3ds Max 9 Bible

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John Wiley & Sons, Jan 30, 2007 - Computers - 1248 pages
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"An excellent book for beginners as well as advanced 3ds Max users. A valuable reference that covers everything you'd want to know."
—Andre Surya, Award-winning Digital Artist

A favorite of 3ds Max artists from beginners to pros!

Why is 3ds Max Bible a perennial bestselling favorite? Because whether you're a beginner looking for a tutorial to get you up to speed your first day or an expert needing a reference to Max's advanced features, it's all here. Loaded with advice, professional tips, and more than 150 step-by-step lessons, this is the most comprehensive reference-tutorial on 3ds Max on the market, and the one you'll turn to again and again.

  • Organize and blend sequences with the new Animation Layers feature
  • Explore Sun and Sky, Car Paint, and other new mental ray shaders
  • Combine and divide objects with ProBoolean and ProCutter
  • Create more accurate dynamic animations with updated reactor tools
  • Add greater realism with enhanced and integrated hair and fur tools
  • Reference objects, materials, and controllers with XRef

Animate a dancing cartoon moose

Isolate mapping surfaces with the Quick Planar map button

Add realistic motion to your model's hairstyle

What's on the DVD?
You'll find before-and-after example files for every tutorial in the book. The DVD also includes:

  • Models and textures to customize for your own designs
  • Rendered AVI files of animations used in the tutorials
  • All the Max files for every tutorial
  • Adobe tryout versions of After Effects®, Photoshop® CS2, Illustrator® CS2, and Premiere Pro

System Requirements: See the DVD appendix for details and complete system requirements.


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Great as a reference book for max but is outdated. Most of the modifiers and functions that max 9 can offer through the user interface is mentioned. But as always with books that touches all subjects in a vast program like max it does not go in depth in the functions, it is more of a quick and short explanation of everything. I recommend some hands on training with max before purchasing this book. 


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Adding and Styling Hair Fur and Cloth 485
Modeling Helpers 315
Using Spline Modifiers 352
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Using Pelt Mapping 607
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CChhaarraacctteerrss 992255
Adding Inverse Kinematics 935
Skinning Characters 953
Creating and Animating Bipeds 971
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Creating a Crowd of Bipeds 995
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Summary 1175
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Whats New with Max 9 1183
Whats on the DVD 1211
Index 1215

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About the author (2007)

Kelly Murdock has been authoring computer books for many years now and still gets immense enjoyment from the completed work. His book credits include various 3D, graphics, multimedia, and Web titles, including six previous editions of this book, 3ds Max Bible. Other major accomplishments include Edgeloop Character Modeling for 3D Professionals Only, Maya 6 and 7 Revealed, LightWave 3D 8 Revealed, Poser 6 Revealed, 3D Game Animation For Dummies, gmax Bible, Adobe Atmosphere Bible, Master VISUALLY HTML and XHTML, JavaScript Visual Blueprint, and co-authoring duties on two editions of the Illustrator Bible (for versions 9 and 10) and two editions of the Adobe Creative Suite Bible.
With a background in engineering and computer graphics, Kelly has been all over the 3D industry and still finds it fascinating. He's used high-level CAD workstations for product design and analysis, completed several large-scale visualization projects, created 3D models for feature films and games, worked as a freelance 3D artist, and even done some 3D programming. Kelly's been using 3D Studio since version 3 for DOS. Kelly has also branched into training others in 3D technologies and is a frequent speaker at various conferences.
In his spare time, Kelly enjoys the outdoors while rock climbing, mountain biking, or skiing. He works at the design company he co-founded with his brother Chris, Logical Paradox Design.

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