2012 Gold's History Solves Mankind's Mystery

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Kawliga Publishing, 2005 - Fiction - 192 pages
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A fascinating story of two men researching the origins of religion. Their journey takes them down THE ROAD of shocking scientific discoveries in our ancient past. Primitive mans heaven is irrefutably up in all religions and yet Michael's buddy remains steadfast in his belief of a spirit world. However, Michael sees the matching evidence provided by science today. We are going up, need gold to do it, and last but not least, are creating robots to assist us with the obivious. He presents the evidence to prove religions story is todays science. Up and space is religions heaven and our logical goal in achieving the immortality of our own species. We have come full circle. Religion matches todays science. What they look like and why they stay away is the climax of his research..Religions universal up theme proves space is inhabitated by flesh and blood scientific beings. We are going up/space the final frontier.

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