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AuthorHouse, Jan 27, 2011 - Fiction - 232 pages
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The midst of the holiday season in a normally peaceful Manchester, NH. was about to change. The first victim’s body is found along the riverbank. There are three more victims to follow over the next three weeks. All are young men, all are gay, and all have been brutally and gruesomely murdered and mutilated. It looks as though Manchester has a serial killer on their hands. Are the killings random or are they planned? What is the motive, and is there some kind of tie between them? Is the killer playing with the police, or do they really want to get caught? Each murder is nearly perfect with no clues left behind, other than the 20:13 marking left somewhere on the bodies. What is the murderer trying to tell people? Lieutenant Tony Sorrino and his young rookie partner Adam Collins work the case. They run into dead ends. They are looking for a person in a gray hooded sweatshirt and a beard who is likely to be the killer. The suspect is seen on video and by eyewitnesses on numerous occasions, but has their face always obscured. They always seem to elude police. Since there is no DNA evidence or any other for that matter, Tony must use old fashioned police work to solve the crimes. Tony works with the Medical Examiner, Lori Thompson, as she helps to provide some insight into the case. Tony and Adam follow leads one by one, and do stakeouts of gay clubs and parks where some of the victims frequented, but to no avail. The media is brutal to the police department for taking so long to come up with a suspect. Tony needs to figure out just what the 20:13 means, as this may be a major factor in breaking the case. Finally, the suspect is apprehended, but not before leading Tony on a car chase through the city and numerous roadblocks. Both Tony and Adam also have their own personal demons to deal with, such as Tony’s recurring bad dream, relationships, and family; along with Adam’s struggle of being a new homicide detective, his bizarre sexual issue, and dealing with Tony’s sarcasm and crudeness. In the end, it all turns out to be not what it seems. Or is it?

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