1994 occupant protection idea sampler

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U.S. Dept. of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1994 - Health & Fitness - 40 pages

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Page 28 - Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related crash at some time in their lives.
Page 28 - State laws setting the legal drinking age at 21 have reduced traffic fatalities involving drivers 18 to 20 years old by 13 percent and have saved over 15,600 lives since 1985.
Page 38 - Fe.NM 87504-1149 (505)827-5110 NEW YORK Governor's Highway Safety Representative New York Department of Motor Vehicles Empire State Plaza - Swan Street Building Albany, NY 12228 (518)474-0841 NORTH CAROLINA Governor's Highway Safety Representative 215 East Lane Street Raleigh, NC 27601 (919) 733-3083 NORTH DAKOTA Governor's Highway Safety Representative North Dakota Department of Transportation...
Page 38 - ND 58505-0700 (701)224-2581 COMMONWEALTH OF THE NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS Governor's Highway Safety Representative Department of Public Safety Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands 96950 (670) 234-6333 or 6431 (Through International Operator) OHIO Governor's Highway Safety Representative Department of Highway Safety PO Box...
Page 28 - For fatal crashes, alcohol involvement is a blood alcohol concentration (BAG) of 0.01 grams per deciliter (g/dl) or greater. ' For injury crashes, alcohol involvement is police-reported alcohol involvement. Table...
Page 17 - child crusher position." In a crash of approximately 30 miles per hour, a ten pound infant will be ripped from a belted adult's arms with a force of almost 200 pounds. If the adult is unbelted, the child is likely to be crushed between the adult's body and the windshield, dashboard or back of the front seat.
Page 24 - No matter what kind of automatic system (air bags or automatic belts) your car has, if it has a manual lap belt, you must buckle it for maximum protection. Use the complete system the manufacturer installed in your vehicle and follow the manufacturer's instructions listed in your vehicle owner's manual. Glossary Automatic safety belts are called "automatic," because no action is required by the occupants to engage the system.
Page 20 - The absolute magnitude of this problem, together with the fact that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for persons aged...
Page 4 - Reducing the percentage of alcohol-related fatalities to 43 percent of total fatalities, and related injuries by a proportionate amount, would save 1 ,200 lives and spare American taxpayers $282 million in health care costs, $73 million of which is publicly funded.
Page 24 - It is estimated that 558 lives were saved by air bags and/or safety belts in air bag-equipped cars. In addition, the presence of air bags prevented and estimated 40,000 moderate-to-critical injuries. "JUST THE FACTS" - AIR BAGS How reliable are air bags?

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