52 Weeks of Track and Speed Workouts: For All Ability Levelsfrom Novice to Experienced

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This book is a series of speed workouts that are often done on a track. The benefit of a track for speed type workouts is the ease of running a precise distance and allowing your mind and body to be fully committed to the workout. Tracks offer freedom from traffic, cracks in the pavement, dogs (for the most part) and other distractions to a great extent. They can give you the opportunity to focus specifically on the task at hand; that task is usually speed. What This Book Isn't This book is not for sprinters or runners who want to excel at a track competition. It does not focus on sprinters and the anaerobic zone where they are often practicing. It does not focus on racing distances between 100m and 1500m or track competitions, in general. If you run 5000m or 10000m on a track you can benefit from these workouts. In addition to most endurance type running races (2 mile, 5K, and up) this book would also apply to many field events where the meets could last for an hour or more where short bursts of speed may be essential to the competition and endurance for 30 minutes or longer may also be essential. The workouts are generally designed to take about 60 minutes to complete. Of course this depends on your running pace and the number of sets. Feel free to adjust things to fit your own needs. It is the intensity of the track workouts that offers such benefit. That same intensity (measured usually in speed) is what gets people injured. So, listen to your body and give yourself time to build up and firm up that base. Track workouts are meant to always be HARD. When you apply yourself to that concept you will reap the benefits, too. You WILL Improve!

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