36 unsolved mysteries of the world

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Pustak Mahal, 2011 - Curiosities and wonders - 143 pages
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36 Unsolved Mysteries of the World is an engrossing account of some breath-taking mysteries of the times to be read with abated breath.

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Given how this book hasn't yet been reviewed, and the fact that I'm currently reading it online, I thought that I should probably review the book myself. Please note, I have never reviewed a book before.
In the first section "Kangaroo's in the United States" I found it funny that someone saw a kangaroo running on all fours down the middle of the street. I'm no expert on kangaroo anatomy, but I'm fairly certain they're structured to be primarily bipedal. I imagine this being incredibly entertaining to watch. I imagine if there were bouncy marsupials in Illinois and Indiana, the culprit would likely be a zookeeper who neglected to lock something. Considering all the cases were lumped in a similar geographical area and over a short period of time, this has no mystery as far as I'm concerned.
In the second section "Desert Song", the author tells us that the sand on the isle of Eigg (western Scotland) chimes and "sings" when it rubs against itself. Then it is explained that the sand is actually quartz stone worn down by the sea. Mystery solved, so why is it in an unsolved mystery book?
In the third section "The unusual story of Arthur Furguson", there is no mystery at all. Apparently he conned dumb people into believing he was selling them monuments. He was caught and jailed for 5 years, then moved to LA. No mystery.
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Section 4, entitled "Solid as a Rock?" discusses the Death Valley stones. They appear to move independently of one another; sometimes in a straight line, zig zags, or gentle curves, always leaving a trail behind them. A geologist studied these stones and found that strong winds coupled with small amounts of rain (Death Valley gets


The Lost Continent of Atlantis 62
The Comedy of Glamis 73
The Man Who Fell To Earth 76
Thy Prison is a Holy Place 79
The Poltergeist Movie Curse 81
The Two Faces of Martin Guerre 84
The Problem Kid 87
From Nowhere to Nowhere 89

The Count St Germain 30
The Rainmaker 39
The Dead of Night 42
Lightning Calculators 47
The Lincoln and Kennedy Coincidences 50
A Gift from the Heart 53
The Liverpool Valentine Ghost 55
The Bookies Nightmare 59
In Possession of the Facts 94
The Sad Spectre of Smithdown Road 96
Judgment Days 100
The Sinister St Lukes Abduction 101
A Burning Question 106
The Snow Witch 109
Ghost Car 42 111

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