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As a firm founded on the first day of the first month of the new millennium, 24H is a practice dedicated to engaging the technology and sensibility of the contemporary era, along with a commitment to produce architecture that both enriches and invigorates the built environment and its users at the dawn of the twenty-first century. Still in its infancy, the firm has been commissioned for projects in the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden and Germany. Although many of its projects are at design stage only, it also has an impressive collection of built work under its belt. The projects in the book demonstrate how 24H Architecture employs creative solutions that incorporate decoration and an eye for detail, without straying from the authenticity of solutions produced by modern construction technology. Also available in the series: Powers Brown Architecture ISBN 10: 1864702508 ISBN 13: 9781864702507 %29.95 Manuelle Gautrand Architectes ISBN 10: 1920744878 ISBN 13: 9781920744878 %29.95 J

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lntroduction 8 Dragspelhuset Summer House
Getsewoud Housing
lchthus Academy
Multifunctional Building
Shop Concept
Ashlee House Hostel
Floriade lsland 7 Housing 54 Schoterburcht Housing
Sciencepark Housing
Hybrid Housing Complex
Meesters van de Romantlek Exhibition 92 Dinosaurs Exhibition
Courthouse Hostel
Thermen Spa Haarlemmermeer
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Fashion Cave
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