3 Minute Kids Gratitude Journal

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Wellington Press, LLC, Nov 28, 2020 - Crafts & Hobbies - 130 pages

Do You Want to Help Your Child Easily Practice & Grow Their “Positive Attitude of Gratitude”?

What If Learning This Skill Was Not Only Fun ... But Only Took 3 Minutes a Day For Them To Do?  

We all understand the importance of teaching young children to be more positive, grateful, and emotionally expressive. Teaching them these valuable Life Lessons and Positive Values during their formative years, helps to set them up for happier & more positive experiences as they grow older.

Unfortunately, with ever decreasing attention spans, and bullying/peer pressure beginning younger than ever before … that’s a job much easier said than done!

However, what if you had a simple tool that could help your child learn how to properly express themselves in a healthy, productive, and constructive manner? And what if that simple tool … took less time than it would take for them to watch the commercial on their next YouTube video?

Well, that’s where the “3 Minute Kids Gratitude Journal” comes to the rescue!

Using this Gratitude Journal … Designed Just For Kids … you can give your child an incredible life-tool that they can begin using right away. It’s a tool that they will actually enjoy using, and even … dare we say it … look forward to their daily 3-Minute Gratitude Routine!

This Fun Gratitude Journal Will Help Your Child:

✓ Learn and Know that it’s OK to express their emotions 

✓ Provide them with a fun, easy, and visual outlet to do so  

✓ Encourage them to think of 3 simple things every day that they can be grateful for  

✓ Gives them a tactile outlet via a “drawing box”, to help them draw out what they might not be able to verbally express, or write out  

✓ Teaches them to focus on the good & positive moments of their day  

The 3 Minute Kids Gratitude Journal Sections:

Date – With Every Day Of The Week Listed So They Can Circle The Day

Today I Am Grateful For – With Three Lines For Them To List 3 Things They Are Grateful For

Today I Feel – 8 Different Emoji-Style Smiley Face Graphics Covering All Their Different Moods

Draw Something That Make You Happy – A Drawing Box For Them To Draw What They Might Not Be Able To Express Verbally Or Write Out

Something Awesome About Today That I Want To Remember – This Section Is Designed To Help Them Focus On The Good Parts Of Their Day, And Actively Engage Their Critical Thinking Processes To Not Only Think About And Remember An Awesome Part Of Their Day, But To Also Write That Awesome Experience Down Via A Tactile Method.

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