64735: From a Name to a Number : a Holocaust Survivor's Autobiography

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AuthorHouse, 2007 - Biography & Autobiography - 229 pages
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It strives to show that Plato's definition of the Creator God is valid. He created the Cosmos - the region of  the  distinctions that have intelligibility to the intelligence of human awareness (Ge-wahr-sein). They belong to the human power  of knowing through simultaneity, due to God's generosity.

 Plato affirms, in his "Timaeus" (36d-41b)  the importance of the 'psyche' - the  soul. It means in Greek originally 'breath' , this affirms the reality of 'self-movement' - 'Eigenbewegung. It is the power whose ability to change depends on the person's own accord, its own intention.. It is the anti-dote to Newton's 'understanding', of the 'law' of the physical, material bodies, which demand another power to change their movement . The reality of psyche justifies the concept of 'auto-kinesis' - as cause.We can understand that God created the world as good as possible. He was good and the good is never jealous! He told us that He is our Father, of the creation that is indissoluble, if 'He wills it so'. All that is bound may be undone, but you shall not be liable to the fate of death, having in His will a greater and mightier bond than those with which you were bound.   The writings of the British philosopher Alfred A.E. Taylor gave me better understanding of the validity to acknowledge our human contact with eternal reality, culminating in the concept of "Creator God", which our contemporary academicians consider spurious.   LaPlace had assured Napoleon already that we do not need the concept of God any longer; he was not aware that the 'sciences of physics' were under the veil of dubious numbers. accepting that :          "Minus times Minus is plus"                        "The Reason for this we do not discuss"!!   Pascal was one of the most out-spoken to reject as 'pure nonsense' the teaching  of the 'subtraction of 'four' from '0'. Some tried to understand that to take four from zero remains 'zero'. Yet there never was 'any thing' to be taken!   Nietzsche had warned us, that "the numbers had put a 'veil' over our thoughts".The Arabic number system was soo  'handy'!.  The 'death of God' was soon proclaimed.   The asthonishing fact that the oldest societies in the Euphrat-Tigres triangle had  concepts of "Paradise lost" in their memory- language; in their -Sumerian, Indo-Persian Lore. The trilingual text could  finally be decipher  achieved in 1844 by Rawlinson, when he achieved to decipher the ancient form of writing used in Mesopotamia for many languages in the millennia leading to the first century A.D. He could copy relief sculptures and their accompanying cuneiform inscriptions in Old Persian, Elamite and Babylonian. He could decipher their meaning. They became as the Rosetta Stone for the Hieroglyphics. In 1857 a contest sponsored by the London Royal Asiatic society, pitting Him against other Scholars, proved that he had broken the code.   The concept of Paradise was known to these societies, 4000-3000 years prior to Hebrew report. It is worth-while to remember.
  Brigitte Dehmelt Cooper tried to keep these distinctions in her attention.

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Review: From a Name to a Number: A Holocaust Survivor's Autobiography

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This is a baldy told take of one boy's experience during the Holocaust. Well written and painfully honest this is a must read for everyone. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting the author. Instead ... Read full review


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