1. Certayne Notes of Instruction in English Verse. 1575: 2. The Steele Glas ... 1576. 3. The Complaynt of Philomene ... 1576. Preceded by George Whetstone's A Remembrance of the Well Imployed Life, and Godly End of George Gascoigne, Esquire, Volume 2

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A. Murray & Son, 1868 - English language - 119 pages

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Page 10 - a wytty Gentleman, and the very cheefe of our late rymers, who and if some partes of learning wanted not (albeit is well knowne he altogether wanted not learning) no doubt would haue attayned to the excellencye of those famous Poets. For gyfts of wytt, and
Page 6 - had been on intimate terms, had his portrait in her hands (his "counterfayt," as he calls it), and resolving to part with it to himself alone, wrote a letter to him on the subject, which fell into the hands of his enemies in the camp ; from this paper they meant to have raised a
Page 35 - did ryme acroffe, and the fifth did aunfwere to the firfte and thirde, breaking off there, and fo going on to another termination. Of this I could fhewe example of imitation in mine own verfes written to ye right honorable ye Lord Grey of Wilton upon my iourney into Holland, etc.* There are alfo certaine
Page 36 - and at the end of euery two lines where you write by cooples or poulters meafure : for I fee many writers which draw their fentences in length, and make an ende at latter Lammas : for commonly before they end, the Reader hath forgotten where he begon. But do you (if you wil follow
Page 78 - can finde no place in courte, But are efpied, for Ecchoes, as they are, When royfters ruffle not aboue their rule, Nor colour crafte, by fwearing precious coles : When Fencers fees, are like to apes rewards, A peece of breade, and therwithal a bobbe 'When Lays Hues, not like a ladies peare, Nor
Page 6 - with malicious caution, and he was called in derision ** The Green Knight." Although disgusted with the ingratitude of those on whose side he fought, Gascoigne still retained his commission, till the prince, coming personally to the siege of Middleburg, gave him an opportunity of displaying his zeal and courage, when the prince rewarded
Page 8 - chaunced to light vpon a small volume skarce comely couered, and wel worse handled. For to tell a truth vnto your honour, it was written in an old kynd of Caracters, and so torne as it neyther had the beginning perspycuous, nor the end perfect. So that I
Page 27 - poynt that euer I founde meete to be confidered in making of a delectable poeme is this, to grounde it upon fome fine inuention. For it is not inough to roll in pleafant woordes, nor yet to thunder in Rym, Ram,
Page 10 - deserued esteeme, who first beat the path to that perfection which our best Poets haue aspired too since his departure ; whereto hee did ascend by comparing the Italian with the
Page 77 - with foder nor deceit : when tinkers make, no more holes than they founde, when thatchers thinke, their wages worth their worke, when colliers put, no duft into their facks, when maltemen make, vs drink no firmentie, when Dauie Diker diggs, and dallies not, when fmithes

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