1. Certayne notes of instruction in English verse. The steele glas 1576. 3. The complaynt of Philomene. Preceded by G. Whetstone's A remembrance of the life, and godly end of G. Gascoigne. Ed. by E. Arber

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Page 10 - Master George Gaskoyne a wytty Gentleman, and the very cheefe of our late rymers, who and if some partes of learning wanted not (albeit is well knowne he altogether wanted not learning) no doubt would haue attayned to the excellencye of those famous Poets. For gyfts of wytt, and naturall promptnes appeare in him aboundantly.
Page 5 - The Arthurian and other Romances. II. Works illustrative of our Dialects and the history of our Language, including a series of early English Dictionaries. III. Biblical Translations and Religious Treatises. IV. Miscellaneous works of various authors that cannot be included in either of the other three divisions, and having special regard to the illustration of Early English life.
Page 5 - 53, BERNERS STREET, LONDON, W. Bankers: THE UNION BANK OF LONDON, REGENT STREET BRANCH, 14, ARGYLL PLACE, W. The Early English Text Society was started in 1864 for the purpose of bringing the mass of the Old English Literature within
Page 8 - commendable exercises, which he had perfected painefully with his owne penne: And amongst the rest this present Discourse. The which as well because it was not long, as also because I vnderstode that M. Fourboiser (a kinsman of mine) did pretend to trauaile in the same Discouerie, I craued at the said S.
Page 35 - to alter it, as when they cannot readily finde out a worde whiche maye rime to the firft (and yet continue their determinate Inuention) they do then eyther botche it vp with a worde that will ryme (howe fmall reafon foeuer it carie with it) or els

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