Nineteen Thousand Pounds

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R.F. Fenno, 1900 - 297 pages

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Page 263 - ... like it the least, as in the case of Xerxes. The reason may be, that the acknowledgment of our weakness and another's better sense are implied in the act of taking advice. Whence the pride of human nature stifles the voice of conviction, and makes us turn a deaf ear to the charmer, charm he never so wisely. According to Herodotus, when the ebullitions of his rage were over, Xerxes repented of his conduct towards Artabanus, and sent for him to acknowledge his fault, and express his intention of...
Page 246 - ... Justice Mathew on either side of him." The conversation turned on militarism and its tendency to demand more, as more was conceded. Mr. Gladstone, turning to John Ellis, said : " The Services, Mr. Ellis, the Services. If you throw the reins on the neck of the Services they will ride you to the devil," and bringing his hand down on the table with a force which made everything shake, startled all into silence. The extract concluded, " Again impressed by this marvellous man, as I always am when...
Page 233 - While I was fixing it I heard the warden banging at the door and shouting that we were showing lights. "I thought so," she said. "The Universal Robots have arrived," and something about RUR Then she went to the head of the stairs and called out to the warden "The law? The law! What about the prophets? Why do you always forget them?
Page 256 - I30 this confusion of claims, he would have been a wise child to know his own father. Probably he would have done as he did with the identity of that unknown grandfather from whom, he argued, he inherited "his power of analysis, his logic, his mental activity, his ambition, and all the qualities that distinguish him from other members and descendants of the Hanks family...
Page 294 - Mrs. Depew, you're the most sensible woman I've ever met.
Page 115 - And he remained unconscious for many hours, so much so that, when next he opened his eyes, the sun was rising, and the whole place was bright with the light of daybreak.

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