3 Beacons for 7 Lighthouses of Primary Colors

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AuthorHouse, 2007 - History - 180 pages
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Ancient civilizations used the finest stones to set into their idols, decorate their temples, and to adorn themselves. These people used all different sizes and colors of gemstones and these gemstones were set in sliver, gold and other minerals that they made metals. Gemstones made legends of both wealth and history in many parts of the world. Using richly colored gems in trading, inlaying them in jewelry, jeweled crowns, and garments were just a few ways that created that gleam and glitter when rays of light hit a stone. The play of colors giving the gemstones stunning effects. Leaders, kings, priests, medicine men, and others have put many different values on rocks and gemstones. A few of these values are monetary, symbols of great power, healing energies, spiritually and great wealth. In the world today rocks and gemstones are used as they were yet in ancient times and for many of these same reasons. Gemstones both semi-precious and precious are used some way or another by almost every age group, sex and personality. Each stone has a different energy and purpose. In some instances a thrill of excitement is felt by a person just looking at, using or owning a gemstone. Colorful and cut gemstones attract attention because of their beauty and ability to move energy levels and states of mind according to their vibration levels. This statement is also true for all of the uncut stones in the mineral kingdom.

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