2000 - Summary Prevision: Toward Global Revitalization - Book One of the Justified Living Trilogy

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Author House, Jul 30, 2010 - Education - 144 pages

Universal conscience is shocked by modern global evil in which it is complicit. Vatican II was a great affair of Church reckoning, of realizing the desperation of past misdirection, and the need of redirection based on experience and knowledge in the present—“a matter as important as can be.” (Constitution IV, Introduction, #5, “Gaudium et spes”, The Second Vatican Council)


2000—Summary Prevision challenges the culture of misplaced confidence in medieval faith-hubris (fideism) which glares in the destructive overreach of patriarchal imperialism’s ignorance and arrogance. In the expanding cosmos, all energy, all substance, all “truth” is distributive. Truth like light is everywhere possessed in “everythingness” taking part in transformational interdependency. Authenticity lies in the discernment of truth in common.


The author, here, in imitation of the Middle Age Reformer Martin Luther, posts his theses and corresponds directly with powers-that-be, including his bishop and popes. His hope is to wake up the mind of universal conscience inherent in individual consciousness for purposes of stimulating a global shift away from fixation in backward thinking.


The author proposes and introduces a redirected Syllabus of Education that puts learner and teacher in equal standing, realizing that every one is and should be a learner and a teacher for his/her lifetime.


The book is in three parts that correlate to each other even as communication, consciousness and conscience correlate with each other.


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What about myself have I learned that matters? That my life has been/ is the "common ground initiative," as is every life. The common-ground-initiative is the forever-task of reconciling faith and reason-what is divinity consciousness - DIVINICON. What is truth? Truth is knowledge that corresponds with reality-as reality is transformational, so is truth. Like energy, truth is everywhere distributive in all reality, which means, it is subjective in substance and objective in essence. Objective truth, as object, is not absolute even as objects are not absolute. The energy of objects is attenuated by other objects, and objects attenuate "free energy." The common-ground objective of conscious self-reflection is the ongoing process of faith/ reason reconciliation, of the perpetual enlargement of the knowledge base of truth, of energy attenuation. So what enlightenment have I come to? Truth is no respecter of religion or politics; the process of truth is the process of rationality, of reconciling learning, experience and faith, by way of communication, consciousness and conscience; and self-consciousness is authenticated in truth, the common ground of faith/ reason. TRUTH IS "The Bridge" to common ground-is "The Common Ground." Truth is the life-quest of consciousness, the Life-Quest Initiative-the common ground of the quantum-electric impulse. Make the quantum leap; seek only truth for the truth will set you free. Know that "truth is beauty, beauty, truth; that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know." (G. Keats)Sylvester L. Steffen

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