnishing domestic and foreign transportation by air and also those operating airports and flying fields and furnishing terminal services. Establishments primarily engaged in performing services which may incidentally use airplanes (eg, crop dusting and aerial photography) are classified according to the service performed.
Page A-9 - SERVICES 4841 Cable and Other Pay Television Services Establishments primarily engaged in the dissemination of visual and textual television programs, on a subscription or fee basis. Included in this industry are establishments which are primarily engaged in cablecasting and which also produce taped program materials. Separate establishments primarily engaged in producing taped television or motion picture program materials are classified in Services, Industry 7812.
Page A-9 - This major group also includes establishments primarily engaged in providing paging and beeper services and those engaged in leasing telephone lines or other methods of telephone transmission, such as optical fiber lines and microwave or satellite facilities, and reselling the use of such methods to others.
Page A-7 - Yacht basins, operation of 4499 Water Transportation Services, Not Elsewhere Classified Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing miscellaneous services incidental to water transportation, not elsewhere classified, such as lighterage, boat hiring, except for pleasure; chartering of vessels; canal operation; ship cleaning, except hold cleaning; and steamship leasing. Establishments primarily engaged in...
Page A-4 - Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing local and suburban mass passenger transportation over regular routes and on regular schedules, with operations confined principally to a municipality, contiguous municipalities, or a municipality and its suburban areas. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in furnishing passenger transportation by automobile, bus, or rail to, from, or between airports or rail terminals, over regular routes, and those providing bus and rail...
Page A-4 - Railroad Switching and Terminal Establishments Establishments primarily engaged in the furnishing of terminal facilities for rail passenger or freight traffic for line-haul service, and in the movement of railroad cars between terminal yards, industrial sidings and other local sites. Terminal companies do not necessarily operate any vehicles themselves, but may operate the stations and terminals.

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