201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business

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John Wiley & Sons, Apr 8, 2011 - Business & Economics - 336 pages
Completely revised and updated edition of this very popular and successful small business book

The first edition of 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business was hailed by management guru and author Tom Peters as "Brilliantly researched. Brilliantly written. A gem of priceless value on almost every page. Read. Inhale. Absorb. Great Stuff!"

In this completely updated third edition of 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business, renowned small-business expert and consultant Jane Applegate shares new, powerful, creative, simple, and proven approaches for building a better small business.

  • Details how business owners can use online marketing and social networking more effectively
  • Offers timely strategies for thriving in challenging economic times
  • Includes scores of real-life success stories and all-new interviews with small-business owners, experts, and VIP's including Guy Kawasaki, Kay Koplovitz, and Michael Bloomberg

It may be small, but your business is a big deal to you, your customers, and employees. 201 Great Ideas provides lively, practical strategies to help you manage, grow, and promote your business.


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Step by step, a business grows. Nothing succeeds in business than trying something, analyzing the results, making changes, then trying again. As you read through the suggestions for how to improve your business, stop at number 168: Join Toastmasters.
It always takes me by surprise that some people do not realize that they have to talk at work. They have to talk to customers, suppliers, vendors, government people, bankers, accountants.
Then, go to a networking group, a trade show, and bingo: more talking.
If you want to succeed in growing a business, learn how to talk so people have confidence in you and your business. And talking is just one form of communicating: adverting, social media, blogging. All are forms of expression.
Now, practice all of these at Toastmasters. Not only will your Toastmasters friends become your customers, they will refer others to you and you will grow your business while you hone your communication skills.
Lou Polur


Organize a Company Retreat
Create a Greener and Safer Workplace
Think Ergonomically
Make Meetings More Productive
Meet Clients in Elegant Public Places
Work the Phones or Walk the Floor
Join or Create a Peer Support Group 16 Know When to Reach Out for Help
Hire a Great Lawyer
Seek Help from a Restaurant Consultant 19 Thank Everyone You Work With 20 Move Your Business into a Main Street Revitalization Zone
Ask Your Staff to Evaluate
CrossTrain Your Employees
Create a Disaster Recovery Plan
Money Matters
Become a Profit Enhancement Officer
Write a Killer Business Plan
More Insider Tips to Woo Investors
Find Yourself an Angel
Hire a Virtual Chief Financial Officer
Choose the Right Bank
Create a Sensitivity Analysis
Find a Good Accountant
Work with an Enrolled Agent to Do Your Taxes
Find a Strategic Partner to Invest in Your Company
Even Out Your Cash Flow
Consider Buying a Franchise
Franchise Your Business Concept
Barter for Goods and Services
Seek Vendor Financing
EB5 Visas for Foreign Investors
Invest in Yourself b Ta in Your 401 k 41 Apply for a GovernmentBacked Bank Loan
Invoice Bimonthly and Add an Overhead Charge
Ask for a Deposit 44 Lock Your Supply Cabinet
Set Up a Retirement Plan
Establish an Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Find a Good Independent Insurance Broker
Buy Disability Insurance
Hire a Debt Arbitrator
Collect the Money People Owe
Accept Credit Cards
Work Part Time to Support Your Business
Expand Your Vendor Network
Check Out Economic Development Incentives 55 Produce an Independent Film
Buy Prepaid Legal Insurance or Make a Deal with a Law Firm
Find the Right Office Space
Hire a Savvy Real Estate Broker
Share Space with a Compatible Business
Buy Used Office Furnishings
Sell Your Business at the Right Time and Price
Sell Your Company to an Industry Giant
Technology and Telecommunications
Tips from Guy Kawasaki
Facebook Tips for Business Owners
Use Skype for Business
Set Up a Teleconference
Make the Most of Voice Mail
Don t Let EMaiI Rule or Ruin Your Life 69 Take This Technology Checkup 70 Smart Technology and Telecommunication Toys to Buy for Your B...
Post Videos and Photos on Your Web Site
Consider a CloudBased Telephone Service
Create a Dynamic Web Site
The Truth about Search Engine Optimization
Hire a Great Web Designer
Run Your Business in the Cloud
Use Online Mailing Solutions
Train Employees Online
Sell Products Online
Visit My Favorite Web Sites
Develop and Launch New Products and Services
Create a
Import Something New and Different
Turn Your Hobby into a Successful Business
Become an Exclusive Importer
Launch a Green Product
Build a Working Model of Your Product
Make a Model with 3D Software
Serve the High and Low Ends of the Market
Partner with a Big Company for Distribution
Take Advantage of an Online Technology Exchange
Have Your Product Mandated for Use by the Government
Create a Business Based on a Personal Challenge
Sell Your Wares in a Farmers Market 94 Set Up a Cart in a Shopping Mall
Marketing Strategies
Strike a Deal with a Giant
Look Bigger Online
Take Advantage of Coop Advertising
Market to Callers on Hold
Send Out Cards
CrossPromote Your Products or Services
Give It Away
Design a Great Sign for Your Business
Produce an Infomercial
Put a Pig in Your Window
Put Your Company Name on Everything
Free Up Your Sales Team to Sell
Hire a Celebrity Spokesperson
Publish a Newsletter or Blog 117 Market Your Consulting Services
Host an Open House
Use Great Public Relations to Promote Your Business
Coproduce a Seminar
Ask for Two Business Cards
Treat Your Best Clients Well 123 Invite Associates to a Trade Show
Know Your Competition
Tap the Growing Hispanic Market
Make Your 800 Number Ring
Attend Charity Events to Make Contacts
Publicize Your Specialty Food Business
Market to Uncle Sam and Other Agencies
Get Certified as a Woman or MinorityOwned Business
Don t Forsake the Yellow Pages
Send Pizza to Potential Clients
Think BIGWhy Not?
Cast a Wide Net to Attract Good Employees
Write Clear Job Descriptions
Know What Not to Ask Job Applicants
Recruit Great Employees
Look Far and Wide for the Best Person
Work with People You Like 140 Hire Talented Seniors
Hire Teenagers
Use the BA TH System for Hiring 143 Perform a Personnel Checkup
Hire a Welfare Recipient
Hire ExCons
Telecommuting as an Option
Tailor Benefits to Employees Needs
Offer Classes in English as a Second Language
Find Out How Disney Does
Ask Your Best Clients to Meet Key Job Candidates
Hire an Experienced Labor Attorney
Hire an Interim Executive
Train Your Employees
Offer Employees the Right Incentives
How to Deal with Domestic Violence
Be Serious about Your Sexual Harassment Policy
Rely on Temps and Freelancers
Work with a Virtual TaIentAgency
Send Gifts to an Employees Spouse
Time and Personal Management Ideas
Get OrganizedRight
Appoint a Personal Information Officer
Plan In Days and Out Days 163 Beat Your Deadlines
Spend an Hour a Day Thinking
Five Quick Time Management Tips
Work Hard and Play Harder
Tell the Truth
Overcome a Fear of Public SpeakingJoin Toastmasters 169 Find a Mentor and Be a Mentor
Do Something to Reduce Stress
Put on a Happy Face
Customer Service
Customer Service the Zappos
Quick Customer Service Quiz
Hire a Mystery Shopper
Listen to the Telephone Doctor
Don t Make Your Customers Angry
Make House Calls or Have a Trunk Sale
Make Apparel to Order
Demand Great Service from Vendors 180 Get to Know Your Customers Personally
Wrap It Up 182 Customer Service at Its Best
Going Global
Return to Your Homeland to Export Products
Move Your Manufacturing to Mexico
Forge an International Alliance
Do Business in India
Explore Opportunities in Russia
Do Business in China
Meet U S Safety Rules for Products Made Abroad
Learn about a Culture before Going Abroad
Translate Your Marketing Materials
Abide by the Etiquette of International Trade
Great Ideas and Insights from VIPs
Herb KeIIeherBe a Maverick 194 Lynn TiItonBe a Modern Industrialist 195 Mike BIoombergKeep It Simple 196 Tom PetersForget Credentials
Kay KopIovitzLeverage a New Technology 198 Wally AmosReinvent Yourself
Lillian VernonAdvice from the MailOrder Queen

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JANE APPLEGATE is one of the nation's most respected business journalists and an award-winning writer and producer. A successful small business owner in her own right, she is the CEO of The Applegate Group, a multimedia communications and production company that produces original small business content for clients, independent films, documentaries, promotional videos, and events.

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