5 Keys to Your Ideal Weight

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Balboa Press, Jan 3, 2013
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Weight is one of the overriding concerns most people in today's world, especially in the Western Hemisphere, have. As a society, we have collaboratively created a billion-dollar industry focused on weight loss, and you probably know many of the programs that are out there. However, at the root of this amazing marketing coup is the creation of the "perfect" body and shape that keeps being pushed into our lives, even if we avoid media indoctrination.

The question then needs to be: why? Why is this weight loss that I have worked on for the last six months, dropping thirty-four pounds, only temporary? Why did I gain ten pounds initially but am now underweight again? Why am I not gaining and maintaining more weight, which would be beneficial? What am I missing? What are we missing in this dieting world?

This question is at the heart of my coaching the 5 keys to your IDEAL weight and this little book. This question opens the door to so many that we need to answer in this process, many of which I will share with you here. My goal is to empower you and help you unify again, help you reconnect with your beautiful you--just as I was able to do once I arrived at the root issue.

This book is about your IDEAL weight, whether that means you are in a situation where you need to lose or gain weight. There are many who have taken weight loss to the unhealthy level of being underweight, and this book can also help them.

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