55 Ways to $ave Money Planner/Organizer (3 Ring Binder-2 Book Combo)

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Prince Publishing Empire, 2008
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Typically, when you meet to talk with a funeral director, after a death in the family (at-time-of-need), you have chosen one of the most traumatic and stressful days of your life to make huge financial decisions. Is that wise timing, when your mind is foggy with emotions and guilt as major factors? A pre-need counselor?s job is to visit and help with any questions and concerns (before a person is overwhelmed), to educate you about the options available, to record your wishes, to plan the Celebration of Life event, and to help financially prepare things to go smoothly with whatever budget is in mind. With our guidance, you could make an educated business decision without the grief that is present when a person would need to plan things with a funeral director, because pre-planning is a very important part of wise, financial, retirement planning. When death occurs there are 3 main losses:1. The love and emotional connection you had with that person.2. The loss of a special relationship?Grandparent, parent, spouse, child, or other family member ?or dear friend.3. The financial loss of current and future income to the family.www.55WaysToSaveMoney.comBook Review:?This book has universal appeal and addresses many funeral issues. There is no scarcity of information about this very delicate subject. It gives each of us the step-by-step planning details we ALL need to know for our family?s sake. Who do you know who does not need this valuable information??Stan Smith, Retired School Principal

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